Bryndle Faux Tree Root Fire Pit Poolside with Patio Conversation Set

The Bryndle Faux Root Fire Pit – Home Decor Favorite

My favorite home decor item this week is for the outdoors – the Bryndle Faux Root Fire Pit.

This week as fall / autumn approaches rapidly, my thoughts go to being outside in the cooler evenings – getting that last bit of outdoorsy-ness (not really a word, I know) in before winter sets in.

Keyword in that last sentence is cooler. And because the evenings get much cooler and much quicker, you really should get yourself a firepit – if staying outdoors for as long as possible is your thing. It sure is mine.

With the vast array of fire pits on the market today, you are sure to find one that suits all of your needs – size, shape, color, style and type of fuel.

But, as with most home decor items, I do have a favorite fire pit – and here it is!

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My Favorite Fire Pit – The Bryndle

One of my favorites – and this weeks highlighted products – is the Bryndle root fire pit.

It resembles a large tree stump which has been carved out to make a fire pit. It is actually designed to look like a tree root or stump but, is made with concrete and hence, the term faux in the title.

Bryndle Faux Wood Root Propane Fire Pit with Sectional on Patio
The Bryndle Faux Wood Root Propane Fire Pit works perfectly with this curved sectional matching the rounded shape perfectly. The fire pit along with the cozy blankets and pillows could make you want to stay out all night long.

Made of faux wood and fueled by propane, this beautiful and organically styled fire pit will look great in just about any outdoor decor.

Like the sectional shown, shop the Pasadena Sectional Collection here!

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Faux Tree Root Texture

I love the organic feel you get with the imperfect rounded shape and indents and texture made to look like real tree bark. And yet, they were clever enough to include a shelf or table space for drinks and snacks.

Bryndle Faux Tree Root Fire Pit Texture View
Take a look at the real texture of this Bryndle Faux Tree Root Fire Pit. Even though it is a faux or fake tree stump, it has been crafted to resemble real tree bark and texture.

For tree lovers who don’t want to have to cut down a tree, what could be better.

From modern to classic design styles, this fire pit will become a hit with all of your family and friends.

Not only is it a stunner but being propane fueled, it is incredibly easy to ignite and put out – unlike a wood fire pit – just be sure to keep your propane tank filled. Even better, always keep a second or back up propane tank so that the flames will never go out.

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Bryndle Fire Pit Features

Here are some of the features:

Inspired by the natural beauty of tree roots, our Bryndle Root Fire Pit is sure to spark conversation at your outdoor gatherings. Crafted of a cement and fiberglass composite, it adds a rustic touch to any decor, while the wide rim is the perfect spot for cocktails and plates of appetizers.

  • Crafted of a cement and fiberglass composite
  • Coordinates with Bryndle Root Fire Pit Tank Cover
  • Design imitates the look of natural tree roots or bark
  • Can be converted for natural gas usage by a qualified technician with the Bryndle natural gas conversion kit.
  • Lava rocks and protective cover included
  • Included rain cover protects the fire table and lava rocks when not in use
  • 50,000 BTU output
  • Requires a standard 20 lb. propane tank (not included)
  • Coordinates with the Bryndle Root Tank Cover
  • Includes 10 ft. of commercial grade connector hose to attach to propane tank
  • Battery-operated ignition (batteries included)
  • Two heat settings (low and high)
  • CSA approved
  • Size: 42-1/2″W x 39-1/2″D x 13″H
  • Weight: 97 lbs.

As you may have noticed, this fire pit is a larger size with a width of about 42 inches. So, just be sure you have enough space for it before you make the purchase – or how about you just make the room – it really will be worth it.

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Bryndle Fire Pit Accessories

And the brilliant designers of this faux root fire pit have even made a clever hiding space for your propane tank in a matching tree root design.

Bryndle Faux Tree Root Tank Cover
Keep your propane tank both protected and concealed (they are not the prettiest of things) with the matching Bryndle Faux Tree Root Tank Cover.

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Patio Decorating Ideas

Even though this faux tree stump fire pit leans towards the organic or rustic style, it works with many other styles and designs of outdoor furniture including classic and modern.

Bryndle Faux Tree Root Fire Pit Poolside with Patio Conversation Set
The Bryndle Faux Tree Root Fire Pit fits in great poolside with this more modern weathered teak Patio Conversation Set.

Shop the St. Kitts Outdoor Furniture Collection here!

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If you prefer a more classic look and want to add a hint of rustic, you can do that too. Here is an example.

Bryndle Faux Tree Root Fire Pit with Patio Sofas and Chairs Poolside
This very classic patio furniture collection, Carlisle, gets a more cozy feel by adding the organically shaped Bryndle Faux Tree Root Fire Pit.

Shop the Carlisle Outdoor Furniture Collection here!

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Bryndle Faux Tree Root Fire Pit at Small Seating Area
Even a smaller seating area can be brightened – and heated – with the Bryndle Faux Tree Root Fire Pit. It is large enough that you can simply add more chairs as more guests and friends arrive.

Shop the Seton Outdoor Furniture Collection here!

So, if you love organic and natural styles or just want to add a touch of that design style to your patio, why not add the very practical and even more beautiful Bryndle faux tree stump fire pit. It does a great job of keeping you and your guests warm, looks great and adds a definite conversation piece to your backyard decor.

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Shop this Bryndle Root Fire Pit now!

Bryndle Faux Tree Root Fire Pit
Organic, rustic or natural – however you describe it, this Bryndle Faux Tree Root Fire Pit – run by propane or natural gas – is both practical and beautiful.

Hurry, this product has a limited production and may not be available for much longer. Shop NOW!

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While I do love the round shape of the faux root Bryndle fire pit, for a more modern look, check out the Bryndle fire pit tables in square and rectangular shapes. You get an organic look and feel mixed with a more modern shape – and generally more table space.

Bryndle Fire Pit Table on Outdoor Patio
This faux wood Bryndle Fire Pit Table is not only beautiful, it is very practical providing warmth and ambience of the fire as well as a large coffee table space for drinks, food and entertainment items.

Shop the Seton Outdoor Furniture Collection here!

Shop all Bryndle Fire Pits and Tables here!

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For more Outdoor Decor, shop here!

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