Front Entrance with Black Door Multiple Urns Topiary Trees Floral Bunches Wreath Custom Door Mat

Make a Great First Impression with Your Front Entrance – Here’s How

Does your front entrance need an upgrade? Is it just standard or very boring? Is it just like everyone else’s front entrance on your street? Would you be unimpressed if you walked up to a home with a front entrance like yours? Or are you selling your home and need to make that essential first impression for buyers?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are in the right place.

First Impressions Matter

We all know that first impressions have meaning – possibly even more than we know or can imagine. And it has been suggested that a good first impression may actually influence any further impressions – in a positive way.

Our homes are no different. Everyone gets a first impression when they either walk by your home or walk up to your front entrance and front door.

Why now make that first impression a great one. Here’s how.

Simply put, in order to have a beautiful front entrance which is sure to leave a great first impression, you need to style or decorate it as you would with any other room in your home. But how can I do this, you ask?

Here are some ways to get a front entrance that will not only leave you with a front entrance of your dreams, but will leave any visitors or guests with a great first impression.

A fairly standard front entrance has become much more welcoming and impressive with the addition of some decorative elements including several urns and planters, some faux greenery and trees, a door wreath and a customized monogrammed door mat.

The Front Door

If it is not obvious, the most important feature – and focal point – of your front entrance is your front door or doors.

As much as you may dress up and decorate around them, your front entrance will never garner that great first impression status without some well looked after front doors.

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Replace your Front Doors

The easiest way to get your front doors looking shiny and new is to obviously replace them.

If this is in your budget, then it won’t hurt to just do it.

If your front door is already old and worn out, not only will you get a new look to your front entrance, you will most likely get a much more energy efficient door – saving you money over the long run.

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Paint your Front Door

If your front door has seen better days and it is not in your budget to replace it, consider painting it.

You could choose to paint it a new, more inviting color or you could simply re-paint your old color.

Front door color choices are one of my pet peeves of decorating. I believe that most people shy away from bolder front door colors when they should not.

Because you want your front entrance to stand out from the rest of your house, a contrasting – and sometimes bold – color for your doors will be a winner.

Some of my favorite front door colors include yellow, red, black and navy blue.

Front Door Painted Bright Yellow
While this bright yellow door may not be for everyone, with your front door painted this bright yellow color, everyone will easily find your front door and entryway.

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I especially love front doors with a high gloss sheen, as most house finishes such as brick or siding are often very flat.

Even without a contrasting color, a high gloss paint provides a natural contrast to the siding or brick.

Front Entrance with Glossy Wine Red Front Door
In this front entrance, not only do you get the pop of color with the dark red wine but, the paint is super glossy making it a super contrast with the white stone house. Now if only they would decorate this entrance a bit more, it would be even more impactful in making that first impression.

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Refinish your Wood Front Door

If you have a wooden doors, you may want to consider re-finishing and re-staining them.

Having your front door or doors looking new and refreshed should be the first thing you do if you want your front entrance to create a great first impression.

Front Entrance with Double Wood Front Doors decorated with Urns Greenery Door Mat and Wreaths
Due to their upkeep and finish, you can see the true beauty of these wooden front doors. If they were unfinished or aging with chipping stain and worn areas, this front entrance impression would be much less impressive. Note also the addition of some other decorative elements to make this front entrance super stylish and very welcoming.

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Add New Lighting

As with any indoor decorating, lighting can often be overlooked.

For the best first impression, please do not forget about adding appropriate lighting – whether that be in the form of side lights on each side of double front doors or hanging lanterns on a large front porch.

Even lanterns with battery operated candles on your front step will be an additional welcome sign. When paired with the standard wall light fixtures, there will be light both up and down making the way perfectly clear to your front door.

Front Entrance with Black Door Classic Urns Topiaries Wreath and Lanterns
This front entrance has the standard outdoor wall light fixtures on either side of the front door. With the addition of some ground / floor lanterns, the lighting at this front entrance will be stunning, and very welcoming.

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Permanent Outdoor Light Fixtures

Depending on your front entrance, there may be light fixture boxes on the walls beside your front doors or a light fixture place on the ceiling for a hanging pendant lantern. Either way, choose the best ones you can afford as this will add that high end sophistication you are looking for.

Each of these light fixtures – sconce by Hinkley or hanging lantern by Visual Comfort – are high quality outdoor lighting choices for the discerning home owner.

