Dacor 7 Piece Deluxe Kitchen Appliance Package

Benefits of Kitchen Appliance Packages

Discover the many benefits of buying a kitchen appliance package.

Whether you have just renovated your kitchen, you are moving into a new home which requires new appliances or you are replacing your aging kitchen appliances, you may want to consider buying a kitchen appliance package.

Appliance packages can include 2 pieces up to a whopping and deluxe 7 piece package. Here are some of the many benefits of buying a kitchen appliance package versus buying your major kitchen appliances individually.

Every Appliance will Match

If you want a very streamlined kitchen, you want your major appliances to match.

Matching appliances is not just as simple as matching the color – as even colors are not all created equal. It also includes the finish, and the handle styles.

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Matching Color

When we speak of matching appliance colors, we are not just talking about buying your appliances all in the same color – i.e. all black, white or stainless steel.

Buying an appliance package will ensure that all of your appliances are of the same color hue. That is, appliance packages include only appliances of the same color – whether that be white, black, stainless steel, blue, orange, yellow or red.

The other issue with appliance colors is that depending on the brand and model, a white refrigerator may not be exactly the same shade of white of a different brand of dishwasher, which may, in turn, be a different white shade than another brand of range or wall oven.

If you have ever bought appliances separately before, you may have noticed that when you installed your new white refrigerator, it was not exactly the same white as your dishwasher…and this is the point.

You may get lucky that your white LG refrigerator and your white Bosch dishwasher are very close to the same shade of white – or close enough. This will depend on your decor tolerances.

As with fabrics and clothing, there are various shades of all colors – even those colors which we consider neutrals – black, white and silver stainless steel.

Black Dishwasher in All White Kitchen
While we don’t see the other appliances in this large kitchen, the black dishwasher really stands out against the all white kitchen cabinets. For a sleeker look, I would have opted for a white or stainless steel dishwasher. It should be noted that even if a white dishwasher was installed in this kitchen, it may not match the white of the cabinets – not so much related to buying an appliance package but, something to keep in mind when buying new appliances, keeping in mind the look you want.

However, it is very likely that if you buy appliances of differing brands – even of the same color – they will be slightly different and sometimes even very different.

If this bothers you as much as it does me, you will love the benefit of buying a kitchen appliance package where all of the appliances are done in the EXACT same color.

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Matching Manufacturer Finish

When we talk about the finish of an appliance, we are referring to the appliance finish for each brand – or more specifically, the texture of the outer finish by brand.

You may have noticed that many white or black appliances have a mottled or textured finish. Having one appliance with this textured finish mixed with with one with a smooth finish – even if done in the same color – will be noticeable.

A difference in finish will actually be more noticeable than you think.

Your kitchen will look best if all of your major appliances are of the same finish. The most important on this list of appliances to match the finish are your dishwasher, range, and refrigerator. This may be obvious but these appliances have the most visible surface area making any difference in finish noticeable.

Bertazzoni 4 Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliance Package
Note that this Bertazzoni 4 Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliance Package includes a gas range which has an almost black front as compared to the all stainless steel of the top portion, handle and the other appliances. While this may seem like a different color, it is quite common that ranges with ovens will often appear to be a different color due mainly to the glass panel on the door of the oven.
Bertazzoni 4 Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliance Package with Gas Range
Oh, but wait…if you really like this Bertazzoni Kitchen Appliance Package, you can opt to have the gas range with a stainless steel front – making all of your appliances fully match in color.

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Not all Stainless Steels are the Same

As a perfect example, you may think that if you buy all stainless steel appliances, they will all have the same look and finish. This is not true.

Every appliance manufacturer has its own manufacturing procedures making the stainless steel slightly different. One may be more silver in color and another may be less shiny.

You may also find that some stainless steels mark more easily – requiring more cleaning. This extra cleaning is not related to the matched appliance look but, it is just something worth mentioning in the differences in stainless steel manufactured by famous appliance brand makers.

If you did not think that was possible with stainless steel, it is even possible with black and white appliance finishes. As with fabrics, there are various shades and hues of what we might call the same color. You may have noticed that sometimes those black pants you have are not exactly
the same shade of black as your blouse or jacket. The same happens with major appliance colors.

Frigidaire Stainless Steel Finish

Blomberg Stainless Steel Color

Frigidaire Stainless Steel Refrigerator and Dishwasher Appliance Package
This stainless steel appliance package by appliance maker, Frigidaire, will have its own unique stainless steel finish and color – different from other manufacturers.Package
Blomber 2 Piece Stainless Steel Appliance Package
A 2 piece refrigerator and gas range package by Blomberg will also have its distinct stainless steel color and finish.

While it may not be fully obvious in the photo of these 2 piece appliance packages – one by Frigidaire and the other by Blomberg – the stainless steel color of these appliances will be different. That is the reason that buying appliances from the same brand or manufacturer is a good idea in order to have a kitchen with a clean, sleek and designer look.

