Ultra By Nikki Chu Black Leather Pouf

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Need a new pouf in your life – and a black pouf, in particular?

Shop here for some black poufs of varying styles, shapes and colors.

Black as a Neutral Decor Accent

Even if black is not your favorite color, black accents works in most homes.

Because black is a neutral color – a strong neutral color, mind you – a piece of accent furniture such as a pouf will fit into just about any home decor style.

Black Poufs in Living Rooms

Every room needs a grounding effect. A black accent pouf can easily provide you with this effect – especially in a room with many light colored elements.

The grounding effect can also be provided by the dark legs on the slipper chair beside the fireplace. However, the black pouf does the job much more easily and effectively.

Black Pouf in Living Room
This clean lined black fabric covered pouf provides a grounding effect in this mostly light colored living room.

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Black Poufs in Nurseries or Kids Rooms

As much as you may not imagine it, a black pouf can even fit well into in a baby’s nursery decor. A black pouf can be not only practical for extra seating but, it can also be fun.

This black and white dice themed pouf will not only look fun in baby’s nursery, it will provide a visual stimulus for baby – girl or boy.

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Black Print Poufs

While you can certainly find black poufs in solids, you can also find various poufs done in black prints.

Some typical prints you can find are geometric or ethnic. Find polka dotted poufs, striped poufs, black link print poufs, South Western themed prints, Ikat prints, and more.

And while not a print, you can find black poufs with a textured tufted finish. As well, poufs can be made from natural animal skins making them a black and white print.

Let’s Shop Black Poufs

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