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Lighting Basics – What you Need to Know

Find out the types of lighting fixtures available and what you need to know about them so that you can choose the best one for your home.

Lighting comes in many forms but the most common are pendant lights, flush-mount light fixtures, semi-flush fixtures, wall mounted sconces, and chandeliers.

Let’s take a walk through each one of these to find out which one will work best for your lighting needs – starting with Indoor Lighting and moving to Outdoor Lighting options.

Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting options include all of the following types of light fixtures: pendant lights, flushmount lights, semi-flushmount lights, chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps and bathroom vanity lights.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights work well paired over a dining or kitchen table. They are also perfectly suited in multiples over a longer kitchen island.

Silver Metal Pendant Lights
These silver metal pendant lights with frosted glass globes are reminiscent of antique milk shade pendant lights. Even though the globes give an air of the past, mixed with the modern silver makes them work in just about any decor styled home.

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Flush Mount Light Fixtures

Flush mount light fixtures mean just that – they are mounted flush with the ceiling. Because of the mount installation, they tend not to be very large in height making them suitable for certain rooms and lighting installations.

Use these flush mount light fixtures in just about any room. They are also very practical in rooms with a lower ceiling, and work well in most hallways, entryways and entry foyers.

Due to their generally lesser height – or distance from the ceiling and therefore the distance from our eyes – they tend to be a less dramatic light fixture than say, a chandelier or a light fixture which hangs lower from the ceiling.

2 Light Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture
This flush mount light measures about 8 – 10 inches in height – making it usable and practical for any room – even where there is little head room.

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Semi-Flush Mount Light Fixtures

Similar to flush mount light fixtures, a semi-flush mount light fixture sits a few inches lower than fully flush mount. If your ceiling is lower than normal, you may want to stay with a flush mount. However, with most standard ceiling heights, a semi-flush mount light will work just fine.

Semi-Flush Mount Light Fixture
Add this beautiful semi-flush mount light fixture to your home

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Who doesn’t want a chandelier in their dining room? Well most of us have a chandelier in our dining rooms but why not add a chandelier to your kitchen or even, your bedroom.

Installation of a chandelier will instantly add a dash of class to any room.

Lansford 4-Light Shaded Chandelier
This Black Metal Chandelier will provide a medium light source with its 4 light features. It is classified as a medium light source as there are chandeliers available which offer many more branches of lights – some up to as many as 20 lights. Choose the appropriate one based on your room size and the amount of light you like and/or want.

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Wall Sconces

Wall light sconces can be installed in hallways and are often added in pairs on either side of a bathroom vanity mirror.

1 Light Modern Wall Sconce
Wall sconces are great light fixtures for ambient or additional light sources. That does not mean they don’t have to be stylish as this one is.

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Table Lamps

Choose an interesting table lamp or two to add some interest to your living room side table. How about adding a pair of table lamps to your dining room credenza or buffet. And don’t forget about your bedroom night side tables – which always require matching table lamps.

White table lamps - on sale
Add a pair of table lamps on either side of a console table, buffet or credenza for a classic look.

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Floor Lamps

For those rooms with less table space, a floor lamp may be the answer for more lighting. Floor lamps can also be more useful for providing reading lighting as the lamp can be placed closer to the sofa or reading chair.

Aarden 62 Black White Floor Lamp
This modern floor lamp not only adds an additional source of direct lighting but, it also adds some great style to this living room.

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Bathroom Vanity Lights

When you have space for an over the mirror bathroom vanity light, you can choose a fixture with almost any number of lights (actual bulbs used). Depending on the size of your vanity and mirror, you should choose your bathroom vanity light fixture which matches the scale and size.

3 Light Modern Bathroom Vanity Light
This bathroom vanity light has hidden or shaded lights behind a large glass and metal front – a new take on the classic bathroom vanity strip lighting.

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For a hint of the classic vanity light but with ultra modern and sophisticated twist, you can opt for this style of bathroom lighting.

Abra Krypton LED Bath Bar with 3 Vanity Lights

This Abra Krypton LED Bath Bar with 3 Vanity Lights is a take on the classic vanity bar bath lighting but with added modern and elegant elements such as a mirrored finish back and highly textured light shades. This bath bar light is also available in 4 and 5 light options.

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Outdoor Lighting

Everyone needs at least one or two lights just beside their front door. Choose from a variety of styles available today – from modern lighting to more classic black cast iron metal.

Outdoor Wall Sconces

One of the most commonly used outdoor wall light fixtures is the outdoor wall sconce. The reason for their high rates of installation is that it is standard practice to install light boxes on the wall sides of homes just outside doorways.

1 Light Outdoor Wall Fixture
A classic outdoor wall mount light or lantern works for just about any home.

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Outdoor Lanterns or Pendants

If you have a large front porch or entryway, maybe you have enough space for a hanging outdoor lantern. You will need to make sure you have enough head room to install this without any head bumps and bangs.

1 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern Light
Hanging Outdoor Lanterns like this one work well in high ceiling entryways or porches. Often the chain length is customizable as well allowing it to be hung at the perfect height for your front entrance.

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Post Lantern Outdoor Lights

Require lighting outside your pool area or more lights at the end of your driveway or walkway? A post lamp lantern with multiple lights will add a touch of class – and great practicality.

3 Light Outdoor Post Light
Post lanterns like this one can add necessary or additional lighting for pool areas, driveways or walkways. Wherever they are installed, they always add a touch of elegance and style.

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Make the Right Lighting Choice

Lighting is crucial in both the function and beauty of your home – so hopefully, you have gained some insight as to the types and uses of lighting available for home use and are ready to make the right lighting choice.

If you need some new lighting for your home – whether indoors or outdoors – why not shop for that new bedroom light fixture, chandelier, bathroom vanity light or outdoor front porch lantern. Why wait! Make your home more tremendously lit today!

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