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Matching Appliance Handles

While some may not see the issue of non-matching appliance handles as an issue at all – well, I kind of do. And while there are not a huge variety of handle styles, they do differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

A few of the main handle styles for major appliances are the bow style, the straight rounded pole handle or bar handle, the integrated half moon handle and the fully integrated inset or recessed handle.

Some of these handle styles will work fine together. For example, you could put together one of the less visible handles with a different styled handle which has a more definitive style – such as the bow or the rounded pole handle.

Bosch Kitchen Appliance Package with Different Handles
This Bosch Kitchen Appliance Package actually comes with appliances with different handle styles. You can see that the refrigerator, range and microwave all have the same bow-style handle while the dishwasher has a recessed inset handle. Even though they are slightly different, it still works. And note that it is much more streamlined to have an inset handle than a dimensional bow shaped handle so designing the dishwasher with this handle is actually quite practical in terms of space saving.

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It should be noted that, for design and functionality reasons, you cannot have a recessed or inset handle on a range…it just cannot happen. The heat produced by the oven does not allow for this type of handle. A range must have a dimensional handle but can still be matched up with other appliances with inset handles.

Fisher Paykel 5 Piece Kitchen Appliance Package with Squared Handles
This 4 Piece, refrigerator, range, range hood and dishwasher, kitchen appliance package by Fisher Paykel has sleek squared shape dimensional handles – different than other appliance manufacturers.
A different style of handle can be found on this Jenn-Air 4 Piece Kitchen Appliance Package. The handles, while still dimensional, are rounded versus the square shape of the Fisher Paykel handles above.

These 5 piece kitchen appliance packages by brands Fisher Paykel and Jenn Air – while similar in included pieces – have very different handles. If you were to combine the refrigerator of one of the brands with the dishwasher or range of the other, you will notice a difference in the look and style of the handles when installed in your kitchen.

However, why even think about whether one handle will work with another. Buying a complete appliance package will take care of this matching handle issue.

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Match Your Appliances

All of this to say that one of the huge benefits of buying an appliance package for your kitchen is that you will be ensured that all of the colors, textures or finishes and handles will be exactly the same – in shade, sheen and style. Buying a kitchen appliance package from one appliance manufacturer or brand will ensure a sleek and consistent finish.

I would note that this is even more important if you have a small kitchen. Because your appliances in a smaller kitchen will be closer to each other, any differences in the finish, color or handle style will be more noticeable.

Small Kitchen with Matching Appliances
In smaller kitchens, it is more important to match your appliances – versus a large kitchen where the appliances may be further away from each other, making any differences in finish, color or handles less noticeable.

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One Stop Shopping

Sometimes appliance shopping can be tiring. It is not always an easy or quick decision. Part of the reason for this is the fact that some stores do not carry the same wide variety of appliances which are available at online stores. So, finding all of your desired appliances in one place may not always be a quick and pain free process.

With a package deal, once you have your appliance size requirements determined, and the appliances you are replacing or renewing, you can very easily find the right package for you and your kitchen.

Get the Appliance Brand You Love

Kitchen appliance packages come with all of the appliances coming from one manufacturer.

If you are a lover of a particular kitchen appliance brand – Bosch, Thor Kitchen, Viking, Whirlpool, AGA, Smeg, Samsung, Thermador or other – make your decision easy by choosing a package which will include your chosen appliances from your favorite manufacturer.

Just like there are ‘car’ people who will only buy certain brands or models of cars, there are people who are devoted to certain kitchen appliance brands. Shall we call them ‘appliance’ people?

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Know your favorite appliance brand? Shop them now to get the kitchen appliance package of your dreams!

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Versatility in Package Configurations

If you have not shopped for kitchen appliance packages before, you will be surprised to find the amount of variety in the types and sizes of packages available.

You can choose your brand or package based on your budget and find the perfect appliance package based on your kitchen size and cooking and food preparation needs.

Packages include all styles of all of the major appliances. For example, refrigerators as part of packages are available in double door, French door, bottom freezer, and top freezer – all of the refrigerator styles available.

You can also find the refrigerator size you need. Do you have a 36″ space for your refrigerator? Or is your space a little smaller and you require a refrigerator of 33″ or 30″ wide. Whatever your requirements, you can find an appliance package with the right sized refrigerator.

Electrolux Kitchen Appliance Package with 32 Inch Wide All Refrigerator
This Kitchen Appliance Package by Electrolux brand comes with a 32 Inch Wide All Refrigerator – who would have thought you could get a package deal with a custom all refrigerator, no freezer. Well, yes you can.

