Debora Zebra Print Barrel Chair

Zebra Accent Chairs – Add Some Sassy Seating to Your Home Today

Incorporating a Zebra Accent or Side Chair In Your Home Decor

If you are like me, you love the exotic look and feel of animal prints! 

I happen to believe that every room in your home can have some animal print incorporated into the decor – regardless of the style.

Zebra Face Showing Black and White Stripe Design
Such a beautiful face! This genuine zebra head shows the beauty of the classic, yet truly unique, white and black zebra pattern.

My personal public service notice:

Please ensure that your zebra prints are faux and not the real thing. We want to ensure that we keep these majestic animals on this wonderful planet of ours, alongside of us.

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Zebra Prints as a Neutral

Zebra prints – believe it or not – can be considered a classic and/or neutral print.

Think of a black and white tile floor – beautiful classic style, right.

Zebra prints are just another classic use of black and white but, in a more eccentric, sexy and funky pattern.

Zebra is a classic black and white pattern with a bit of spunk, funk and attitude. The zebra prints of today’s home decorating may also be done in browns and whites while maintaining the iconic zebra shaped print.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate some zebra print in your home decor.

When you start to get scared of the ‘wild’ animal print, think zebra is basically black and white with a twist.

Interior Decorating 101:

An accent chair may also be referred to as a side chair or an occasional chair.

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Zebra Side Chair

A great way to incorporate zebra prints into your home decor is by introducing a zebra print side chair – like the one available here. I absolutely LOVE this chair!

A perfect melding of classic styling and modern zebra print with its black and white zebra print paired with an aged gold frame. It is a mix of glam – from both mediums – but pared down with the aged finish of the gold tone.

Juxtapositions in design and decor like this make for great conversation pieces.

Modern Zebra Print Upholstered Side Chair with Gold Metal Frame
For the modern home office, this zebra print mid-century modern accent chair would be perfect.

Some ways to incorporate this fabulous print side chair in your home decor are as a desk chair in your home office, how about as a side chair in your neutral living room, (or maybe you should have 2 of them?).

This chair could also be used as a dining room end chair – head table chair. Or again, get 2 of them and use them at either end of the dining room table paired with white parsons chairs as the table side chairs.

While I absolutely LOVE the zebra print side chair – for both it’s funky and chic look but, especially for it’s versatility in home decor, there are other zebra print chair options which are for more specific purposes.

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Zebra Slipper Chair

For those who are looking for an accent chair which offers comfort and takes up little space – both visually and physically – you should consider a slipper chair.

A slipper chair is generally a padded, upholstered chair with no arms. The fact that there are no arms means it is visually smaller. But, in fact, it is actually smaller too. Adding arms to a slipper chair would increase the size about 4-6 inches on each side. Hence, a slipper chair will fit into smaller spaces while still providing comfort seating.

Upholstered slipper accent chair in zebra print
Add comfort and sass with this upholstered zebra print slipper chair in your living room or great room. Extra seating which takes up little space.

Shop more Slipper Chairs here!

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Zebra Print Barrel Accent Chair

Another very popular type of accent chair is the barrel chair.

Named for its shape – similar to that of a round barrel – a barrel chair is perfect for an accent chair due to its normally smaller size.

Because barrel chairs are often not very large, they can fit into most spaces easily and add that extra seat or two in even smaller rooms.

So, if you are going to add a barrel chair to your space, why not get one, or two, in a zebra print.

Debora Mixed Media Zebra Print Barrel Chair

This zebra print barrel chair can be used as an accent chair in a living room, family room or even as extra seating in a dining room.

I personally love using larger chairs like this for the end seats of a dining room table setting. The larger than dining room chair size gives them a more grandiose feel making the heads of the table perhaps feel a little more important or special.

Shop more Barrel Chairs here!

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Zebra Print Lounge Chair

If you are going to add a lounge chair to your living room or bedroom, why not make it a zebra print chaise lounge. Comfort and sass – all in one!

You will get a big bang for your buck with a long chaise lounge done fully in zebra print.

Ore International Zebra Print Modern Chaise Lounge Chair

With this choice of accent chair or chaise, you should probably leave it as the only zebra print chair in the room – let it get all of the attention, please!

Shop more Chaise Lounge Chairs here!

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Zebra Print Folding Sling Butterfly Chairs

Powder Coated Steel Frame with Grey Zebra Print Butterfly Folding Chair

This butterfly chair features a classic design and is made with leather material. The chair is sewn with a coarse heavy duty thread that will allow you to sit comfortably in this chair for many years to come. The chestnut brown finish will standout in any setting. The leather molds to the shape of those who use it and becomes even more comfortable.

Set of 2 Powder Coated Steel Frame with Grey Zebra Print Butterfly Folding Chair

Pair up a couple of these folding butterfly zebra print chairs for a casual conversation area full of spunk.

And that is not to mention that due to the fact that the chairs are fairly lightweight and foldable, you can move this seating area just about anywhere around your home – even outside on a sunny day.

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Zebra Print Dining Chairs

For smaller spaces, you may want to opt for some zebra animal print dining side chairs. These are very similar to the larger occasional chair but, smaller and without arms, of course.

Black and White Zebra Print Armless Dining Chair
The classic turned leg and back stylings mixed with the bold and modern zebra print make these chairs a standout in any dining room, sitting room or den – the definition of an accent chair.

