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Transform Your Guest Bedroom – From Blah to Spa

Does your guest bedroom feel like a resort spa?

If not, with these simple guest bedroom accessories additions, you can transform your guest bedroom from blah to 5-star resort hotel or spa!

If you have guests coming to visit with you shortly, you may want to update or accessorize your guest bedroom before they arrive. Here are some easy bedroom accessory ideas you can add to your guest bedroom to make your guests’ stay comfortable, welcoming and as pleasurable as possible.

Some of the easy accessory additions you can make to your guest bedroom are: bath linens, bathrobes, toiletries, books and magazines, candles, flowers, night stand table lamps, an area rug, new pillows and perhaps a new accent reading chair.

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Add some Bathrobes

Depending on how long your guests are staying, they will most likely be using your bathroom or spare bathroom for showering. Why not provide them with some nice bath robes for when they exit the shower?

Your guests will surely be impressed with this added touch to your guest bedroom. Instead of simply wrapping themselves in a towel, they can comfortably exit the shower in comfort. It also means that they don’t have to pack a bulky bathrobe with them while traveling to your home.

Bedford Cottage-Kennebunk Home Bedford Cottage Spa Bathrobe Color White
For a classic spa feeling for your guest bedroom, add a couple of these super soft white bath robes. A white color exudes a luxurious spa setting – no matter what.

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Note that these bathrobes are available in various colors. Choose a his and hers of these 100 percent Cotton Waffle Weave Spa Bathrobe.
Enchange Home Cotton Bathrobes for Him and Her
What a beautiful addition to your guest room. For your his and her guests, these blue and white Cotton Bathrobes are perfect.

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Add some Slippers

Along the line of providing your guests with some bathrobes, why not add some cozy slippers for their personal use too. If you buy some more luxurious slippers, you can allow them to take them home with them as a guest gift.

Deluxe Comfort Modern Moccasin Memory Foam Mens Slipper
These Moccasin styled Mens Slippers will be a welcome addition to your guest bedroom for the man who likes to keep his toes toasty.

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Jacaranda Living Closed Toe Waffle Weave Slippers
For a classic spa look in your guest bedroom, choose these waffle weave closed Toe Slippers. She (or he) can take these home with her too…as a small parting gift.

For a very inexpensive option, you can grab some simple spa-like slippers at a discount store. You can then discard them once your guests have left.

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Add some luxurious bath towels and sheets

Of course you will be providing your guests with shower towels. However, you can up the ante by buying some new luxurious bath towels or bath sheets.

Keep them just for your guest room. That way, they will be infrequently used and stay fresh and new a long, long time.

A classic white spa towel set done in Turkish Cotton is a perfect addition to your guest bedroom accessories.

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Parkhill+6+Piece+100+Cotton+Towel+Set in Black
For the man guest who will be visiting, this Cotton Towel Set in Black will make them feel very special and totally welcome.

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Display your new guest towels in or on a decorative basket – just like they would do in a fancy boutique hotel.

Strafford Oversized Cotton Bath Sheet
Treat your guests with some oversized bath sheets. Any Oversized Cotton Bath Sheet are great for any sized guest.

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Add a Basket of Bath and Spa Toiletries

When you stay at a 5-star resort, you are always provided with the necessary, high quality toiletries. Why not purchase a few high end toiletries – even if they are sample sizes – and display them beautifully in a decorative basket.

Some toiletries to consider are toothbrushes, soap, shampoo and conditioner, hand lotion, hand towels, face clothes and maybe even a few chocolates – for good measure.

No need for your guests to carry extra weight with them on their travels to get to your home. Or, if they happen to have forgotten to bring their toothbrush or shampoo – no worries. What a stress reliever!

Sorbus 2 Tier Flat Metal Bread Basket
fUtilize this metal display basket to appropriately display your guests toiletries, face clothes and towels. Even though this Bread Basket was designed for bread, doesn’t it look just perfect filled with guest bedroom toiletries.

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Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Wire Storage Basket
Leave your guest toiletries in a decorative basket on the ottoman bench at the end of the bed – just like at your favorite boutique hotel. This wire storage basket is a simple, yet practical design for many guest bedroom accessories.

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If you have a little one, surprise your guests with a little Christmas elf in a basket. Who wouldn’t love to find this waiting for them in their guest bedroom.

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Add a Reading Chair – and Ottoman

If you have guests who often stay for an extended period of time, you should consider adding an accent reading chair to your guest bedroom.

