Callan Outdoor Furniture Collection on Poolside Patio Wide View

Beachy Boho Chic Pool Patio Decor – Get this Look

Love this light and airy beachy boho chic look for your poolside patio or deck?

Here’s how to get it!

Callan Outdoor Furniture Collection on Poolside Patio
Make a dedicated conversation area around one side of your pool while adding other smaller seating areas all around – making your pool patio feel welcoming and completely decorated.

We will start with the main seating area highlighted on the patio and work our way through all of the other furniture and decor pieces – big or small – that still provide great impact and ultimately make this look work.

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Callan Sofa Set

This beautiful Callan sofa set comes with a sofa and 2 chairs, but it can also be configured and customized to your patio size and your required seating.

For this look, purchase the Callan sofa along with 2 Callan lounge chairs.

This set, while also available in a darker aluminum frame, is constructed with a solid weathered teak wood frame.

The cushions are done in a soft white sun and weather resistant fabric – setting the stage for a very neutral background for the addition of your accent pieces.

Callan Outdoor Furniture Collection 3 Piece Sofa Set
Grab this 3 piece sofa set or customize your patio with the purchase of the sofa and 2 lounge chairs – or for the exact look, buy this 3 piece set and add 1 chair – remember the other side of the pool has the smaller seating area with just the loveseat.

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If you are looking a similar style to this outdoor furniture collection, there are several you could choose from.

Isola Furniture Collection

Isola Wicker Sofa in Weathered Finish on Grass Pool Patio
The open sides and full wicker seats and back of this Isola furniture collection provides a very similar look and feel to the Callan style. It also does not require cushions meaning a different level of soft comfort, and lower maintenance.

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Seton Furniture Collection

Seton Outdoor Furniture Collection on Patio
This Seton outdoor furniture collection provides a similar style with more wicker weaving giving it a slightly heavier look.

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Graham Furniture Collection

Graham Outdoor Furniture Collection in Shell Finish on Backyard Patio
For a full wicker look, you may want to opt for this Graham outdoor furniture collection.

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Tumlin Furniture Collection

Tumlin Outdoor Sofa with Cushions
This soft sofa will provide a similar look and feel to the original setting with the Callan sofa set. It has a more curved shape and therefore is slightly more feminine but still very neutral and will provide a soothing and welcoming patio setting.

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Teak Slatted Coffee Table

No matter where I decorate, I always love a round table. A round coffee table allows for free flow of movement around the table and allows for great flexibility in the layout and positioning of your sofas and chairs.

This outdoor round coffee table is done in all weather teak, meaning it will last a lifetime – or almost. It also matches the teak wood of the sofa and chairs.

Round Teak Chat Table in Weathered Finish
A beautiful centerpiece for your outdoor seating area, this round teak coffee table will be a staple in your backyard for years to come. It is also available in a natural teak finish.

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Outdoor Area Rug

One of the biggest impacts that can be made in the mood and look of a room is the addition of an area rug. This is true both for indoors and out.

This subtle striped outdoor area rug does just that. Because the sofa set and cushions are very neutral, the area rug could be just about any color and the rest of the decor accents could follow.

The soft stripes of green and champagne add only a hint of color but, still set the soothing mood.

Resort Striped Indoor Outdoor Area Rug in Leaf Green Stripe
Resort Stripe Indoor Outdoor Rug Color Options
If you want a little more color on your patio, simply add a different striped color rug. This Resort striped area rug comes in a wide range of colors to suit your style.

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For an even more subdued look, you may want to opt for a solid colored area rug like this one in a soft aqua green.

This will allow you to be even more bold with the other patterns you choose for your accent pieces – like the decorative throw pillows.

Aden Indoor Outdoor Rug in Aqua Green

Ceramic Accent Stool

In recent years, these ceramic accent stools have become very popular and it is not wonder why.

They not only add a very decorative element to any space, they come in a variety of colors and are super, super practical. Having both of these properties gets an A+ in my book of decorating standards.

This accent stool can be used as a stool but can also become a side table when extra seating is not required.

The soft green finish goes beautifully with this whole decor scheme.

Bastide Medallion Accent Stool in Celadon Green
This very practical ceramic stool is not only that but, it is beautiful, decorative and versatile too. Add this stool to your pool patio and use it as a stool or a side table. When needed, you can easily bring it indoors to use it in a similar way.
Bastide Medallion Accent Stool in Celadon Green in Living Room
The beauty and ease of transport make this Bastide ceramic stool a great piece for indoors or out – for any home.

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Throw Cushions

In any living room setting, you are sure to include some decorative accent pillows to finish the look.

For outdoors, why would it be any different – just be sure the fabric is for outdoors.

In order to make your seating area look both finished and welcoming, we have added some outdoor throw pillows in a beach themed stripe, and are appropriately named Ibiza stripe.

Ibiza Stripe Tasseled Indoor Outdoor Pillow in Green Stripe Size Options
With a name like Ibiza, what would you expect from these outdoor pillows but stunning beauty.

The other cushions, the Maisie Tasseled pillows, shown on the deep seating chairs are done in a soft seaglass green geometric print.

And for a final pop of color, we have added a sunshine yellow print pillow with a fringed edge, the Baha Floral Fringed Throw Pillow.

Any mixing and matching of these throw cushions will work perfectly, as the colors blend and the patterns are different enough to be able to place them side by side.

