Benson Pet Gate 34 Inch Tall Standalone with Door in Black

Benson Pet Gates – Home Decor Favorite

Pet owners rejoice! If you are looking for a both practical and beautiful pet gate, look no further than the Benson Pet Gates.

These pet gates are for the discerning home owner. Not only are they available in both black and white colors, they are made with high quality materials and are highly decorative – no need to sacrifice your decor style in order to keep puppy or puppies in their safe place.

Whether you require a pet gate for your new puppy or you need to keep a new dog away from another until an appropriate adjustment period has passed, you can keep your pets safe and secure with a decorative Benson pet gate.

Benson Pet Gates in White
Keep puppies safe and sound while not detracting from your home decor with these highly decorative Benson Pet Gates.

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Benson Pet Gate Features

Decorative Pet Gates

The Benson Pet Gate keeps pets temporarily or permanently cordoned off from certain areas of your home without detracting from your decor.

The beautiful turned look spindles are a classic design and will add a luxury feel to just about any home.

Benson Pet Gate 34 Inch Tall Standalone with Door in Black
This standalone black Benson Pet Gate is 34 Inches tall and comes with a door. The 24 inch standalone gate does not come with a door but the 36 inch tension gate does include a door. Choose which one is most appropriate for your situation. Whichever you choose, you have to admit, the design is simply stunning.

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Flexible Gate Widths

The standalone versions of the pet gates are very flexible in widths. Starting at around 40 inches up to 70 inches wide for the 24 inch tall version, this provides protection for a wide variety of doorway widths.

The taller 34 inch standalone gate ranges in size from about 53 inches up to 67 inches.

Benson Pet Gate 24 Inch Tall in Black
This 24 inch tall stand alone Benson Pet Gate is a beautiful classic design and is flexible in its width – customizable from about 39 inches up to 70 inches.

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Quality Materials and Finish

These premium gates are easy to move and because of their material makeup – carbon steel – they are very stable. They also have a powder coated finish meaning the finish will be durable and look great for a long time.

Color Options

They are available in either white or black to suit your home decor and come in either stand alone or tension gates which are meant to be used for doorways.

Benson Pet Gates in White
Depending on your decor, you may want to opt for a Benson Pet Gate in White finish. For any coastal or beachy themed homes, the white gates are perfect.

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Gate Height Options

Benson pet gates are also available in 3 different heights – 24, 34 and 36 inches tall. So, depending on the size of your pooch or their ability to jump, you can get the appropriate barrier gate height.

Benson Pet Gate 24 Inch Tall in Black
This is the 24 inch tall Benson Pet Gate in black. It is standalone and is extendable.
Benson Pet Gate 34 Inch Tall Standalone with Door in Black
The taller version of the standalone Benson Pet Gate is this 34 Inch Tall version which is also extendable in width and includes a practical door.

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Built In Doors

As well, the taller versions – 34 and 36 inches – include a door – a convenient way to pass through without having to move the gate.

This 36 inch Benson Pet Gate is the tension version and comes with a convenient open and close door.
Benson Pet Gate 36 Inch Tall in Black with Door Open
This Benson Pet Gate comes with an included door making it very convenient to pass through without having to reinstall or move your gate.

  • Classic colonial styling for an elegant look
  • Crafted of carbon steel
  • Powdercoated finish
  • Freestanding 24″H Gate expands from 39.8″ to 70.12″ wide
  • Freestanding 34″H Gate expands from 53.14″ to 66.93″ wide
  • Tension-mount gate fits doorway and hallway openings 33.5”-37.5” wide
  • 34″H and 36″H versions include a door
  • Not recommended for stairways
  • Clean with a damp, soft cloth
  • Some assembly required

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Maintain the serenity of your home by first, having a pet – pets bring so much joy to those who have them – and secondly, by keeping them where you need them to be when you need them to be there.

Get the peace of mind a Benson Pet Gate will give you without the eyesore of a less attractive and lower quality baby or pet gate.

Whether your beloved pet is a Chihuahua, a Labrador Retriever, a Papillon, a Golden Doodle, a Cocker Spaniel or a Border Collie, you are sure to find just the right Benson pet gate to suit your needs.

Shop Benson Pet Gates now!

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Don’t love the look of the Benson gate but still want a more elegant and decorative pet gate, shop more Luxury Pet Gates here!

Benson Pet Gate Tension Version with Fretwork Pet Gate Standalone Style
If you prefer a pet gate with less decoration than the Benson Pet Gate, you can opt for a Fretwork pet gate – as beautiful and still practical.

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