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Home Office Desk Ideas – Get the Best One For You

Looking for a new home office desk? Need some ideas? Read on…

If you are looking for or are in need of a home office desk, here are some ideas for you to consider.

Depending on your functional workspace needs and your space limitations, find the desk that suits you and your home office best.

Secretary Desk

If you do not have a large dedicated space in your home for a desk and require lots of storage, this very compact fold out desk – or secretary desk – will be the perfect desk for you.

This fold out secretary desk has tons and tons of storage space with cupboards and drawers on the bottom, as well as more smaller drawers in the top secretary space.

Fold out the desk top for a sizeable desktop space. Fold up the desk, just like an original secretary piece of furniture, and the space taken in your room is minimized.

Reddick Secretary Desk with Hutch Open
White Cottage Shabby Chic Secretary Desk will fit into almost any home office space, while providing great storage possibilities. This secretary desk is also available in classic black.



Darby Home Co Secretary Trumble Desk in Black
When the desk portion of the secretary desk is closed, no is the wiser as to what you may have been working on or how messy you may be when you work – only you need to know.

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White Secretary Desk with Hutch by Darby Home Co
Fold up the desk top on this secretary desk to hide your less than pretty home office supplies, laptops and other less than decorative work items.

Darby Home Co Trumble Secretary Desk with Hutch Open View
Even when this secretary desk is open, it looks beautiful. With its practical drawers for small office supplies and center shelf for books, papers or laptop, you still have plenty of work surface with the fold down work top.

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Darby Home Co Trumble Secretary Desk with Hutch in White in Home Office
Fold up the desk portion and close all of the drawers and doors and you have a lovely accent piece of furniture suitable for just about anywhere in your home.

This secretary desk combines maximum storage space with exceptional craftsmanship and cottage-chic style, making it a charming addition to any room. It features a mountable hutch with a fold down desktop, perfect for writing and drawing, then when the desk is not in use, simply fold the desktop surface upward to keep your laptop and other items hidden from sight. With three drawers, this secretary desk provides an abundance of space to organize and store all of your items.

Kelly Clarkson Home Collection 1 Integrated Charging Station Secretary Desk
This secretary desk incorporates storage, a desk worktop and an integrated charging station. It also looks just like a small chest when folded up.

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The Gray Barn Hatfield Secretary Desk with Desktop Organizers with Desktop Tray Open
This aged wood finish secretary desk by The Gray Barn takes up little real estate space in any room but, provides great style and practicality.

Try setting it in the center of your home study for the perfect place to get to work in style. To build on the country-inspired style, try rolling out an over-dyed pink rug, adding some antiqued lanterns, and hanging a whitewashed chandelier overhead.

Need an arts and crafts space instead? Place this secretary desk in your master suite, and fill the drawers and cabinets with colored pencils, a sewing machine, painting supplies, construction paper, and more.

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Desk with Hutch

Another desk which will provide you with lots of office storage is a full sized desk with hutch. The upper attached hutch is usually a separate piece which can be added to the base desk.

While taking up a substantial amount of space, this desk with matching hutch will give you ample storage for office supplies, papers, books and computer monitors, keyboards and mouse.

Orviston Computer Desk with Hutch



This classically designed wood Computer Desk with Hutch will work in just about any home – especially a traditional or rustic one. With lots of work space and upper storage, it will satisfy all of your work storage needs.



Give your home work space a stylish refresh with this solid desk and hutch, the perfect foundation for traditional ensembles. Elegantly blending form and function, this piece will bring both style and organization appeal to your room.

The simple silhouette and neutral color palette lets it blend in with a variety of settings, while the vintaged oak finish and antique-inspired hardware add timeless elegance. This desk also features three open cubbies, three file cubbies, four drawers, and one cabinet for all your storage needs.

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Try setting this desk and hutch against an open wall in your home office, then roll out a scrolling floral rug and pull up a beige linen Parsons chair to build on the traditional aesthetic.

Next, take the look further by hanging framed botanical prints and dangle a simple black chandelier overhead for the perfect place to get down to business in style.

