Ava Chaise Slipcovered Sofa

Slipcovered Furniture – Many Reasons To Love It in Your Home

Looking to easily update the look of your home. Why not consider some slipcovered furniture?

If you are wondering why you should consider this type of furniture – and why you will love it – read on about the many advantages that you will benefit from when you add some slipcovered furniture to your home.

Salem Slipcovered Sofa - in Elegant Living Room
While this Salem sofa may not seem to be slipcovered, it does in fact, include a custom slipcover and makes for a very elegant – and comfortable – living room.

What is a Slipcover?

A slipcover is essentially a cover which slips on to your furniture. It is a removable fabric cover made to fit over a piece of furniture. Slipcovers can be made for and used on various pieces of furniture including sofas, sectionals, chairs, dining chairs, cushions and even ottomans.

A slipcover design must include certain aids necessary for easy and quick removal. This could include closures such as buttons, ties, hook and loop tape, and most likely zippers. This makes for easy on and off quick changes.

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Slipcover Style

Because slipcovers may not be perfectly fitted to the furniture piece, when used on furniture, they tend to create a more casual and comfortable style.

Shabby Chic or Rustic Style

Slipcovered furniture is also often associated with a shabby chic look or home decor style. Slipcovers can also add or contribute to a French country or rustic style.

Ava Slipcovered Dining Side Chair - in Dining Room with Wooden Table and Chairs
These Ava Slipcovered Dining Side Chairs add a touch of formality while still fitting into the old world French Country / European rustic design style which includes a solid wood table, chairs and side bench.

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Slipcovers Add Dining Room Formality

When a slipcover is used on a dining chair at a dining table, the look is often more formal and comfortable – as with any upholstered dining chair at a table setting. Think of a recent wedding that you may have attended. They often use slipcovers or fabric decorations on the seats to make the room feel much more formal.

Slipcovered Dining Chairs at Formal Dining Table Setting
Beneath these beautifully slipcovered dining chairs may be some ‘less than pretty’ dining chairs. With the slipcovers, this dining table setting has been easily and instantly formalized significantly regardless of the chair styles underneath.

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Benefits of Slipcovers

You may simply love the look and feel of slipcovered furniture in your home, have added some and then simply reaped the benefits. If you have always wanted to try some slipcovered furniture because you love the look – but were hesitant – here are some of the many benefits of adding slipcovered furniture to your home.

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Slipcovers Protect your Furniture

Slipcovers protect your furniture from spills, stains, and other types of damage, which can extend the life of your furniture. They can also protect your furniture from pet hair and scratches.

Slipcovers are almost like that dinner napkin that you use on you lap when eating dinner. The napkin protects your clothing. The slipcovers protect your furniture – which I might add is much more difficult to clean than most of your clothing.

Covering your chairs in slipcovers can also be likened to adding a glass top to your coffee or dining table. The glass will protect your table from stains and spills and will be easy to clean – similar to a slipcover.

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Slipcovers are Easy to Clean

Slipcovers are meant to be removable. This means they will be designed to easily slip on and off the furniture. Because of this easy removal, slipcovers are easy to clean, making them a great option for families with children or pets.

Many manufacturers of slipcovers realize that part of the point of having slipcovered furniture is to be able to remove it and clean it. As such, many slipcover fabrics are machine-washable or can be easily spot cleaned.

Less Expensive than Steam Cleaning

Even if your slipcover is not machine washable and is dry clean only (which is more rare), it is much less time consuming than having to rent a steam cleaner to clean your sofa. It is also much, much cheaper than having to purchase a new sofa.

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Enjoy That Creamy White Furniture

Another reason in my books for loving slipcovered furniture is my personal love of white or cream sofas. I have always loved the look of a light colored sofa but with children and pets, it was always out of the question. With a washable slipcover, that dream of a white sofa or chair can be a reality.

Clean Slipcover in Washing Machine
Have fewer worries about spills and stains with a slipcovered sofa. Simply remove the slipcover or individual slipcover piece – i.e. one cushion or all pieces – machine wash, dry and slip back onto your sofa.

Clean Only What You Need To

Another great benefit of a slipcover is that it comes in pieces and therefore, only the piece which is dirty or gets a spill will need to be washed. Simply remove that piece and wash – no need to wash all of the pieces of a slipcovered sofa or all of the dining chair slipcovers at once.