Even if they do not stay long, most guests will enjoy some quiet and private time in a comfortable chair – with ottoman, if you can.

Obviously this is a larger budget purchase but it will last a long time with little use in a guest bedroom.

How comfortable does this look? I could spend hours – maybe days – reading on this super stylish and comfortable upholstered Armchair and Ottoman

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Dana Slipper Chair in Natural
For a small guest bedroom, this Slipper Chair in Natural will fit perfectly. Slipper chairs – because they have no arms – work wonderfully in smaller rooms.

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Ebern Designs Dority Armchair in Blue
If you have a neutral guest bedroom, you may want to add a pop of color with this mid-century modern Armchair in Blue

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It does not need to be a large guest room or area to be able to install an accent chair and table into the space. This room found a small corner space perfect for a small decorative armchair and side table.

Versions of this chevron print armchair are available – including in a grey and white color combination. As well, for even smaller spaces, to take up less room, you can opt for the slipper chair version of this accent armchair.

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Either way, your guests will have a seating are for either dressing, reading, watching TV or just relaxing.

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Add Night Table Lamps

If you are like many people, your guest bedroom may not be fully furnished or accessorized. That may just depend on how many guests you receive each year and how often, of course.

So, you may not have the best lighting. After all, most guests don’t actually spend that much time in the room. They are busy being guests and socializing with you and others.

Add some new night table lamps to give them the added light required if they want to read a book or magazine before going to sleep. Not only will these new table lamps be a nice addition for your guests, your guest bedroom will be that much closer to being a complete room.

Mercer41 Herold Glass Table Lamp on Night Stands
These Glass Table Lamps fit perfectly into this bold but still color neutral guest bedroom decor.

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Glass Table Lamp
Done in glass, chrome and a white shade, this Glass Table Lamp will fit well into just about any room.

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Bay Isle Home Rich Pineapple Table Lamps
In some cultures, a pineapple is a welcome sign. So, why not add these Rich Pineapple Table Lamps to your guest bedroom just in time for your holiday guests arrival.

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While there is a floor lamp in this guest bedroom, there are no side table lamps. Why not add one or two so your guests can read in bed comfortably.

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Add some Books, Magazines or Puzzle Books

How well do you know your guests? If they are family members, you probably have a good sense of their hobbies and interests. Choose a few books and / or magazines which match those interests.

For those guests whom you don’t know well, make sure to mix up the topics and titles of the books and magazines you provide – so that everyone is happy.

If you know you have a crossword or puzzle fan, add some puzzle books. Just be sure you supply a pen too!

wire basket with books
This wire basket is filled with books. Put numerous books with different topics so that your guests will be able to choose a book of their liking.

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magazines blanket pillows
Find out your guests favorite magazines or hobbies, grab a few from your local store and surprise them with some easy reading material at down times.

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Bernadette Linen Reversible Duvet Cover Set
A few interesting books or magazines on the side table can easily add to the comfort experience your guests will have when they stay at your home. And don’t forget the beautiful sheets sets and bedding.

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Add Candles

Who doesn’t like candles? They offer both a mood and so often a scent too –  only adding to the mood. Add some lavender candles for those guests who you know like to relax. Perhaps after a long trip to get to your home, this may be just what your guests need.

For a holiday mood, add some cinnamon scented candles to your guest room. You could also consider some holiday decorative candles without any scent. Any red, gold or silver candle will be entirely appropriate for your Christmas guest room. Add some blue and white candles for your special Hanukkah holiday guests.

Distressed Gazebo Candle Lantern 22 Inch on Dresser
For a rustic and homey feel, this gazebo candle lantern will be just right and will be sure to warm up your guest room.

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LumaBase Flameless Unscented Candles
For a worry free candle accessory addition to your guest bedroom, consider these Flameless Unscented Candles. With an on-off flame switch, these holiday candles are completely safe. Just be sure you have plenty of batteries.

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Be sure you have a safe base for your candles so that you will have to safety worries. Also, make sure you add a small lighter or matches (and place to put the extinguished matches) on the night stand, dresser or desk. And don’t forget to leave a candle snuffer close by to ensure the candles are snuffed properly and safely.

Brayden Studio 3 Piece Contemporary Metal Votive Set
With these metal finished interiors, these 3 Piece Contemporary Metal Votive Set will work for anytime of the year, including the holiday seasons where metallics are always appropriate.
Global Views Banded Glass Hurricane
For a touch of class mixed with a hint of metallic, these Banded Glass Hurricane lamps for use with candles are stunning…and can be used in any room of your home.