Hinkley Augusta Outdoor Wall Sconce by Lumens
Hinkley Augusta Outdoor Wall Sconce
Visual Comfort Darlana Outdoor Hanging Lantern
Visual Comfort Darlana Outdoor Hanging Lantern by Lumens

Candlelit Outdoor Lanterns

Large candle lit lanterns for table or ground use are a way to add more ambient light to your front entrance. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes for you to choose from.

Normandy Lantern Size Options
These Normandy Lanterns come in 3 size options – allowing you to easily style them with one or in groups of 2 or 3
Chatham Lanterns
Classic and stylish, these Chatham Lanterns will add charm and ambient lighting to any walkway or front entrance.

Do not forget to also add some lighting along your walkway up to the front door.

Guests should feel welcome the moment they step onto your property. By adding walkway lighting, this begins the welcome even before they reach your front door.

You can add some similar lanterns with battery operated candles along your walkway for a very sophisticated estate look.

Solar Pathway Lighting

You could also add some solar path lighting which is inserted into the ground beside your walkway.

Pro Series VI Solar Path Lights installed on Walkway
Guide your guests in style with the addition of some solar lights along your front entrance walkway. Install them once, and let the sun do the rest.

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Tiki Lanterns

For any special occasion, you can add some Tiki lanterns along the front entrance path to guide your visitors directly to your door.

Pineapple Tiki Torches
Not only will the flame and light of these tiki torches guide your guests to your front door, they are in the form of a pineapple – a traditional welcome symbol.

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Add Planters

Aside from your actual front door, planters as decor at your front entrance may be one of the most effective ways to make a great first impression at your front entrance.

Planters come in various forms – wood planters, tall planters, ceramic planters, metal planters, stone planters, stone urns and cast iron urns.

Based on the variety available, pretty much whatever style, size and color of planter you are looking for, you are likely to find the perfect one for your front entrance.

Santorini Handpainted Planters Size Options
Add some color and style to your front entrance with these Santorini Handpainted Planters available in various size options to suit your needs.
Provence Planters Size Shape Options
For a more subdued, yet still elegant, look, opt for one or more of these detailed ceramic planters and urns for your front entrance.

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Most front entrances look best with 2 planters – one on either side of the front door or doors. This creates a lovely symmetrical look which helps clearly define the front door – and the path to it.

If your front entrance is in a corner, you may only have room for one planter which is quite acceptable and can still provide the necessary focus on the front door.

As for scale, generally, it is best to choose a taller planter to place beside your front doors. Either that or you choose a shorter one with a taller plant.

The idea is to have the whole plant and planter – together – not look too small in comparison to the front door.

In this front entrance example, the planters and topiary combinations are smaller than I would suggest. However, with the addition of the swags on the side lights and the wreaths on the doors, your eye is brought up higher creating the necessary balance in scale.

Front Entrance with Glass Doors Dual Planters with Topiaries Swags Wreaths and Lanterns
This Front Entrance with Glass Doors includes Dual Planters with Topiaries and other decorative items – Swags, Wreaths, Lanterns, and a custom door mat.

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For larger front entrances with steps or porches, feel free to use multiple planters.

Front Entrance with Black Door and Multiple Planters Topiaries and Wreath
At this front entrance, multiple planters and urns have been added to the front porch. As well, multiple types of plants and greenery have been used such as some magnolia plants and round ball topiaries. It feels welcoming just looking at it.

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Add Greenery

Adding greenery to your front entrance can come in various forms.

Firstly, greenery can be just about anything which grows and probably includes some green in it. This can be trees, topiaries, flowers, boughs, a vine, or simple green plants.

And secondly, any of this greenery can be either real or faux greenery.

Of course, real greenery will be stunning. However, it does involve initial planting and maintenance.

Wood Double Door Entrance with Asymmetrical Greenery and Planters
At this front entrance, the owners chose to use 3 planters with real ferns and a tropical tree. These plants, while beautiful in their current state, will have to be maintained in order to keep this stunning front entrance vignette green and healthy.

Shop our partner for some real ferns for your front entrance planters here – save 5% off with code: CART5 at checkout.

This makes the case for faux greenery.

In today’s market, faux greenery is being made extremely well – meaning it looks genuine, and will last a long time. As well, there is no maintenance. However, if you are looking for it to grow out, get taller or bushier, you are out of luck – unless you buy another bunch of it.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of these faux plants and trees.

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Faux Topiary Trees

I don’t know about you but, I love topiary trees.

I love that they add some greenery while also adding a sculptural shape to a space.

If you have decided to add some planters to each side of your front entrance, why not add some very sculptural faux topiary trees.

