Teal Tidings 40-piece Ornament Collection - on Christmas Tree

Teal Themed Christmas Decor – Get This Look

Love the color teal and decorating for Christmas?

Combine both to get this stunning room decorated especially for your Christmas holidays.

Here’s how.

Let’s start with the focal point of the room – the Christmas tree.

Artificial Christmas Tree

While the Christmas tree is not teal in color, it almost appears as if it were teal due to the large number of teal ornaments adorning it.

It also gives a large impact by its sheer size. The larger the tree, the more teal colored ornaments you can put on it and hence, the greater the impact – both in terms of size and color theme.

This artificial Christmas tree is the 9 foot tall Oregon Pine Full Tree with lights included. All you need to do is add your teal ornaments.

Color Changing Oregon Pine Full Profile Tree
This pre-lit full Christmas tree is beautiful even without any ornaments. Add your teal themed ornaments to make it your own.

In order to get this complete look, you will want to opt for the Oregon Pine Full Tree shown here. However, you can certainly opt for just about any artificial Christmas tree. Just be sure that it is tall enough for your room and that it has ample room for decorating with your teal ornaments and decorations.

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Christmas Tree Ornaments

Now that you have your tree picked out, you can move on to the real decorating – with teal.

The teal decorations on our tree come from our collection of teal ornaments – a collection specially curated with a color theme in mind.

Teal Tidings 40-piece Ornament Collection
This Teal Tidings 40-piece Ornament Collection comes with most ornaments done in a teal color wither mixed with some golden copper or copper colored individual pieces.

As you may have noticed most of the colors in the decorations are teal. However, some of the other highlighted colors are warm metallics – gold, bronze, and copper.

Decorating 101 Tip:

Metallics are essential in any Christmas decorating whether they be the cool tones – silver, chrome and pewter or the warm hues – gold, bronze and copper.

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Christmas Tree Topper

You may not have noticed but there is even a tree topper that is teal in color.

This teal blue glass topper is embellished with warm gold glitter making it the perfect finish for your teal themed Christmas room.

Teal Tidings Tree Topper
This Teal Tidings Tree Topper is not only stunning, it is large – and may be larger than you think. At 15 inches tall and over 5 inches in diameter, it is large enough for any tall or large tree. Just be sure you have enough space between the top of your tree and your ceiling.

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Tree Skirt

Still focusing on the Christmas tree but, a separate piece is the tree skirt – a necessary accessory for any Christmas tree.

This teal tree skirt is done in luxurious teal velvet and has an exquisite pattern of flower petals hand beaded all around the skirt hem. This tree skirt is so stunning and eye catching that you may not want to cover this with any gifts – well, ok, maybe just a few – just be sure to leave a little bit of the skirt showing.

Scattered Petals Embroidered Velvet Tree Skirt
Hand beaded and done in cotton velvet, this teal tree skirt is the perfect base for your teal themed Christmas tree and room.

Now that we have out Christmas tree decorated, let’s move on to the wall decor which includes some wreaths and garland – all done with a teal color theme.

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Teal Wreaths

This room look features 2 of our stunning wreaths. Pick one of both of these to get the look.

One of these wreaths has more teal and the other includes teal but has somewhat more gold than teal. For wall decorations, either or both of these are perfect.

The ones shown in our ‘get this look’ room have been placed on top of a mirror on the wall above the fireplace.

Teal Tidings Wreath
This holiday themed wreath is heavy on the teal color – perfect for your teal themed room.
Magnolia Gilded Teal Wreath
With lots of metallic gold, this gilded gold and teal wreath still incorporates plenty of teal to fit into this look.

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Teal Garlands

Continuing on the walls (and could be on the fireplace mantel too, if you choose), there are some teal and gold garlands.

Teal Tidings Garland
With lots of teal mixed with metallic shiny golds, as well as the standard greenery found in garlands, this Teal Tidings Garland has been added on the wall highlighting the sideboard bar.

Perhaps not as noticeable, this teal and gold garland has also been added to the fireplace mantel behind the candles and stockings.

Speaking of stockings….

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Christmas Stockings

The velvet teal stocking hanging from the mantle matches the hand beaded tree skirt in this room. It has all of the exquisite embroidery and is done in teal velvet.

Teal Velvet Scattered Petals Embroidered Stocking
All over beading and embroidery make this teal velvet stocking a luxury addition to your teal themed Christmas living room.

Because this stocking can be personalized, you can add many of the same ones and no-one will get confused. Or, add the champagne velvet stocking shown on the mantle, the Marquette – which can also be personalized.

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Stocking Holders

Our ‘get this look’ room includes using some Pine Cone gold stocking holders for the stockings. If you want the complete look, these are the ones.

However, you could choose just about any gold stocking holder and get a very similar look.

Here are a few options including the one shown in this room, the Gold Pine Cone Stocking Holder.

For those wanting a touch of the rustic or lodgy, you may want to opt for the deer stocking holders, or for a completely classic Christmas look, opt for the golden tree stocking holder.

Gold Tree Stocking Holder
Gold Tree Stocking Holder
Gold Pine Cone Stocking Holder
Gold Pine Cone Stocking Holder
Stately Deer Gold Stocking Holder
Stately Deer Gold Stocking Holder

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Floor Decor

Last but certainly not least is the golden Mrs. Claus decoration on the floor, just beside the Aurel bar cabinet sideboard.

She stands gracefully, all in gold with her basket of golden gifts, gold glasses and a golden smile. Placed beside the sideboard bar, she will welcome all who enter the room.

Gilded Glimmer Mrs. Claus
At 36 inches tall and all done in gold, this Gilded Glimmer Mrs. Claus statue decoration is large enough to make a statement wherever she is placed.

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Your Teal Themed Christmas

As a quick recall of the items required to ‘get this look’, you will need:

  1. A full profile Christmas tree
  2. Teal Ornaments
  3. Teal Tree Topper
  4. Teal Tree Skirt
  5. Teal Wreaths
  6. Teal Garlands
  7. Teal Stockings
  8. Gold Stocking Holders
  9. Golden Mrs. Claus Statue Decoration

Shop all of these items to get this look now!

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Pick one or all of them to get this look – a beautiful Teal Themed Christmas look for your home today!

Teal Tidings 40-piece Ornament Collection - on Christmas Tree
Get this look – a stunning and elegant teal themed Christmas setting in your home for the holidays.

Shop this look here!

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Mink Wood Sideboard or Bar Cabinet

While not related to the teal decorating theme of this room, you may have noticed and loved the sideboard or bar cabinet displayed in this room.

It is the Aurel bar cabinet which is crafted of solid hardwood and engineered wood with an oak veneer. The bar top has a stunning Carrara marble work surface and the door pulls are inspired by artisan Parisian window hardware.

Aurel Bar Cabinet - with Bar Goodies
The Aurel furniture collection includes this piece, a bar cabinet which can also be used in many other ways and in many other rooms in your home.

This piece is very versatile and can be used for many purposes – a bar cabinet, a hall storage unit, a vanity, a dining room sideboard buffet, and even an entryway piece as it even has a lift up mirror included for those last minute vanity checks before you leave your home.

Shop this Aurel Bar Cabinet here!

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Shop the complete teal themed Christmas look NOW!

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