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Add Flowers

For that very special guest at your home, do the right thing and go get some freshly cut flowers to add to the guest room.

They will instantly feel special and welcome and know that you are very happy to have them visit.

If you add some real fresh flowers, you will, of course, need a decorative vase. Otherwise, you could incorporate some dried flowers which will require some kind of flower pot or decorative container.

Vase with Flowers and Candle

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Even a few fresh flowers can add a touch of, “We are so happy to have you in our home as a guest. Enjoy your stay!”
This rustic styled Ceramic Milk Jug will act as a lovely decorative accent with or without flowers. You can see that this milk jug vase has been filled with a fresh bunch of flowers. For an easy flower fix in your guest bedroom, venture into your yard or garden and snip off a small branch from one of your flowering trees or shrubs.

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With the help of a simple glass mason jar and a fresh bouquet of flowers, you can add that special touch to your guest bedroom.

Hyacinth Flower in Mason Jar
No decorative vase for your fresh flowers. Don’t fret it. Go to your kitchen and grab a mason jar or glass canister and fill it up! These beautiful purple hyacinths will add a pop of color and fresh flower scent to the room in an instant.

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Tiger Lilies in Mason Jar Vase
Simple addition of fresh flowers in your guest bedroom using a Mason Jar Vase

If fresh flowers are not possible, feel free to add some dried flowers or twigs in a decorative vase.

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Easy to access and long lasting, dried flowers are a great option for a homey atmosphere in your guest bedroom.

Brayden Studio Gray Mexican Pottery Floor Vase
If you have the space in your guest bedroom, how about incorporating this large floor sized vase. This tall gray Mexican Pottery Floor Vase is perfect for filling in any empty corner in your spare room.

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Add an Area Rug

In any room, an area rug instantly adds warmth – both in look and feel. Because guest bedrooms are intended to feel warm and welcoming, adding an area rug is an obvious accessory addition to this room.

Choose an area rug size appropriate for both the room size and your budget. Generally, larger is better when it comes to area rugs. However, even an area rug runner can be enough to add that warm feeling when your guests step out of the bed on those cool mornings.

Andover Mills Crimson Red Area Rug
A larger area rug in your guest bedroom will add some visual warmth as well as warmth for their feet on those cooler nights. Try out this neutral, yet warm Beige and Crimson Red Area Rug for an added boost of color and warmth.

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If you don’t have the budget for a large square or rectangular shaped area rug, add an area rug runner to place just beside the bed.

Bungalow Rose Rudra Area Runner Rug

In a very neutral guest bedroom, this bohemian Runner Rug will add a fun pop of color.
Phoenix Hand-hooked Wool Area Rug
For a more traditional home, this Phoenix Hand-hooked Wool Area Rug is also available in a runner size – perfect for just beside the bed.

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Place any colorful carpet runner beside this very neutral bed for a stunning pop of color. Be sure to add one or two colorful throw pillows to help pop the colors and patterns of the runner.

Emelie Headboard - in Bedroom
This boho chic Emelie headboard – while highly decorative with its hand carved detailing – is still quite neutral allowing for any color area rug to be used in the same room.

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Andover Mills Upholstered Platform Bed with Animal Skin Area Rug
You can even use an animal skin area rug as a pseudo carpet runner – either at the end of the bed or on either side of your guest bed.

For an even cosier comfort feel for your spare bedroom, how about adding a sheepskin rug at the end or side of the bed. Imagine how your guests will feel when their feet step out of the bed and onto that natural softness.

Natural Sheepskin Area Rug - at End of Bed in Bedroom
Place this all natural Sheepskin area rug at the side or end of your guest bed. Due to its smaller size, it is very easy to move around. Use it in other rooms in your home when your guest room is empty. It simply adds the perfect complement to the stunning Beauvier French Cane Bed.

The sheepskin area rug is available in ivory and silver colors as well as in various sizes including a runner size – perfect for just beside the bed. Shop this all natural Sheepskin Area Rug here!

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If you opt for a carpet runner to place beside or at the end of the bed, you can choose one which you may want to use in other places of your home – when you don’t have guests.

Make the most of your interior decorating buying power – that is my motto – or at least one of them!

Loon Peak Joshua Hand Tufted Red Wine Area Rug
To add a touch of South Western rustic, incorporate this Hand Tufted Red Wine Area Rug. Why not pick up the matching accent chair too!