Front Entrance with Dark Wood Door Urns Planters Topiary Trees Lanterns Wreath
This front entrance with dark stained wooden door is flanked on both sides by some tall (the right height) spiral topiary trees in classic urns – the perfect addition to a classic home’s front entrance.

The addition of topiary trees to your front entrance decor will be for those who like the look of greenery but also like a more structured, sleek and sculptural look.

Topiary trees – because of their sculpted shape – will also highlight and enforce symmetry. So, if you prefer a bit less symmetry in your design style, topiary trees may not be for you.

In the front entrance example above, the faux lemon trees in the square planters add some organic flavor and movement to this otherwise very symmetrical style. However, you could use some smaller matching spiral topiary trees in these square planters for a completely classic look.

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Faux Floral Vines, Trees and Shrubs

If you prefer a more free flowing look, or just like some added color with your greenery, you may want to opt for a planter with a floral vine or shrub at your front entrance.

Some examples of these include a faux magnolia vine shrub – which is also available in a matching door wreath – a faux potted hydrangea topiary plant with either white or blue flowers, a stunning bougainvillea blossom tree – faux, of course, a faux lemon tree, a faux peony blossom tree.

All of any of these faux flowering shrubs will add instant color and beauty to your front entrance.

For those who like more color, opt for a bougainvillea blossom tree in its rich deep pink purple tones, or the stunning blue hydrangea topiary tree.

Faux Bougainvillea Blossom Tree
Who doesn’t love the bright colored blossoms of the Bougainvillea Blossom Tree? Wherever you place this faux tree, it will be a standout.
Faux Outdoor Blue Snowball Hydrangea Potted Plant
Is it a hydrangea bush or is it a topiary tree? This one gives you both along with the stunning blue snowball hydrangea flowers.

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For a more subtle look, choose a faux snowball hydrangea ball topiary tree. This will add greenery, flowers and a sculptured look to any space. Even a lemon tree will add some greenery with a hint of lemon yellow color.

Faux Outdoor White Snowball Hydrangea Potted Plant
A subtle, yet stunning green addition to any front entrance. Pair these with some beautiful planters for a custom front entrance.
Faux Outdoor Lemon Potted Tree
Add some life to your front entrance with this faux Lemon Potted Tree. It is so life-like that people may want to pick one.

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Faux Outdoor Lemon Potted Trees on Oceanside Patio
Even though this ocean side patio is not a front entrance, you can see how these faux outdoor lemon potted trees add life and energy to a space where any serious gardening would not be available.

Genuine Potted Trees

For those gardeners out there, and if your climate allows, why not add a real lemon tree to your planter pot at your front entrance. When they get too big, you can plant them in your yard and switch out the plants in your planter.

Meyer Real Lemon Tree in a Pot
Not only will a real lemon tree be great looking, you will be rewarded with a lovely lemon scent and eventually, some fresh lemons as well.

Shop Real Lemon Trees for planter pots here and save 5% off with code: CART5 at checkout.

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Faux Wreaths, Swags and Garlands

While most people typically associate wreaths, swags and garlands with the holiday season, you can add style to your front entrance with any or all of these all year round.

Many of the examples already provided have shown you just how many varieties of wreaths, swags and garlands are available. However, the most common addition to a front entrance or front door is a wreath.

One of the most popular of our faux wreaths is the magnolia floral wreath. It is an all year round, all purpose door wreath.

However, you can choose from some of your favorite florals for your front door wreaths including dahlias, peony, zinnias, hydrangeas, pomengranates, berries, lavender flowers, wildflowers, clematis, eucalyptus, larkspurs, poppies, narcissus and more.

Front Entrance with Wood Door Topiary Trees Wreath Custom Door Mat and Lanterns
The addition of this Montebello Wreath on this wooden front door completes the look. With the rest of the colors fairly muted and the urns with green topiary trees framing the door, the colorful wreath adds that needed punch of color making the front door the definite focal point of this front entrance.

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Front Entrance with White Door and Blue Floral Decorations
Imagine this front entrance without the addition of these blue hydrangea topiary trees and blue floral wreath. It would be white on white – not very appealing. These blue floral themed topiaries and wreath add that perfect pop of color to completely transform the relatively dull white entryway to a first impression you won’t soon forget.

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Swags are generally a smaller version of a wreath and have a long v shape. They are intended to hang down from something. Typically at a front entrance, they can hang from the light fixtures at the side of the front doors.

You could also have a set which hang on each door if you have a set of double doors at your front entrance.

Magnolia and Greenery Swags on Double Door Entrance
While these may not be your front entrance doors, this is the way you would style these Magnolia and Greenery Swags – one on each front door.