This could be seen as similar to spot cleaning however, if you have ever spot cleaned your non-slipcovered sofa, you know that it is much more complicated and not always successful.

As well, spot cleaning on a regular upholstered piece of furniture means that not only is the fabric being saturated with water and cleaning liquid, the insides of the foam or down cushions are as well – meaning that you will be left with a wet spot until it dries.

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Slipcovers Save you Money

Save money by not buying new furniture. Assuming your furniture is still in good condition – good solid bones and still usable cushions and backs – you can purchase a slipcover instead of buying new pieces.

Slipcovers are a cost-effective alternative to buying new furniture. If your furniture is still in good condition but has become worn or outdated, slipcovers can give it a new look without the expense of buying new furniture.

Save money by purchasing slipcovers or already slipcovered furniture which may allow for more purchasing room for other decor accessories and accent pieces.

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Slipcovers Add Decor Versatility

If you are like me, you love to change the look of a room – at least every once in a while – without having to buy new furniture pieces.

Because slipcovers come in a wide variety of styles and colors, they make it very easy to instantly update and change the look of your room simply by changing the cover on one or more pieces of furniture in your room.

Ava Slipcovered Dining Armchair
You can see the difference in the look and feel of these same Ava dining armchairs simply by changing the color of the slipcover fabric.

Slipcovers can also be used seasonally to add a touch of warmth in the spring and summer months or to add a holiday theme to your home during the winter months.

Personally, I have a sectional with 2 fitted slipcovers – on is apple green and the other is red. By simply changing these slipcovers seasonally, the apple green cover adds a brightness and light to the spring season while the red slipcover is an instant Christmas decoration without having to add much more seasonal decor during that holiday season.

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Here are some examples of the same sofa with different slipcovers. Notice how the look and feel changes simply by having a different color and fabric.

Change the decor style or color theme of your living room by simply changing the slipcover color of your sofa. From a medium gray and dark navy blue to soft and dreamy whites and creams, get the exact look you want today.

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Slipcovers are Good for Earth Sustainability

If you are concerned about saving the earth, wasting less or just about consuming less, adding some slipcovers to your existing furniture can help reduce landfill waste significantly.

By simply installing some slipcovers over your existing furniture, you can extend the life of your furniture for a good deal longer than before. Instead of throwing away a sofa or chair that is worn or outdated, slipcovers can give it new life and keep it out of a landfill.

It is a win-win. Save your money and help save the earth at the same time – with slipcovers.

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Slipcovered Furniture for Purchase

You can choose to buy slipcovers for your older furniture – which comes with the many advantages discussed above.

However, if you really need new furniture and love the look of slipcovered furniture – as well as want to take advantage of all of the many benefits – you can purchase furniture which comes with slipcovers as part of the purchase.

Buying slipcovered furniture allows you to get some new furniture as well as get a custom slipcover suitable for your decor. You may also want to purchase a second slipcover for either themed seasonal changes of have an extra one ready if something should happen to the original one – i.e. someone spills something and it needs to be cleaned.

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Slipcovered Furniture Pieces

As you may expect, you can purchase slipcovered furniture pieces which include sofas, sectionals, living room chairs, dining chairs, and ottomans.

A great benefit to purchasing pre-slipcovered furniture is that the slipcover will fit absolutely perfectly. And you can buy a second slipcover – for changing the mood, look or for washing times – at the same time. This second slipcover will also be a perfect custom fit.

Check out these pieces below which are part of the Ava, Carmen and Salem lines of slipcovered furniture ready to be customized to your decor tastes.

And as you can see, you do not need to have all slipcovered pieces. These slipcovered pieces work perfectly with many other colors, finishes and textures for a very interesting and curated look.

Looking at these rooms, the first word which comes to my mind is “comfortable”. What about you?

Shop Slipcovered Furniture here!

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For an even more luxurious custom made slipcovered sofa or sectional made with down and feathers, shop here!

Soho Sectional - White Denim in Shabby Chic Living Room
This Soho Sectional comes with custom slipcovers in your choice of quality fabrics. The innards of this sectional sofa are made with high quality down and feathers – for the ultimate in both luxury and comfort.

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