Clothespin Bag in Denim Hanging Outside On Clothesline

DIY Clothespin Bag Made From Cut Off Jeans

Make this clothespin bag in about 30 minutes from a pair of cut-off jeans.

I don’t know about you but, my old clothespin holder was in need of replacement. It was not a typical hanging clothespin bag but rather, a plastic bucket – an aging one at that. it was getting very old and was starting to crack from weathering.

It was also not hanging up so I had to bend down for every clothespin.

As a result…mostly because of the cracking clothespin bucket, I said, enough is enough…it is time to get a new clothespin bag.

And because I consider myself pretty handy, a master sewer, and always like the challenge of a DIY project, I decided to make my own.

Clothespin Bag Inspirations

I searched online for a pre-made clothespin bag. I realized that most of them in my price range did not appear to be made with quality materials. Now, I suppose I could have found a better quality one but…for a better quality price too – higher that is.

Typical Cheap Mesh Clothespin Bag
Typical Cheap Mesh Clothespin Bag

These pre-made store bought mesh clothespin bags are:

  • Cute…check.
  • Inexpensive…check.
  • Widely available…check
  • Functional…check.
  • Long lasting…not so much.

And so…my DIY clothespin bag project was born.

During my search for a pre-made clothespin bag, I saw many that were d-i-y projects. They were not only really cute but, most were made to last a lot longer than any store bought clothespin bag.

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DIY Clothespin Bag

Why I choose denim?

I choose to make my diy clothespin bag from denim. There are several reasons for that.

  1. Denim is very durable.
  2. You don’t have to add a lining.
  3. You can leave seams exposed and get a fun frayed look.
  4. I happened to have a bag of denim from cut off jeans – so, free material!

Clothespin Bag Design

A clothespin bag holder is a pretty basic laundry room item.

The design only requires 3 things:

  1. A bottom pouch to hold the clothespins
  2. An opening for access to the clothespins
  3. Something to hang it with.

My clothespin design is very simple – just the way I like diy projects.

It is basically a 14″ square with a cut out for access to your clothespins, and some wire hanger top supports.

South Shore Artwork Craft Table
South Shore Artwork Craft Table

South Shore Artwork Craft Table

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How to Make My Denim Clothespin Bag

What you will need:

  • Denim piece about 28″ x 14″ – I had a piece of cut off jeans – leg portion cut open – that was the right size.
  • Metal wire hanger and wire cutter
  • Metal clip
  • Thread
  • Chalk or pencil for marking
  • Pinking shears or plain sheers

Step 1: Cut the Denim

You will need a piece of denim of about 28″ long and 14″ wide.

My piece of denim has been folded over and has a pre-existing top casing already (from the jeans leg hem), and is now about 13″ tall.

(I should note that I got lucky with my cut-off jeans piece in that there was already a hem at the top which I used as the casing for the metal rod at the top.)

Clothespin Bag in Denim Measurements

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Step 2: Sew Top Casing

Fold over the top of your denim piece about 1 inch.

Top stitch across 1/8″ – 1/4″ from edge of folded over denim, leaving a casing of about 5/8″ – 3/4″.

Again…I was lucky…my denim jean cut-offs already had a hem which worked perfectly as my top wire casing.

Step 3: Cut Opening

Measure in about 4″ from each side of the bag to make a line for your pouch cut out.

Mark about 6-7″ down from the top of this front side.

Draw a rectangle with chalk and cut out – preferably with pinking sheers.

Clothespin Bag in Denim Markings For Opening

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Step 4: Stitch the Top Edges

Line up the edges with wrong sides together and top stitch the two together.

Do both sides of the bag.

NOTE: Do not stitch into the casing section. It must remain accessible.

Also, I left a bit extra fabric at the top of each side so that I could pink the edges.

Clothespin Bag in Denim Top Portion Stitching

Step 5: Add the Top Support

Straighten the wire hanger and cut 2 pieces to fit into your casing. Cut the wire pieces about 1″ shorter than your clothespin bag.

I like using 2 pieces for more strength and stability…and a standard wire hanger straightened will be long enough for 2 pieces.

Insert the wire into the casing.

Clothespin Bag in Denim Top Wire Supports

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Step 6: Finish the Edges

Now that your wire supports are inserted into the top casing, you can sew the side seams.

With wrong sides together (still), sew both side seams with about a 1/4″ seam allowance – or more if you would like more fringe.

Be sure not to run over the wire supports with your sewing machine.

…almost done!

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Step 7: Add the Hook

I did this fairly crudely but I think it will work out just fine.

Measure the center of the bag.

Under the wire supports, make a small nip or cut.

Insert your clip or hook base piece into and through the hole making sure that the wire support is at the top of the casing, and the hook is below.

Clothespin Bag in Denim Installing Hook

…and you are DONE!

Clothespin Bag in Denim Finished
Finished cut off jeans denim clothespin bag will last a long time…and it only took about 30 minutes to make.

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An optional step is to fray or pretend fray your raw edges by trimming all the edges with some pinking shears.

Now fill up your cut off denim jeans clothespin bag with clothespins and hang it where you need it!

Clothespin Bag in Denim Hanging On Clothesline

I love my new clothespin bag. Not only is it extremely durable, really fun and funky with its edgy denim fabric and frayed edges, but I was also able to repurpose some of my cut-off jeans.

I love it when a d-i-y project involves some of my favorite things – jeans and denim, repurposing, and…laundry…well, laundry not so much but hanging my clothes on the clothesline out to dry…I do love that!

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