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Add Statues

If you are not so much into plants or planting, add some symmetrical statues on either side of your door.

These will have a similar impact to matching planters but, with a slightly different feel.

For statues to have the same impact as a tall planter with plant, the same rule applies – the statue should be similar in scale to the front door.

That means you will require a fairly large statue or a statue which is placed on top of a pedestal making it appear taller.

Otherwise, any smaller statue – while still appropriate – will be used more as an accessory on the ground level similar to that of a lantern.

For example, if you are a dog lover – and a particular dog breed lover – you can add one of these statues to your front entrance or walkway letting your guests know just what kind of dog breed is beloved in your home.

Dog Statues
Choose your favorite dog breed and display it proudly at your front entrance – permanently. Whether that be a Boxer, Dachshund, Pug, French Bulldog, Schnauzer, Labrador Retriever or Lab, or Golden Doodle, show your true dog spirit with one or a couple of these dog statues lining your front walkway.

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For a more powerful look for your front entrance, you should consider some form of sentinel statue – lion statues are a classic.

Set one of these on either side of your doorway – along with some planters and greenery – for a classic, old world look.

Roaring Beasts Of Castello Di Rocca Lion Sentinel Statues at Front Door
Protect your home and make it look impressive with these Roaring Beasts Of Castello Di Rocca Lion Sentinel Statues placed at your front door. Note that one of them has been placed on a pedestal for even more impact.

Shop elegant Bronze Statues here!

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Add a Door Mat

Adding a door mat to your front entrance can make a huge difference in the appearance of your outdoor front entryway. It can be likened to adding an area rug in your living room – it finishes the look.

With the wide variety of door mats to choose from, you will certainly find the perfect one for your front entrance to make the perfect first impression.

Themed Door Mats

Choose from themed door mats to let them know what type of person you are.

For example, if you put a dog themed door mat at your front door, your guests will surely understand that you love dogs. The same goes for golfing, birds, cycling, fishing or several beach or coastal themed mats with sandpiper birds, sailing oars, beach umbrellas, sea turtles, beach shells, mat.

Gone Golfing Dog Themed Door Mat
Add a bit of fun and whimsy to your front entrance with this Gone Golfing Dog Themed Door Mat. They will know that golf and dogs are your thing.
Sandpiper Door Mat Large Size
This Sandpiper themed Door Mat is available in various sizes. Pick the one which suits your front entrance best. It is best to pick one which is as wide as or wider than your front door or doors.

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Customized Monogrammed Door Mats

For an even more sophisticated impression at your front door, add a door mat with a monogram. Have your whole last name monogrammed onto the mat or have a simple monogrammed letter.

Classic Border Full Name Monogrammed Coco Door Mat Customized with Johnsons Name
Go fully custom with a Classic Border Full Name Monogrammed Coco Door Mat Customized with your family name. What a nice welcoming touch just before you enter your home.
Wingate Monogrammed Door Mat Colors
Elegant, stylish and custom, these Wingate Monogrammed Door Mats in various colors and sizes will add that finishing touch to your front entrance.
Front Entrance with Wooden Double Doors and Courtyard Monogrammed Coco Door Mat
Add elegance and style with a monogrammed coco door mat at your front door. An easy way to make a great first impression.

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Either way, you are letting them know that with an eye to so much detail as to have your welcome mat monogrammed, this house is well cared for and customized – a great first impression.

Front Entrance with Black Door Multiple Urns Topiary Trees Floral Bunches Wreath Custom Door Mat
The door mat chosen for this elegant front entrance is just right. The door mat should be at least as wide or wider than the front door. It meets that criteria. However, a wider one could have been chosen as well.

Leave a Great First Impression

When it comes to decorating your home, many people neglect to consider their outdoor spaces.

This often includes your backyard, patio, or pool deck area. It also includes your front entrance.

And when it comes to making a first impression about your home, your front entrance is key, and should not be forgotten.

By ‘zhuzhing up’ your front entrance with a little bit of decorating and styling work, you can make your front entrance one to impress.

This could mean a larger renovating project of upgrading your front door. Or if unnecessary or out of the budget, a simpler and less costly solution would be to simply refinish or repaint it.

Other very easy ways to upgrade your front entrance are to add outdoor decorative accent pieces – as you would for your indoor rooms such as your living room or bedroom.

The simple addition of a door wreath, swags, a custom door mat, some large planters, colorful plants, new outdoor lighting, lanterns, pathway lighting, or even a fun statue will be sure to add that designer touch to your front entrance making it guaranteed to leave a great first impression.

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