For the ultimate in luxury and elegance, add this ornate solid wood desk with large hutch credenza to your home office space.

Hooker Furniture Telluride Credenza Desk with Hutch
Hooker Furniture Telluride Credenza Desk with Hutch

Add the large desk to your office for the main worktop space and leave the desk and hutch credenza for secondary functions – not to mention, tons of storage.

Hooker Furniture Telluride Credenza Desk with Hutch and Large Desk
For the executive office or home office executive, this office furniture set by Hooker Furniture will remind you everyday of your major successes.

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Executive Desks

When we hear the term, executive desk, we may tend to think of a desk made for an Executive.

But, the term really refers more to the style of the desk versus the position you must hold in order to sit and work at one.

An executive desk tends to be large in scale and generally includes several drawers for storage. Because they are so large, incorporating drawers in the design is an easy and practical addition.

If you opt for an Executive Desk for your home office, just be sure that you have the space for it…did I mention, they are large.

Tommy Bahama Home Kingstown Admiralty Executive Desk
This Colonial styled Desk is a classic example of an Executive Desk – large in scale, lots of ornate detailing and plenty of storage drawers.

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Industrial Styled Executive Desks

Before you think that Executive Desks are done with only classical and ornate detailing, think again. This industrial styled metal desk fits into the executive desk style with its large size, large worktop and several drawers and doors for storage. 

Industrial Styled Acme Furniture Actaki Sandy Gray Metal Executive Desk
For the modern executive, you may want to opt for something a little different. This executive desk is just that but, with a rustic industrial twist. It is done in metal with riveting details and to top it off, it has industrial sized wheels – perfect for the modern exec.

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Desk with Drawers and Shelves

Need a bit of all things ‘desky’?

What I mean by that is, you need a desk with all of these features – a large work space, some drawers and some shelves.

Similar to the functionality you get with a computer desk with hutch, this multi-function desk provides you with all of the same functions without the hutch portion.

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This desk will take up more floor space than a desk with hutch, but will give you all of the same storage spaces and areas.

Muriel Executive Desk with Drawers and Shelves



White Wood Executive Desk with Drawers and Shelves would be perfect for a home office or even a craft room.

In contrast to some desks that deliver only surface space and little else, the executive desk often features extensive drawer storage along the sides. Take that storage to the next level with a desk like this.

Featuring shelving on one side of the desk and drawers down the front of the other, this piece offers plenty of room for books, papers, and other office essentials. Crafted of rubberwood with birch veneers, it’s carved detailing and rounded feet give it the perfect bucolic touch for any room looking for some rustic inspiration. Measures 35” H x 60” W x 36” D.

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Writing Desk with Drawers

If you require a desk without any full sized drawers but would still like a few small drawers for pens, pencils and notepads.

This full sized desk will provide you with am ample sized workspace along with smaller drawers for those necessary office supplies.

Farah Campaign Writing Desk with Drawers



This rustic worn wood look writing desk with drawers will fit into a beach cottage decor, an industrial loft styled home or even a fully rustic cabin lodge office decor.

This writing desk is made with distressed wood and metal. An industrial look with a rustic feel.

This collection holds true to the style by combining repurposed, reclaimed wood with metal components in combinations of old and new designs. Giving new life and charm to what normally would be discarded material.

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Writing Desk with No Drawers

If you simply require a place to write, pay some bills – and do not require any drawers, consider a simple, yet stylish and on-trend wood and metal writing desk.

With this type of non-hiding-spot type of desk without drawers, just be sure you have ample storage space or decorative storage containers for all of your papers and pens, and pencils.

Woburn Drafting Table No Drawers



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This Drafting Writing Table has no drawers for storage but still provides a lot of practicality and style.

Woburn Drafting Writing Table Tilted



This industrial styled drafting table / writing desk is multi-purpose in that it can be tilted to an angle that is better suited to your work needs.

