Hampton Outdoor Furniture Collection - Sofa Chairs Set with Dining Chairs in Ivory on Patio

The Best Outdoor Furniture Materials – Choose The One for You

Wondering what type of materials are best for outdoor furniture?

Simply put, the best materials for outdoor furniture are those that are durable, weather-resistant, and easy to maintain.

Some of the most common, and best materials used for outdoor furniture include aluminum, cast aluminum, stainless steel, wicker and rattan, all weather wicker, teak wood, and resin.

Aluminum Furniture

Lightweight and rust-resistant, aluminum is a popular choice for outdoor furniture. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

Aluminum furniture which has been powder-coated only adds to its long life of looking good and being rust resistant.

St. Kitts 7 Pc Rectangular Dining Set in Aluminum
This St Kitts aluminum outdoor dining set can be utilized with or without seat cushions. However, for added comfort, you may opt for some small seal cushions.

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St. Kitts 7 Pc Rectangular Dining Set in Aluminum - with Chair Cushions
The same dining set – St. Kitts – is shown here in black aluminum with the addition of some seat cushions. The beauty of this aluminum set is that the cushions are not required – but, perhaps welcome for those long outdoor dinner parties.

Shop the St Kitts aluminum collection here!

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Outdoor Aluminum Kitchen Sets

While most of us will be thinking of only outdoor furniture, we can also add to our outdoor enjoyment by creating a full outdoor eating environment – which then includes adding kitchen cabinet modules to your outdoor space.

Westport Outdoor Kitchen Collection in Aluminum
This Westport outdoor kitchen is made of all aluminum and is modular – meaning that you can buy any number of units that will suit your needs and fit into your outdoor space – not to mention it will last a lifetime.

Shop durable and modular outdoor kitchen collections here!

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Aluminum Paired with Other Materials

Some outdoor furniture may be a combination of aluminum and other materials – using the aluminum frame as the base. This could be an outdoor seating set which has aluminum feet, arms and back with resin wicker-like seats and back.

Even though you don’t see the aluminum, this Seton Outdoor Furniture seating set combines the durability and lightweight qualities of an aluminum frame with the decorative all weather wicker woven seats, arms and backs.

Shop the Seton Furniture Collection here!

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Reeve Cane Sofa and Chair Set on Patio
This Reeve cane sofa and chair set has a very natural look provided by faux wicker and rattan materials. However, it is made with all weather wicker paired with all aluminum frames – making it care free in terms of maintenance.

Shop the Reeve Furniture Collection here!

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Cast Aluminum Furniture

A heavier version of aluminum while still being aluminum. While still possessing all of the inherent qualities of aluminum itself – including being rust resistant and easy to clean – cast aluminum has literally been cast – as a statue is. The aluminum frame of the furniture is hollow with the outer layers being aluminum.

Because this process usually involves more aluminum, the furniture is generally heavier than standard aluminum. As well because the aluminum is cast much like a statue, the shapes and designs can be much more decorative and ornate.

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Cast Aluminum Sofa Sets

You can see the decorative scrolls on the arms and backs of this Carlisle cast aluminum sofa, loveseat and chairs. Made to last as well as made to be classically beautiful.

Shop the full collection of Carlisle cast aluminum furniture here!

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Avery Outdoor Furniture Collection - in Slate Finish on Classic Brick Pavers Patio Garden Terrace
For a highly decorative outdoor conversation set in cast aluminum, consider the Avery Outdoor Furniture Collection. For any classic decor, this set in a slate aluminum finish will be a conversation piece on your garden terrace.

Shop the classic Avery line of outdoor cast aluminum furniture here!

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This more modern yet still classic Bowery outdoor furniture collection is also done in a durable and decorative cast aluminum.

Shop the classic and modern Bowery furniture collection here!

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Cast Aluminum Dining Sets

Don’t forget that when decorating your outdoor space – pool patio, garden patio or deck – you must consider a dining area. Afterall, who does not enjoy eating al fresco, aka outdoors.

Grayson 7 Pc Round Dining Set in White Cast Aluminum Finish
Keeping with the decorative theme, this Grayson 7 Pc Round Dining Set comes in a white cast aluminum finish – ensuring its decorative beauty and enduring longevity. Due to its cast aluminum design, the seats can easily be used with or without cushions.

See the full Grayson line of cast aluminum outdoor furniture here!

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Shop more quality cast aluminum outdoor furniture here!

Stainless Steel Outdoor Furniture

Stainless steel is a weather-resistant and durable option for outdoor furniture. It is also very easy to clean – aka stainless – but it can be expensive, and is probably one of the most expensive outdoor furniture material options out there.

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Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is made from natural fibers, such as rattan or bamboo, and is often used for patio or porch furniture. It is lightweight and weather-resistant, but may need to be protected from direct sunlight or heavy rain.

All Weather Wicker

Due to the maintenance and care required for genuine wicker furniture, many of todays wicker patterned styled furniture is made of resin. Looking just like the original, it gives you the look of wicker but, is more easily maintained and cared for.

With the look of real wicker, this Graham Outdoor Furniture Collection is done in a light natural looking shell finish. Because of the all weather faux wicker, it is also available in other color finishes – and cushions are also customizable to your tastes.

See the full line of Graham wicker furniture here!

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All Weather Wicker – Color Options

One of the many benefits of all weather wicker is that it can be made in various color options.

For those who love the natural look of wicker but want something a little different – and perhaps not the standard beige – this outdoor furniture set is perfect.

Seton Sofa Set with Cushions in Dark Glacier Finish
Done in a grey blue tone called dark glacier, this Seton Sofa Set with Cushions is made with all weather wicker in a unique pattern covering the back, seat and arms. The base frame is also done in durable and long lasting aluminum.

