Augusto Woven Accent Chair - Blue Leather in Living Room

Woven Leather Furniture – Some Stunning Examples

Do you love the look of woven leather – and on furniture pieces?

Check out the numerous furniture pieces available on the market today which feature the handmade, airy, casual bohemian chic look of woven leather.

These furniture pieces include seating – chairs, benches, bar stools – and even headboards.

Woven Leather Seating

Woven leather seating comes in the furniture pieces that you might expect as well as perhaps some newer pieces. This includes accent chairs, dining room chairs, side chairs or home office chairs, benches and counter height and bar height stools.

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Woven Leather Accent Chairs

One of the most common pieces of woven leather furniture which you are probably familiar with are chairs – whether they be side chairs, dining room chairs or even larger living room chairs.

Some chairs may have only the seat done in woven leather and some may have both the back and the seat with this feature.

Augusto Woven Accent Chair - Tan Leather in Sitting Area
This Augusto armless woven leather accent chair is done in a darker wood frame with tan woven leather on both seat and back. This accent chair would be perfect for any smaller living room or sitting area due to its smaller size, no arms, and airy woven seat and back.

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The woven leather chair shown is also available in other colors to suit your decor needs – including blue, khaki and classic brown.

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Add some color, texture and boho chic style to your living room with the blue version of this chair. It also does not take up much space so you might even be able to add more than one.

Augusto Woven Accent Chair - Blue Leather in Living Room
This woven leather chair adds not only textural interest and added seating to this room but, it adds some grounding to the mostly light furniture and decor around it.

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Woven Leather Dining Chairs

Again framed in wood, these side chairs or dining chairs have the basket weave pattern on both the seat and back.

They could be used in a kitchen, dining room, home office or even as extra seating in your living room when needed.

Augusto Side Chairs - Leather Color Options
Get visual interest and style with these hand woven Augusto Side Chairs done in various shades of leather and several types and finishes of wood frames.

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Use one of these chairs as your office chair in your home office. Add style and comfort easily with one of these woven leather side chairs. Who says your home office doesn’t need to be stylish!

Augusto Side Chair - Brown Leather in Home Office
Because of the genuine leather used in the woven seat of this chair, it will be much more comfortable than it may appear at first glance. Leather is a natural fiber and will stretch to a natural rounded seat mold.

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Woven Leather Benches

Have a small area which requires a backless seat? Why not consider a bench.

These woven benches are – similar to the armless chairs above – smaller in size and appear smaller in scale due to the open weave of the leather.

Augusto Woven Benches - Leather Color Options
As with the chairs, these woven genuine leather benches are available in a variety of color options. On ei certain to be the right one for your home.

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Benches are not just for hallways or entryways. They are also very useful and practical in bedrooms especially at the end of a bed – for seating or as a pseudo-table for extra pillows, blankets or books and magazines.

Augusto Woven Bench - at end of Bed in Bedroom
This light and airy feel of this Augusto Woven Leather Bench at end of the bed in this bedroom has found its usefulness in acting like a small side or end table.

Not only are the leather color options varied, there are various wood types available for the frame of this bench.

The wood options include brown, warm pecan, reclaimed pine, and driftwood.

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Woven Leather Bar and Counter Stools

One of my favorite pieces of woven leather furniture are bar stools. I cannot explain exactly why…I just love the look.

These ones are available in the classic bar stool height as well as a counter stool height for your kitchen counter bar top.

Augusto Low Back Bar and Counter Stool - Color Options
These Augusto Low Back Bar and Counter Stools are available in multiple leather color options as well as a few different wood frame choices.

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Depending on your decor style and likes, you could choose one or more different colors to put together at your bar top. If your area lacks color, this is one sure and easy way to color it up.

Augusto Low Back Bar and Counter Stools
This mostly white kitchen has been highlighted with 3 different versions of the same Augusto Low Back Woven Leather Bar Stool – a great way to add interest both texturally and in terms of color.

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For an even cleaner look, you can opt for the backless bar stools of this style. They take up little space both physically and spatially.

Augusto Backless Bar and Counter Stools - Color Options at Kitchen Counter
These saddle seated woven leather backless bar stools are great for rooms with a smaller space as they take up a very small footprint themselves – yet are still very comfortable and practical.

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Woven Leather Ottomans

Looking for an extra seat or a place to put up your feet after a long day at work, consider one of these woven leather ottomans.

Available in numerous leather colors, you are sure to find the right one for your living room or bedroom.

For a pop of color, opt for one of the darker shades of navy blue, black or darker brown. To maintain a subtle and neutral style, choose one of the lighter colors such as tan or camel.

Augusto Woven Leather Ottoman - Color Options
The Augusto Woven Leather Ottoman comes in a variety of color options including black, brown, navy blue, camel and light tan.

If you choose to add one or two of these ottomans to your space, you can get the woven leather look by simply adding one or more of these accent pieces.

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Woven Leather Bedroom Furniture

While bedroom furniture done in this woven style is not very common nor is there a wide variety of pieces available, one of the major pieces for your bedroom is covered….and that would be a woven leather headboard.

Woven Leather Headboard

This woven leather headboard in classic brown leather is both masculine and bohemian rustic chic – maybe that is more than just 2 things but, I think it is all of these things.

This headboard will fit into just about any design style except those who want super elegant. This is more on the casual side of decor styles.

Augusto Woven Headboard - in Bedroom with White Bedding
The masculine of the dark brown leather pairs for a perfect balance with the all white bedding – great for that couple who can’t agree on just how feminine or masculine their bedroom should be.

Pick your Favorite Woven Leather Furniture Piece

Now that you have seem some of the beautiful woven leather pieces, you can choose which one or ones are right for your home – whether that be in the form of a living room chair, dining chair, bar stool, bench or even bedroom headboard.

Add this casual boho chic look to your home today, right here!

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