This industrial style drafting table is perfectly proportioned for larger spaces, with a wide frame and ample work area. A built in ridge spanning the extensive work space secures papers and utensils while you work. A durable antique brass finish metal frame and accents complement the wood tilt top in weathered oak for a rustic look. Lift the back edge to modify the tabletop to an ideal incline position.

Anchor your office or study with this essential desk, perfect for everything from DIY craft projects to penning letters, to typing away the next great American novel to working remotely.

Made of solid birch and manufactured wood, this desk features curved “X” side panels and three front drawers with antique bronze shell pulls. The drawers have a 50 lbs. weight capacity, and sit on ball bearing glides for smooth movements. Measuring 30” H x 56.5” W x 28.5” D overall.

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Corner Desk

For those with little office space, this very practical and functional wooden corner desk may suit you just fine.

This corner desk fits into a small corner space but packs a lot of storage and shelf space. It even has a small drawer to store all of those small office supplies such as notepads, pens, pencils, staples, and scissors.

A small Writing Corner Desk with front drawer and bottom shelves. Great functionality in such a small package.

Porch and Den Lincoln Corner Desk in Black
This small corner desk can fit into just about any space in your home – taking up little real estate but still providing a compact work space and storage. It is also available in a wide array of color choices enabling you to make it into a statement piece.

Maximize your space with this clever corner desk. With a painted finish and wood construction, this unique corner desk features a drawer and shelves to help keep you organized.

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Standing Desk or Stand-Up Desk

The newest of all desk designs is the stand up or standing desk.

For those who are looking for something completely different, you may want to opt for a stand up desk – an office desk that you work at while standing.

I have heard it said that sitting is the new smoking. And most of that time, for many of us, is while we are at work sitting in front of out computer screens.

The same people saying that too much sitting is bad for your health claim that standing may be much better for you. I happen to agree.

Focal Upright Furniture White Silver Standing Desk
Compact, practical and stylish White Silver Standing Desk

After taking the plunge myself a few years ago, I will never look back.

I stand all day long without issue – for the most part.

If you are not sure if you can handle a full day of work standing, you can choose to install an adjustable height stand up desk.

Some adjustable height desks have a manual mechanism and some have an electronic one. The electronic ones are easier to manipulate and change heights and are generally, more expensive.

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But, for the person who needs to move the height of their desk regularly, the electronic version is the one for you.

AFC Office Flex Sit to Stand Electronic Standing Desk
This flexible height desk by is a great choice for a clean, sleek modern office.

With an electronic mechanism on this standing desk, it is super easy to transition from a sitting height to a standing height within seconds.

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Also of note about a standing desk, there likely will be little storage so you will have to find other ways or places to store all of your office supplies.

Baen Height Adjustable Standing Desk
The height adjustable desk is shown here in different heights – one height for sitting and the other for standing.

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You can see the range and flexibility of these adjustable height standing desks. Work standing for a period of time, and then switch to sitting if you feel fatigued.

Motion Grey Stand Up Desk
Available in black and white options, this adjustable stand up desk can be shipped direct to you at either your work or home office.

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If you are interested in a high end luxury stand up desk, you may want to consider one designed by Herman Miller – famous for designing quality ergonomic office chairs. 

Herman Miller Motia Sit to Stand Desk
This stand up desk by Herman Miller offers style, quality and ergonomics at its finest. Available in various worktop and frame finishes.

Shop Herman Miller Sit to Stand Desks here!

Make Your Desk Choice

These are just a few examples of desks which may be appropriate for your home office.

Check your office or home space, figure out your workspace needs and find the perfect desk for your home office.

Shop Home Office Desks now!

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A Good Office Chair

And once you get your dream desk for your home office, don’t forget about getting a good office chair.

A good office chair can make the difference for a comfortable days work and potentially, a sore back. Don’t take the chance.

Check out this executive office chair by X-chair. With all of its customizable features, you are sure to get the one just right for you.

X-Chair X4 Leather Executive Office Chair in Black Front View
This X-Chair, X4 Leather Executive Office Chair in Black, may just be the last office chair you buy for your lifetime. With all of its incredible custom features, you can be sure you get the perfect chair for your home office.

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