About Us

We are a group of interior decorator, interior designer, home economics, crafting and do-it-yourself experts – well at least we think we are experts!

We have been working on creating, making, designing and everything ‘home’ for all of our lives – all in the hopes of making our house into a Tremendous Home!

Please note that while we love the idea of a tremendous home, ours is certainly far from perfect – and we are just fine with that. Perfection is way over rated. So, if you find some less than perfect articles, projects, images…or whatever, please know that this is exactly how it should be – while still being truly tremendous!

You could say, we try to keep it real while still being tremendous. I guess that makes us really tremendous!

We enjoy sharing with you our knowledge of anything and everything Home.

As we need to make a living – like everyone – we may be compensated products shown on our site….and we appreciate your support.

You may contact us 24/7 via our email: admin@atremendoushome.com