Livex Lighting Chesterfield 12-Light Chandelier

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Looking for a large chandelier for your entryway, hallway, porch, foyer, living room, dining room or even bedroom. Look no further.

While most chandeliers have multiple lights, there are fewer with 12 lights.

12-light chandeliers are unique in that they are large in scale, provide lots of light and require a large space in which to be installed.

What is a Chandelier?

A traditional chandelier is a light fixture which has multiple lights stemming from a center frame.

The term chandelier is taken from the French word, chandelier – meaning candelabra, a decorative candle holder which holds many candles.

Many traditional chandeliers even use light bulbs which resemble candle flames in order to preserve the look of the original chandeliers.

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Traditional 12-Light Chandelier

This chandelier is large in size and has 12 light sockets. It is also considered very traditional in style.

Livex Lighting Chesterfield 12 Light Chandelier
This traditional metal and crystal chandelier is a large size with an impressive 12 lights. It will easily become the highlight of any large room or foyer.

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12-Light Chandeliers are Large

Most 12-light chandeliers are large – and as such, they require a large enough room in which to be installed. The size also instantly adds to the drama it will provide.

If you are looking here, you obviously have a large room, and would like a dramatic chandelier which both fits the scale of your room and provides sufficient light.

Large Chandelier in Dining Room

Livex Lighting Chesterfield 12 Light Chandelier in Dining Room
This dining room and table are large enough to be able to incorporate such a large chandelier. And in actual fact, the opposite is true. The room and table must be large enough in scale for this 12-light chandelier to not completely overtake and overwhelm the room and dining table. Based on the size of the table, this chandelier would be the largest size I would choose.

You may be familiar with a traditional chandelier – as pictured above. However, the chandelier designs of today are available in a variety of styles, shapes and finishes – and they come in the larger 12-light size.

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Let’s shop now for some large 12-light chandeliers.

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If you are looking for something a little more casual and less formal but still want a large fixture with a lot of light output, perhaps you would prefer a multi-light pendant light. We’ve got you covered.

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