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Are you lucky enough to own a fire pit?
To extend the life of your fire pit, you need to cover it with a properly fitting cover.

Conveniently, many companies offer a fitted cover with the purchase of a fire pit.
Others offer fire pit covers which can be purchased separately but they may not be a custom fit for your fire pit.

This means that you may not be getting the coverage you should have for your fire pit. If certain areas are exposed to the weather elements because of an ill fit, they may be getting worn or damaged from exposure.

And if you do not have a fire pit cover at all, your fire pit will not last as long – or look as good – as it should.

Enter Custom Fire Pit Covers!

Bryndle Faux Wood Root Propane Fire Pit with Sectional on Patio
This Bryndle Faux Wood Root Propane Fire Pit is one of my favorite styles of fire pit – blending the gas fire with a natural, yet faux wood organic outer section / table. This fire pit would definitely be a candidate for a customized fire pit cover – to ensure it looks as good years from now as it does on day one.

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Custom Fire Pit Covers

Let us presume that you are here because you either do not have a cover for your fire pit, you would like to get a more custom cover or your fire pit cover has worn out.

Here is why a custom fire pit cover is for you.

What does custom mean – in terms of a fire pit cover?

A custom fire pit cover is customized to your exact size, you choose the fabric color, you choose the type of tie downs on the bottom, and you decide whether you would like grommets on the bottom hem.

You can even have your fire pit cover customized with your family name, the name of your home or cottage, a simple monogram or your favorite sports team. You can also add your favorite logo to your fire pit cover. It is up to you to customize how you like.

A custom fire pit cover means you can get it to fit exactly for the size of your fire pit. Put in the exact measurements of your fire pit and you will get an exact fit. Even an odd shaped fire pit can have a custom cover made for it.

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You choose the color of your cover – making sure to match your patio furniture or home.

Round Fire Pit Covered in Custom Fire Pit Cover in Blue Denier Fabric
Be bold in blue by choosing this high quality blue denier fabric for your fire pit. Maybe it matches your patio decor or maybe you just want a pop of color in your backyard. Whatever the reason, this custom fire pit cover will look great and keep your fire pit safe from the suns rays and inclement weather.

These custom fire pit covers come with all of these features:

  • Choose custom sizes of shapes – round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, triangular, fire bowls, fire columns
  • Durable and sturdy for maximum protection and best fit.
  • Offers easy access handles and tie-down options.
  • Comes with a wide range of color options.
  • Customization option available with your preferred logo or creative text.
Fire Bowl Custom Measuring Guide
Use this measuring guide, enter your exact fire pit bowl measurements and get a custom cover in minutes.
Custom Fire Bowl Cover on Patio
After entering your fire pit measurement, choosing the color and other options, you have a custom fire bowl cover easily and inexpensively – guaranteed to lengthen the life of your fire pit.

Enjoy your time outdoors at your fire pit. The longer it lasts, the more memories you will have by it.

Make it last and get many more of those moments by purchasing a custom fire pit cover today!

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Shop Fire Pit Covers

Looking for a custom cover for your patio set or other outdoor furniture. Protect your investment with a custom cover now!

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Don’t yet have a fire pit, or would like an upgraded one? Shop luxury fire pits here!

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