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Similarly, depending on the size of your kitchen and the space you have allocated for your oven or range, there are kitchen appliance packages which include ranges of all sizes – from a smaller 24″ wide range up to a gourmet range of 60 inches wide. And if you want a duel fuel range, those are available in packages too.

Smeg 4 Piece Appliance Package with 24 Inch Gas Range
This higher end Smeg 4 Piece Appliance Package comes with a 36 inch wide refrigerator and a 24 Inch Gas Range and matching microwave / range hood.

Package versatility is not only in the form of appliance sizes, but there are packages available with varying number of appliances. For example, there are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and even a few 8 piece packages. If you only want to replace your range and range hood, there is a package for that. If you just renovated your kitchen and need all new appliances, you can find packages which include all of these pieces: refrigerator, gas range range hood, dishwasher, wine cooler, warming drawer and microwave drawer.

Dacor 7 Piece Deluxe Kitchen Appliance Package
This Dacor 7 Piece Deluxe Kitchen Appliance Package is for the gourmet cooks or chefs among us…or simply for that person who wants a dream kitchen…meeeeee! Oh…and did I mention that I like wine too – so that wine cooler would be the perfect finishing touch to my kitchen.

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While this is a very high-end appliance package by famous appliance brand Dacor, you can find hundreds of kitchen appliance packages which include a more standard 4 or 5 pieces: refrigerator, range or stove top, range hood, wall ovens, and dishwashers.

This 5 Piece kitchen appliance package done in a black stainless steel package will provide you with everything you need for a gourmet kitchen – a French door refrigerator, gas cooktop, microwave and range hood, double wall oven and necessary dishwasher. With the microwave and rangehood in one, you could actually call this a 6 piece appliance package.

Cost Savings for Buying Multiple Appliances

As with many items that we buy, we can often get a discount, rebate or deal if we buy multiple items or in bulk. While we may not be buying bulk kitchen appliances, when buying an appliance package, it implies that you are buying more than one – and hence, you can often get a discount worthy of buying your appliances in a package.

In order to prove the cost savings by buying an appliance package, here are a few examples.

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Dacor 7 Piece Kitchen Appliance Package with 42″ French Door Refrigerator, 48″ Dual Fuel Gas Range, 48″ Range Hood, 24″ Wine Cooler, 30″ Warming Drawer, 24″ Dishwasher and Microwave

Dacor 7 Piece Deluxe Kitchen Appliance Package
This deluxe Kitchen Appliance Package by Dacor includes a whopping 7 pieces and includes a large 4 door refrigerator, wider 48 inch dual fuel range, wide range hood, microwave, warming drawer, dishwasher and the coolest appliance, a full sized wine cooler.

This large 7 piece package retails for over $43000. With the purchase of the package for all of these 7 appliances, you can save $4700 with both an instant savings along with a mail-in manufacturer rebate.

Take that $4700 and buy yourself a new dining set or put it towards your new kitchen cabinets. There are so many places you could spend that savings… the ideas are almost unlimited. With $4700, you can get yourself a brand new, high end laundry washer and dryer set – with lots still left over – maybe enough to buy that new deluxe kitchen sink and faucet.

With kitchen appliances like this, you have to have a matching quality of kitchen sinks and faucets. Maybe this extra savings is just enough to make you decide to put in that extra wash-up bar sink and faucet. If you do decide this, you will not regret it.

Or, how about getting that water spigot / pot filler faucet to install above your range. No more carrying those heavy pasta pots filled with water from your sink to the range.

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Samsung 4 Piece Kitchen Appliances Package with RF22NPEDBSR 36″ Smart 4 Door French Door Refrigerator NX58K9850SS 30″ Smart Slide in Gas Range NK30N7000US

Samsung 4 Piece Smart Appliance Package
This mid-range Samsung 4 Piece Smart Appliance Package not only includes Smart technology, it is very smart looking. You can also save money when you buy this package together.

This mid-range kitchen appliance package by Samsung is for someone who likes all of the newer features found in modern appliances. It includes a Smart Refrigerator with built in Wi-fi, internal camera and LCD screen. The gas range offers flex duo convection fans with dual oven doors.

This Smart Modern package retails for about $7500. With the purchase of the package, you can save about $900 with a manufacturers mail-in rebate.

Go for the purchase of a kitchen appliance package and take advantage of these substantial savings.

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Buy a Kitchen Appliance Package – Here’s Why!

If you have made it here in the article, you have seen the many advantages of buying a kitchen appliance package – versus buying individual appliances separately.

The various benefits of appliance packages include the versatility of packages available, the fact that you will ensure that you have matching appliances – in finish, color and handle style, the convenience of one stop shopping, getting all appliances in the brand you love, and the potentially huge cost savings you can get through bulk discounts or mail in rebates.

Shop your kitchen appliance package now!

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Not looking for an appliance package, you can shop for individual appliances here.

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