Z Lite Trestle 12 Light Pendant in Industrial Restoration Style

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Looking for a large pendant light for your entryway, hallway, porch, foyer, living room, dining room or even bedroom, look no further.

A 12-light pendant light may be just what you are looking for.

It will provide drama – as it will generally be larger than a typical pendant light – an it will provide a lot of actual light or lumens.

As there are many pendant lights available with varying numbers of lights, we thought we would drill down to these specifically large pendant lights which have at least 12 lights on each of them.

Z Lite Trestle 12 Light Pendant in Industrial Restoration Style
This large pendant light by Z Lite Trestle includes 12 Lights and is done in an Industrial Restoration Style. It will provide a dramatic centerpiece to any room, hallway, entryway or foyer with tall ceilings.

These 12 light pendant light fixtures will provide a significant amount of light in just about any room, and are especially good for very large open rooms with tall or cathedral ceilings.

Z Lite Trestle 12 Light Pendant in Industrial Restoration Style in Great Room with High Ceilings
This great room has high ceilings and is therefore, well suited for the installation of a large 12 light pendant light. The Industrial Restoration Style of the pendant light gives the room a more casual feel than a traditional chandelier would.

Because they also come in a variety of different sizes and styles – and they provide a truly dramatic effect in any room – some may also be referred to as chandeliers even though they are still considered pendant lights.

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Let’s shop now for some large 12-light pendant lights.

If modern is definitely your style, you can check out more pendant light fixtures here!

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If you are looking for something a little more formal, perhaps you would prefer a multi 12-light chandelier, as opposed to a pendant. We’ve got you covered.

This dining room id perfectly highlighted with this large 12-light chandelier by Livex Lighting. As you can see, it provides a more formal atmosphere in the room than most pendant lights – even it they too, can be large.

Shop for 12-light chandeliers here!

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