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Make This Pool Season the Best Ever with These Great Pool Accessories

Looking forward to a new pool season?

Make it the best ever with these great pool accessories.

From bean bag filled pool floats to floating pool chaise lounges to pool patio games tables, you are sure to find all of the accessories you want and need to have the best pool season ever.

Pool Floats

If you love floating in the pool, you are in luck.

Whether that is floating sitting upright, lying down, or just hanging around in the pool, you can find the perfect pool float for you and your guests.

Pool floats come in 3 types of materials – foam floats, inflatable floats and bean filled floats.

Foam Pool Floats

One of the most popular types of pool floats are the ones made with foam.

They require no blowing up, and are ready to use.

Throw them on the water and then throw yourself on them – one and done.

We would be remiss if we did not mention that all pool foam floats are not made equal.

There are inexpensive pool floats that may be easy on your wallet, but they will not last. They will often disintegrate – almost right before your eyes.

In recent years, some companies have challenged the typical foam pool float and made them much better and of much higher quality. This does mean a higher price but, the comfort and durability are well worth it.

This well made, high quality foam pool float is made for a full day of lounging on the pool. It can also be used on the pool deck for a comfortable padded tanning spot.

The 2 inch pool resort float is also available with a thicker version at almost 3 inches thick – for even more comfort – if you thought that was possible.

Foam floats also come in many other shapes, sizes, colors and forms. Foam seats and large sized pool noodles made with this high quality foam are also available.

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Proper Pool Float Storage

Treat your pool accessories right with a practical and beautiful all-weather wicker storage unit on wheels.

If you like your pool area neat and tidy, a proper storage unit will aid in not only keeping your area clean, it will prolong the life of your pool floats. Did I mention, it also has wheels for easy transport!

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Inflatable Pool Floats

Inflatable pool floats have been around forever and can be very practical so, we certainly cannot discount them.

While you do have to blow them up – or get them blown up somehow, they can be just as comfortable as a foam pool float. They also have the added benefit of being very easy to store and take up very little space when they are not in use.

Inflatable Mesh Pool Lounger
Because this float is mixed with a mesh bottom, it will keep you cool in the water and will not require much blow up time or storage space when not in use.

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Bean Filled Bean Bag Pool Floats

One of the newest pool float toys to be introduced into the pool market are bean filled loungers and floats – just like the typical bean bag chairs we have seen for use indoors.

Just last year, I did purchase one of these and I have to say, it is absolutely the BEST lounge chair / bed for a pool that I have ever owned and used.

They are super comfortable – molding to your body when you jump / sit on them.

I also use my bean bag pool lounger on the pool deck when I exit the pool. It is as comfortable for lounging around the pool as it is lounging in the pool.

They are also very well made and it does appear that the bean bag pool lounger will last a very long time. Just be sure to take care of it.

A few words for the care: If you have patio stones around your pool, be careful when you take it out of the water. The outer fabric can become frayed by the harsh texture of patio pavers. The simple message: Don’t drag it on the ground.

These bean bag / bean filled pool floats are a dream come true. Simply drop them on the water surface and jump on. They mold perfectly to your body – with little risk of falling in.

You even have the option of purchasing a float specifically for drinks and snacks. You may never have to leave the pool.

Get the perfect swimsuit to match your deluxe pool lounger right here!

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Pool Chaises

If you prefer a pool float with a more formed and dedicated purpose, you can opt for a pool chaise, pool lounge chair or pool chair.

Foam Pool Chaises

Similar the the quality foam lounge floats, the newest foam pool chaises are made to last.

The difference between a foam float and a foam chaise is the chaise part (or did you already figure that one out :-).

Chaise longue are the French words meaning long chair. We often call them simply, chaises for short.

This chaise float is just that – a long chair which floats. This means that you are in a more upright position than the long float. This chaise float also has arms for sitting comfort and is equipped with a very practical cup and drink holder.

They don’t call this the ‘Worlds Finest Foam Pool Chaise’ for nothing. You get comfort, quality and even a drink or cup holder.

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This particular foam chaise float also comes with an articulated adjustable back. This means you can lounge right back or sit more upright like a regular chair. No matter what your position, you will still have a safe space for your lemonade (or spiked lemonade, perhaps?)

Sit upright as in a pool chair or adjust this foam chaise float all the way back and lounge away – a great pool accessory for any pool.

You might characterize this foam chaise as more of a socializing float than the flat float due to the more seated floating position and the addition of arm rests and drink holders.

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Bean Bag / Bean Filled Pool Chaises

Like the bean bag style for seating and lounging, then you may just love this bean filled pool chaise.

Being a chaise, it is essentially a long chair with a back for seated support.

Drift Bean Filled Pool Chaise in the Pool and on Pool Deck
As with the bean bag / bean filled float, this chaise can be used both on the water and at poolside. Either way, it provides super comfort.

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Inflatable Pool Chaises

Looking for a pool chaise lounge which takes up less space when not in use or requires minimal storage space at the end of the season, then an inflatable chaise is the one for you.

While you will have to blow it up, it will deflate to virtually nothing when you no longer need it or you are closing your pool.

Inflatable Pool Chaise Lounger in Pool
These deluxe inflatable lounge chaises for pools can be used both in the pool and on the pool patio. Want to float without getting wet, this could be the chaise lounger for you.

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Pool Games

Now we move from lounging to actually working up a sweat – while in the pool – not sure that is possible but, we are really just talking about adding some fun to your pool by adding some pool games.

Yes, games which are made specifically to be played in and around a pool.

Golf Putting Green Pool Game

Get in a small game of golf without leaving your home with this floating putting golf green game.

For those who think this might be easy, just try putting into a moving / freely floating green.

Floating Golf Green Game
Add this Floating Golf Green Game to your pool area and enjoy a little bit of putting fun (and practice) when you are not enjoying swimming or lounging.

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Large Outdoor Games Tables

For more fun and games in or around your pool, why not consider adding a regulation sized outdoor foosball table, ping pong table, table tennis table or even an outdoor pool table – as in billiards table.

Yes, these are readily available for outdoors and will add hours of outdoor fun around your pool.

Outdoor Pool Table / Billiards Table

Have fun playing pool while hanging around your pool…some pun intended.

So if you are confused, how about a game of billiards while hanging out at your backyard pool.

Esterno Outdoor Pool Table
Spend more time outdoors and around your pool with an Outdoor Pool Table. Be careful, though – the nights may never end.

This outdoor pool table can even be used as an outdoor dining table – before the games even begin.

It also has a fitting to convert it to a table tennis game surface – just don’t lose your ping pong balls in the pool!

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Outdoor Foosball Table

If you love soccer and perhaps the table version of the sport, a foosball table is a must.

Made for the outdoors – but can also be used indoors as well – these well made foosball tables on your pool patio will add hours of entertainment fun to your pool area.

An easy addition to our pool deck is this indoor outdoor foosball table game which will add hours of fun to your outdoor pool time.

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Accessorize your Pool for Maximum Fun

Get a great start on your outdoor pool parties this season with these fun pool accessories.

From a bean filled lounge chair to some large outdoor games tables, any or all of them are guaranteed to make your pool season simply perfect!

Shop Pool Accessories here!

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