Embroidered Furniture Lines

Get the Beauty of Embroidery in your Home with Embroidered Furniture

Do you love embroidery?

Have you always wanted to incorporate some embroidery into your home decor?

If the answers are yes, then you have come to the right place.

Typically, if someone wants to introduce some embroidery into their home decor, they will add a decorative accent pillow – and because it is embroidered with some sort of design, it will most definitely be decorative.

This is perhaps the easiest way to add some beautiful and intricate embroidery designs into your home decor.

However, there is another way – by adding a piece of accent furniture which has the embroidery work crafted directly onto the upholstered fabric.

Yes, you read correctly. You can get a piece of furniture – accent chair or ottoman, in particular – which is embroidered.

Not only do they have textured embroidered designs – adding much textural interest – they are absolutely stunning and unique in their designs.

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Here are a few examples of embroidered furniture lines for you to fall in love with:

Gianna Embroidered Furniture

With a Scandinavian garden theme, the Gianna furniture line boasts a geometric floral pattern with a definite hint of whimsy.

Gianna Embroidered Accent Chair

Who needs an embroidered accent pillow to make this chair pop? With the intricate and exquisite embroidery crafted right onto the fabric, no pillow is required to make a bold decor statement.

Gianna Embroidered Armchair
This Gianna Embroidered Armchair has embroidery resembling that of a Scandinavian or woodland design – perfect for a relaxing sitting area in a sunroom.
Gianna Embroidered Armchair - Back View
Wow – even the back of this Gianna Armchair is embroidered. For the sake of the embroidery, please do not place this chair up against a wall. That would be a crying or decorating shame.

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Gianna Embroidered Ottoman

If this Gianna embroidered chair is still not enough embroidery for you, then fear not. There is a matching ottoman that you can easily add to up the ante on the delightfulness of this line.

Gianna Embroidered Ottoman
This ottoman in the Gianna Embroidered furniture line has outdone itself in that the embroidery is done allover – leaving no doubt that this is an embroidered ottoman.

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Cecelia Embroidered Furniture

Featuring trees, flowers, butterflies and bluebirds the Cecelia line is for the nature and bird lover.

Cecelia Embroidered Armchair

For even more color, you may want to opt for this Cecelia Embroidered Armchair. With its blue background and whimsical embroidery design, this accent chair will be the conversation piece of any room.

Cecelia Embroidered Armchair
This Cecelia Embroidered Armchair is so darling and is almost completely covered with a beautiful garden themed embroidery pattern.

This Cecelia embroidered accent chair is so full of whimsy that it would be the perfect starting point for a nursery decor.

Looking for more pieces like this, this Cecelia embroidery design is also featured on an accent pillow and a matching ottoman.

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Cecelia Embroidered Ottoman

Cecelia Embroidered Ottoman
What a masterful placement of the embroidery on this Cecelia Embroidered Ottoman. The blue bird has been placed beautifully on the top of the ottoman with the tree flowing from the top to the side seamlessly.

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Astrid Embroidered Furniture

For the bold flower lover, the Astrid furniture line provides a big punch of embroidery with its large central floral pattern.

Astrid Embroidered Armchairs

For a bolder statement, opt for an Astrid embroidered armchair. Available in three distinct colors with coordinating embroidery, there is one that is right for your home.

Astrid Embroidered Armchair - Color Options
Available in navy blue, amber yellow or ivory, this larger and bolder Astrid Embroidered Armchair will surely make a statement in any room of your home.

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Astrid Embroidered Ottomans

For a matching set, consider the embroidered ottoman. Take a look at the close up view to see just how intricate and detailed this Astrid line of embroidered furniture really is.

Astrid Embroidered Ottoman - Color Options
Astrid Embroidered Ottomans in three color variations. Add one to your seating area for a simple pop of color and texture.
Astrid Embroidered Ottoman - Close Up View
This close up view of the Astrid ottoman shows the texture of the embroidery as well as the beautiful craftmanship.

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Celeste Embroidered Furniture

For a taste of embroidery paired with some wood, you can opt for the Celeste embroidered furniture.

Celeste Embroidered Armchair

Celeste Embroidered Armchair in Sitting Area
Add a touch of femininity to your room with the Celeste embroidered armchair.

Not only is this Celeste chair beautiful, it is very versatile in style and can be used as an accent chair in many rooms of your home – including your living room, sitting area, dining room, boudoir or even as a home office chair.

Rustic charm paired with the feminine embroidery make this Celeste chair perfect for any French Country styled home – whether in your home office, living room or dining room.

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Ezra Embroidered Furniture

If flowers are not your style, you can still get in on the embroidered furniture with the Ezra line. It features an allover ethnic tribal design – so unique and interesting.

Ezra Embroidered Chair

Just when you thought that embroidered furniture is only about floral embroideries, think again. The Ezra embroidered furniture has an ethnic tribal design making it more suitable for those who love the embroidered upholstery but would prefer a more masculine -or at least a slightly less feminine design.

Ezra Embroidered Chair - with Ottoman in Living Room
Add some stunning style with these conversation pieces – the Ezra armchair and matching ottoman.

With a more geometric tribal design, the Ezra furniture pieces will suit those who either love a Southwest theme – or even a design style which prefers geometric shapes to curvy florals.

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Embroidered Accent Pillows

If one of these embroidered chair has more pattern than you want from a large piece of furniture, why not add some of the coordinating embroidered pillows as an accent. They really are as beautiful as the embroidered furniture pieces, cost much less and can give you a touch of that hand-made look for your room.

Beautiful embroidery similar to on the chairs can be found in smaller doses on these coordinating embroidered pillows of the Celeste, Gianna and Astrid embroidered furniture lines.

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By simply adding a decorative embroidered pillow to a sofa, chair or bed, it can change the look and feel instantly – as in this white monochromatic living room.

Astrid Embroidered Pillow - on White Sofa in Living Room
Grab a touch of embroidery with this Astrid floral embroidered accent pillow. While still subtle in design, in this white monochromatic living room, it definitely stands out.

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Choose your favorite Embroidered Furniture Line

Whether you like florals, nature – trees and birds, or more geometric designs, you will find an accent chair or ottoman to suit you.

Choose your favorite from the Gianna Scandinavian, the Cecelia nature lover, the Astrid large florals, the Celeste French Country or the Ezra Geometric Tribal print.

Shop our Embroidered Furniture Lines here!

Shop our Embroidered Furniture Lines here!

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