Blackout Curtains - Customized in Elegant Living Room

Blackout Curtains – Keep Your Bedroom Dark for a Great Nights Sleep

Looking for a good nights sleep? Isn’t everyone.

One of the best ways to get a good nights sleep is to keep your bedroom completely dark. You can easily do that with the help of some blackout curtains.

What are Blackout Curtains?

You may have heard the term blackout curtains but are not sure what exactly it means.

Sometimes referred to as room darkening curtains, blackout curtains are pretty self explanatory. They are curtains which are manufactured with a special blackout lining fabric to block out all light to keep your room black – or completely dark. Any light from a window covered with a blackout curtain will have absolutely no light coming in.

This complete stoppage of any light entering a room means your room will become completely dark – and according to most sleep experts, a dark room is the perfect environment for sleeping.

Blackout Curtains - White with Black Blackout Lining
A dramatic example of blackout curtains, these white bedroom curtains will block out all light with this high quality blackout lining.

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Blackout Curtains - Close Up Features
To fully understand what a blackout curtain is, you can view this close up of a curtain made with blackout fabric lining – turning a standard unlined curtain into a blackout curtain – hence, keeping all of the light out of your room.

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In this bedroom, you can see the dramatic difference in the sunlight entering the room where the curtains are closed and where they are not. Clearly, there is a huge difference in the light blockage with these blackout curtains – ensuring you get a better nights sleep.

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Blackout Curtains Options

Simply choose your desired curtain color – solid or print – and style – rod pocket, grommet top, or tab top.

Most of these blackout curtains are available in various sizes so that you are sure to find the ones which will work for your room and windows. You can choose to cover just the window itself or for a more elegant look, you can opt for floor to ceiling curtains.

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Most of the blackout curtains shown here are available in various sizes to suit your needs. Click on the item to see more options available from our partner merchant.

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Blackout Valances

There are even some valances available with the blackout feature. You may ask why would I need only a portion of the window blocking the sun?

Well, for certain sunny areas in your home, you may want to block the sun when it is coming up or going down. As at particular times of the day, the sun can be very harsh and glaring.

I know that I have a window in my home which could use a blackout valance as the setting sun comes blaring in as it sets creating tons of glare off the floor and any glass tables. A blackout valance, covering only the top of the window, would provide just the right coverage to prevent the extreme sun glare at the end of the day.

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