Shop the Seton all weather wicker and aluminum sets here!

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All Weather Wicker Furniture with Built in Cushions

For those who love the simple and natural look of wicker but also like the comfort of cushioned seats, you can opt for this modular outdoor sectional set.

Believe it or not this sectional is done in all weather wicker with built in seat cushions. Get the look and comfort without the hassle of covering or removing and storing cushions when not in use.

Covelle 3-pc. Modular Set
This Covelle modular sectional set is super convenient and handsome at the same time. Get style, comfort and convenience built right in with great looks and padded seating – without the extra cushion.
Covelle Outdoor Furniture Collection - Modular Sectional on Outdoor Patio
Grab several modules of this Covelle Outdoor Furniture Collection to make your dream outdoor sectional. Add a few outdoor pillows, throws and an area rug and you will feel like you are in your indoor living room.

Shop the wicker Covelle modular furniture here!

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Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak is a dense, durable hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects. It is also resistant to warping, cracking, and splitting. Teak is an expensive option, but it will last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Newport 4-pc. Teak Sofa Set Resort Collection
An all teak frame is paired with the easy care of woven mesh fabric for the seats and backs making this Newport Resort Collection line super easy to care for.

Shop the Newport Teak and Mesh Outdoor Furniture here!

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Many teak outdoor furniture sets will include cushions for added comfort. Otherwise, you are just sitting on wood – a tad less comfortable than a thick cushion. If you opt for a set with cushions, be sure to choose one with weather resistant fabrics – you may pay a little more but you will not regret it.

St. Kitts Lounge Chair in Weathered Teak with Cushions
This solid and substantial teak frame of this St. Kitts Lounge Chair is highlighted with some custom cushions on both the seat and back for added comfort.

Shop for St. Kitts solid teak furniture here!

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The Surrey Hill outdoor furniture collection is done with solid teak wood frames with beautiful intricate designs. The frames again are covered with custom cushions to add to the decor as well as the superior comfort.

Shop the Surrey Hill Teak Collection here!

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Teak and All Weather Wicker Furniture

As with aluminum, teak is often used as the frame for outdoor furniture with added materials used for the seats and backs.

The Isola Outdoor Furniture Collection features solid wood teak frames with open weave all weather wicker on the seats and backs – no need for cushions.

Shop the iconic Isola Outdoor Furniture Collection here!

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Teak Coffee Tables

If you are just looking for a new coffee table for your outdoor patio set, consider a solid teak one.

Remember in decorating, not everything has to be matching. And, in fact, having some furniture pieces of another material in your setting makes it much more interesting.

Teak Farmhouse Rectangular Coffee Table in Natural - set with Wicker and Aluminum Furniture on Terrace
This large scale teak coffee table pairs perfectly with the all weather wicker sofa and chair set. More teak wood furniture has been added in the form of end or side tables and a bench at the base of the wicker console.

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Teak Farmhouse Rectangular Coffee Table in Natural - set with Calhoun Aluminum Furniture on Patio
The same teak farmhouse rectangular coffee table works wonderfully with the more modern Calhoun Aluminum Furniture on this backyard patio.

Shop Teak Tables here!

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Resin Outdoor Furniture

Resin furniture is made from a plastic material that is very durable, weather-resistant, and easy to clean. It is a good option for those who want the look of wood, wicker or even metal without the maintenance.

The outdoor resin furniture of today is not exactly what it was years ago. The advances in the manufacture of resin furniture are numerous. One of them is the quality produced. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin which is featured in our many furniture examples has many desirable attributes.

This high density resin is non-toxic and safe for the environment. It is also antimicrobial, a quality that prohibits the growth of fungus and mildew. The wicker won’t splinter or rot in extreme temperatures (-94°F to 176°F), making this type of resin furniture excellent for almost any climate.

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Another of the advances are the styles of resin furniture available. From Adirondack chairs to resin wicker – also known as faux wicker – you can find outdoor furniture made of resin in just about any style you like.

Another interesting feature of resin furniture is its price. It will usually cost much less for the same piece of furniture which is made from any natural material such as wicker or teak as well as less expensive than aluminum – all of which can be on the higher end of the price ranges.

All and all, resin furniture is a suitable choice for those who want stylish, durable and relatively inexpensive outdoor furniture.

Palermo 5-pc. Modular Set in Dove Finish
Classic look a like wicker in this all weather wicker outdoor sectional. The Palermo resin wicker is among the most popular lines of decorative resin outdoor furniture.

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Palermo Outdoor Furniture Collection - Sofa and Chairs Set on Patio
Done in an all weather wicker white finish, this Palermo Outdoor Furniture Collection with sofa, loveseat and chairs will lighten up any backyard patio – and will be very easy to maintain.

Shop the Palermo Wicker Collection here!

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Beaumont 4-pc. Dining Set in Charcoal Finish - on Garden Patio
This Beaumont classically designed all weather wicker set is done in another color option available with resin furniture – a dark charcoal finish.

Shop the all weather wicker Beaumont Furniture Collection here!

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Hampton Outdoor Furniture Collection - Sofa and Chairs Set in Driftwood Finish on Patio
Yet another finish available with all weather resin wicker is this very natural looking driftwood. This Hampton Outdoor Furniture Collection Sofa, Loveseat and Chairs Set is also woven with a very classic open weave wicker design. Get the modern convenience of easy care materials with classic designs for your outdoor patio.

Shop the Wicker Hampton Collection here!

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Choose the Best Outdoor Furniture Material for You

Ultimately, the best material for outdoor furniture depends on your personal preferences, needs and your budget.

It’s important to choose a material that will withstand the elements in your area, one that you find comfortable and attractive, and one that fits into your outdoor decorating budget.

Shop all Quality Outdoor Furniture here!

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