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Add more Pillows

As some may say,  you can never have enough pillows on your bed. I agree!

We can talk about sleeping pillows or decorative pillows – and you should certainly have both.

While the decorative throw pillows add style, comfort does come first. So be sure you have some new comfortable bed pillows for your guests.

Down Pillows Stacked on Bed
Treat your guests to some new Down Pillows. These bed pillows may cost a tad more but will last you a lifetime – especially with the limited use in your guest bedroom.

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While the bed pillows are of utmost importance for the comfort of your guests, adding some decorative throw pillows can also add to the ambiance and style of the room.

Guest Bedroom with Various Throw Pillows
Stack your guest bed with proper bed pillows as well as various throw pillows. Such a whimsical look by the simple addition of some varied prints and textured decorative throw pillows.

If you do opt for a lot of extra decorative throw pillows, be sure you provide a space for your guests to put them when they go to bed. You want to avoid that uncomfortable feeling when guests have to decide where to put those extra pillows. You can be sure they do not want to put them on the floor.

A small bench or ottoman at the end of the bed or a large decorative basket can be the cure for the throw pillow temporary storage woes.

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Add an Extra Blanket or Throw

While it is assumed that you will have appropriate bedding – duvets or comforters – on your guest bed, you may have that one guest who is always cold. Add an extra blanket or throw across the end of the bed to be sure that all your guests are comfortable when they sleep.

With a cotton knit blanket, your extra blanket can be both practical and decorative.

Guest Bed with Extra Cotton Throw
Add a lightweight cotton throw on the end of your guest bed…just in case your guests need a little more warmth.

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If you live in a cooler area or in the mountains, you may want a thicker throw blanket for your guest bedroom. Not only are they adorable, they are ultra cozy.

Eddie Bauer Rustic Plaid and Berber Fleece Blankets
Take your pick of an extra throw for your guest room from this plethora of plaid, check, rustic berber fleece lined throw blankets. Can you say, Have a cozy Merry Christmas!

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For an even more luxurious touch to add to your spa guest bedroom, indulge with a cashmere throw to put on the end of the bed. Even if your guests don’t use it, just the feel of it will add warmth to the atmosphere of the room.

Cashmere Fringe Throw - Color Options
This lux cashmere fringed throw is available in many color options. You are sure to find the perfect one to highlight your guest room.

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Add a Small Dresser or Clothing Rack

Depending on the length of stay of your guests, they may want to put their clothing in a drawer or hang them up. After all, who wants a wrinkled wardrobe.

Some easy accessories you can add to your guest bedroom to solve this wrinkled-clothing issue are either a small chest or dresser or a clothing rack. Both options will take up little space, be very practical and also be decorative.

Lark Manor Lisle Grey Finish 5 Drawer Chest
For smaller guest rooms, this classically styled Grey Finish 5 Drawer Chest will be the perfect addition to the room – allowing your guests a place to put their clothes and toiletries while they enjoy their stay.

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Andover Mills Revere 4 Drawer Chest
This smaller 4 Drawer Chest will take up little space in your guest bedroom while still allowing storage space for your holiday guests.

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If you would prefer a small chest which provides more visual interest while still providing your guests with some storage room, you could opt for this mirrored front chest. It is both attractive and practical.

3 Drawer Mirrored Dresser
This small 3 drawer Mirrored Dresser packs much more decorative punch than its small size.

Shop more dressers like this here!

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Small Decorative Portable Clothing Rack
If your guest bedroom closet is full – with your own personal belongings – grab this small, compact yet very practical clothing rack. It will provide an instant spot for your guests to hang their garments instead of them getting – and staying – wrinkled in their suitcase. It also looks great and not like a typical utilitarian laundry room clothes rack.

If you do add a clothes rack to your guest room, don’t forget to add some very nice hangers. Some very nice hangers = some new matching wooden hangers. You won’t require many hangers so, the extra cost of wooden hangers should not be an issue.

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Transform your Guest Bedroom Today

Easily turn your guest bedroom into a spa-like 5 star resort or boutique hotel room by adding one, a few, or many of these accessories – bathrobes, slippers, luxurious bath towels, toiletries, books, magazines, candles, flowers, or extra pillows and blankets.

For larger furniture additions, you can add a reading chair, area rug, some clothes storage pieces, or some new lighting. 

But be careful how comfortable and luxurious you make your new spa-like guest bedroom – your guests may never leave.

Shop some new Bedding Now!

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