Carlisle Outdoor Furniture Grouping in Garden Patio

Patio Furniture with Classic Styling – Pick Your Favorite

Do you live in a classic home? Do you love classic decor? Do you want to extend your living area from indoors to outdoors?

Then you are in need of some classic garden patio furniture and accessories.

Here are some beautiful examples of classic garden patios styled with classic garden patio furniture collections.

Surrey Hill Garden Patio Furniture in Teak

Classic with a touch of contemporary with the angular lines of the chair and sofa frames.

The teak wood frames take the classic lines and shift the look and feel slightly more to the softer, feminine side of the decor style.

Surrey Hill Outdoor Furniture Collection on Garden Patio

This can be paired with must about any other type of decor – modern, organic or classical – to lean towards that style, if you so choose. Or stay fully classic with by choosing matching accent pieces, tables, and area rugs.

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Surrey Hill Patio Sets in Aluminum

Simply by having the frame done in aluminum instead of teak, the look changes. It is still a classic design style but, it has an even more serious and cooler, more masculine attitude. Add warmth to the look by using warmer tones in the accent pillows or by simply adding a wood coffee table or dining table.

Surrey Hill Outdoor Furniture Collection in Aluminum on Garden Terrace
Clean and classic are ways to describe this garden terrace design – starting with the classic dark aluminum Surrey Hill sofa and 2 lounge chairs. Add the matching loveseat to this conversation area for more seating or place it separately for another smaller seating area.

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Carlisle Classical Patio Furniture

Similar to the Surrey Hill – done in a dark aluminum frame, the Carlisle features softer, rounded edges with the look of classical turned legs and arms.

This outdoor furniture collection is the classic of the classics.

Carlisle Outdoor Furniture Collection on Poolside Patio
With the addition of colorful and cheerful throw pillows and flowers, this classic styled furniture remains classic but with a hint of fun and youthful energy.

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Carlisle Outdoor Furniture Collection in Backyard
With toned and muted shades of blue added to this outdoor room, the classic Carlisle furniture grouping looks like it is straight out of the garden of a Tuscan villa. Get the look in your backyard without having to travel anywhere.

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Bowery Classic Outdoor Furniture Collection

Similar to the stylings of the Surrey Hill collection, this one remains a classic but with a hint of the contemporary and modern.

The square geometric shapes give it a clean, contemporary look. The weaving on the backs and arms make it accessible to many styles including classic and contemporary.

Add other decor items in either of these styles to get exactly the look you desire.

Bowery Outdoor Furniture Collection in Aluminum on Poolside Patio
Classic blue and white accent pieces – throw pillows, planters and pool towels – simply add to this classic patio furniture grouping. For more visual interest, be sure to add various shades of blue. Otherwise, keep the blue tones similar for a more monotone look.

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Avery Outdoor Patio Furniture

Continuing on the blue and white theme, this Avery collection done in white aluminum is definitely a classic design – but with a definite added design feature.

The curved arms and the unique quatrefoil backs and arms design scream old European classic architecture – specifically a design from old iron gates of Europe.

Eclectic, yes but still classical, indeed.

Avery Outdoor Furniture Collection on Garden Terrace
This Avery patio collection is for someone who loves a classic look with a touch more visual style. The quatrefoil of the backs does just that. How can you not notice it? And therefore, talk about it.

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For those who love a monochromatic look, this set can be customized to suit your tastes.

This all white set is for those who love the clean and ethereal feel of white in home decor. Not only does it allow for the addition of just about any other decor accent or accent furniture piece in any color, it makes your space feel airy and may even appear larger.

Avery 3 Piece Sofa Set in White Aluminum with White Cushions
With this all white neutral background, add a darker or teak coffee table to ground the space. You could also add darker colored accent pillows to get the same grounding effect.

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This unique patio set is also available in a stunning blue aluminum.

Reverse the colors on the frames and cushions and you get a completely different look. Stunning, nonetheless.

Avery Outdoor Furniture Collection in Blue Aluminum on Garden Terrace
For those who love French blue and classic European styling, this Avery furniture collection is a definite must. Your backyard will look like it came right out of an Italian or French country villa.

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Whittaker Outdoor Furniture Collection

For those who like a clean classic look with durable and classic materials, the Whittaker Collection may be for you. Choose this furniture set in all white with white aluminum frames for a classy elegant monochromatic look – or opt for the soft glacier blue cushions for a less formal, more beachy look.

Whittaker Outdoor Furniture Collection - White with Blue Cusions on Poolside Patio
This Whittaker Outdoor Furniture Collection with sofa, loveseat and chair set done with light blue cushions is very inviting especially when paired with some teak wood accents in the coffee and end tables as well as the dining set just beside the seating area.

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So, which Classic Style defines you?

If you love a truly classic style, then the Carlisle Patio Furniture Collection is for you.

If you want something more than just classic and like to add hints of the modern or contemporary, then the Surrey Hill or the Bowery – both in aluminum – collections will work great for you.

If you still like a classic style but with a nod towards the natural, organic or bohemian, then the Surrey Hill in the teak finished frame might be your choice.

And, finally, if you love a genuinely unique style but still with a classic feel, the Avery Collection with its quatrefoil design in either blue or white will provide you with the backyard of your dreams.

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