Ibiza Stripe Tasseled Indoor Outdoor Pillow in Green Stripe Size Options
Baja Floral Fringed Indoor Outdoor Pillow in Marigold Yellow
Maisie Tasseled Indoor Outdoor Pillow in Seaglass Green

And of course, they are all made with Sunbrella fabric making them suitable for any outdoor (or indoor) setting.

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Garden Tortoise Statue

Not to be forgotten, this little gem of a statue works perfectly in this poolside patio decor.

With his light green color and his cool demeanor, he sits just beside the sofa adding a touch of the ocean / beach and nature to your seating area.

New York Botanical Garden Tortoise Statue
The tortoise symbolizes slow and steady adding to the soothing nature of this poolside patio style.

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If you would like a more cheeky or fun look, you may want to opt for these cheeky frog statues. They will definitely show off your personality.

Cheeky Frog Statues on Poolside Patio
While this poolside seating area has a different look and feel, you get a sense of fun and whimsy with these very cheeky frog statues.

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Want a little something more coastal with a hint of the magical and unknown? How about a poolside mermaid statue.

Certain to be a conversation piece, she will probably make people take a second look – just to be sure she is really a statue.

Meara The Mermaid Sculptural Garden Swimmer
Allow Meara the mermaid to adorn the side of your pool. She is not only beautiful and playful, she is for those who want a bit of fantasy in their backyard decor.

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Tabletop Accessories

For serving drinks and food, add a beautiful tray, cutting board or charcuterie tray.

European Charcuterie Board in White Wood displayed on Outdoor Dining Table
Take a look at how many charcuterie items you can layer on this long charcuterie board made of salvaged wood beams. It also comes with a handy handle for easy transport.

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You may also want to add some decorative bowls and vases filled with colorful flowers to make the area feel alive and ‘living’ – not to mention, it also adds an added pop of color to the space.

Florence Ceramic Vase Collection on Outdoor Dining Table
In another soft and neutral outdoor dining setting, these Florence vases on the dining table complete the look. And as with most ceramic decor pieces, they can be used indoors or out.

Now that we have the seating area looked after, let’s take a look at the other areas around the pool.

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Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you are BBQ’ing on your pool patio or just serving snacks and drinks, you can add an outdoor kitchen to your patio area.

Isola Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet with Four Doors

While the sofa set is the Callan Collection, this pool patio incorporates the co-coordinating outdoor furniture collection, Isola.

The kitchen bar area just behind the sofa is from the Isola weathered teak outdoor modular kitchen collection. This means that you can buy any number of cabinet units to suit your size and storage needs.

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This particular console cabinet features 4 doors for plenty of storage and a top for serving.

Isola Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets on Patio
Mix and match numerous Isola cabinets by placing them in multiple places around your patio. In this configuration, you can see the 4 door cabinet separate from the other cabinets with open shelves, 2 doors and even drawers – the ultimate in flexibility of storage and serving space.

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Lounge Chaises

What pool would be complete without some lounge chairs.

The ones featured here are again from the coordinating collection, Isola. They are a great match for the Callan sofa set due to the similar weathered Teak wood finish and wicker weave throughout.

Isola Chaise Lounge in Weathered Teak Finish
So soft and neutral, a couple of these Isola chaise lounge chairs will complement your Callan Sofa seating area perfectly. They will also provide the perfect spot for pool lounging, reading a good book, or even just having a cold drink of lemonade.

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Callan Loveseat and Ilana Side Table

Over on the other side of the pool – for a smaller seating area, there is a matching loveseat to the seating area in the main area of the patio.

The Callan loveseat makes for a small conversation area on the other side of the pool. And because of the smaller patio footprint, a small side table is in order.

This Ilana side table fits in well for both its size and color. It follows the soft neutral vibe of the whole area while being small, portable – not to mention decorative.

Ilana Side Table with Outdoor Sectional on Patio
Due to its neutral color, this Ilana Side Table will fit with just about any patio decor – and again, can be brought indoors when not in use outdoors.

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Last but not least are the lanterns strewn around the pools edge. You cannot have a pool patio without lighting.

Add some of these practical and beautiful lanterns to add some ambient lighting. And because of their large size, they are big enough to be stand alone accent pieces while still providing some necessary nighttime lighting.

Carriage House Lantern in Various Sizes
These classic carriage lanterns will suit almost any decor theme. Paired with the more boho island style of the wicker woven furniture, they add some weight and bulk in scale but also provide a contrast of materials. They are also available in a golden brass finish which would provide a more monotone look.
Whitney Solar Lantern Size and Color Options
While the ones shown in the pool setting, these more bohemian lanterns would also work well with this soft and soothing poolside decor.

Still not sure about your favorite lantern, fear not. There are so many beautiful outdoor lanterns to choose from.

Outdoor Lanterns in Various Styles Shapes Sizes and Colors

Grab yourself some easy to use – and super safe – Soft Glow Outdoor Flicker Candles. With the click of a button, the candle comes on and goes off. No worries about matches or candles burning out.

I look at it again and I absolutely love it. The soothing feel comes with the start of the neutral background pieces, then mixed with many touches of soft green and celadon in accent pieces, only to be highlighted with hints of yellow for that added pop. Get yours now before it sells out!

You should now be on your way to getting this soft and soothing boho chic beachy poolside patio look. Now you just need to wait for the delivery truck!

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Shop more Outdoor Furniture Collections here!

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