Because of their smaller size, they would be great for smaller spaces but, could be used as accent chairs at your dining room head and foot – or again as occasional accent chairs in a small living room.

Don’t rule out this zebra print accent chair as an office chair. Pair this zebra chair with a glass desk, and you will have the chicest office around.

Shop more Dining Chairs here!

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Zebra Print Armchairs

Classic styled upholstered zebra print dining chair with arms.
Imagine this elegant and classic zebra print armchair at the head of your dining table. Or how about getting 2 of these for extra seating in your living room or great room.

Shop more Armchairs here!

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Zebra Print Bar Stools

Do you have a bar? A counter height bar? A regular bar? Do you need some bar stools for that bar? If your bar is lacking some pizzazz, there is no better (or quicker) way than to add some spunk with a couple of zebra print bar stools!

Traditional Zebra Print Fabric 30 Inch Tall Bar Stool by Baxton-Studio
Add one, two, three or four of these upholstered zebra print bar stools to your bar or kitchen area for a splash of sass. Even kitchens can use some spunk.

A zebra print bar stool will look fabulous in a rustic setting where maybe you have a wooden bar top. The mix of animal print and rustic will maintain a rustic feel but, it will instantly feel more like an exotic rustic – or eccentric rustic – like you have traveled the world.

The zebra print with black satin finish bar stools are available in both counter height bar stools and the standard 30″ bar stool height.

Genevie Arched Washed Zebra Bar Counter Stool
A shorter, 30 inch counter height version of the 34 inch bar stool above but…with all of the same zebra spunk.

If you are looking for a more subdued zebra print while still getting that feeling of an animal print, you can look to a bar stool made with a stunning zebra wood seat. Get the zebra pattern without making a big, bold statement at your bar top.

Butler Blach Zebrawood Counter Stool
A bit of metal and a whole lot of wood topped off with zebra print wooden top make this bar stool an eclectic piece of furniture, suitable for just about any home – and especially suitable for those who want a more subtle version of zebra print in their kitchen or bar.

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Zebra Print Chairs in Brown and White

If you love the stylized zebra print but prefer warmer tones in your home, look no further. You can add an accent chair such as this one which is done in a zebra styled print but using brown color tones.

This warm toned zebra print bar stool will make a great addition to a neutral home which has beige or tan walls – just like the jungle does?

Genevie Arched Washed Zebra Bar Counter Stool
Zebra print stools don’t just come in the standard (and au-natural) black and white print. Furniture and fabric designers have now added a host of brown and white zebra styled prints to their repertoire.

This brown zebra print stool is also available in a taller, bar height for standard bars and bar height counter tops.

Shop more Bar Stools here!

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Grey and White Zebra Print Accent Chairs

For those of you who, again, love a zebra stylized print but find the black and white contrast too stark, you can opt for an accent chair such as this one – done in a soft grey and off white zebra print.

This is a subtle way to add some sass to your room – but let’s just call it subtle sass.

Safavieh Parsons Grey Zebra Print Dining Chair
A bold zebra print done in subtle contrasting tones of soft grey and cream make this classic Parsons chair not only an accent chair but a subtle conversation piece.

Shop more Parsons Chairs here!

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Zebra Print Patio Chairs

Don’t forget about decorating outside, and why not with zebra print!

Along with a few tropical plants, you may just feel like you are on a safari.

Sunbrella Grey Zebra Indoor Outdoor Pillow and Cushion Set on Teak Patio Chair
Even with a more traditional decor, this zebra print patio accent chair will work. It will most likely be the highlight of the room but, every room or space can use a hint – or more – of visual interest.

What better way to sass up your patio, pool deck or front porch than with a solid teak patio chair with some ultra comfortable zebra print cushions.

These zebra print cushions are also made by Sunbrella so not only will you get a great look for your outdoors but, you will get quality cushions which will last a lifetime.

This teak chair with zebra print is so beautiful and versatile that it could also be used indoors in your living room, sitting room or den.

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Go Wild and Pick Your Favorite Zebra Print Accent Chair – Indoors or Out

Allow your wild side to come out with some zebra print accent chairs in your home.

The key in using zebra animal prints in home decor is to not use too much. For animal prints, less is more.

For those a bit more adventurous – or just love animal prints (like myself), a zebra print accent chair is just the thing.

Any zebra print chair is perfect for perking up a very neutral decor. No matter what the decor, you will be sure to add some instant pizzazz.

For those who cannot live without animal zebra prints (again, like myself) go for it. You can add one – or for even more fun, add two zebra print chairs.

And for the very adventurous zebra print lover, you could fill your dining room with a table filled with zebra print chairs.

For myself, as much as I love zebra prints (and do have some in every room of my house), I would not recommend that unless you absolutely LOVE zebra print.

Shop Zebra Print Dining Chairs here!

For those timid decorators, if you want to add some zebra print but, find an accent chair too much of the zebra print, you could try adding an accent pillow or how about a zebra print soap dish in your bathroom.

Shop Zebra Decorative Accents here!

Shop Zebra Print Area Rugs here!

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If you are not yet sure about adding a zippy and sassy zebra print accent chair to your home, but still love the black and white print, how about considering a black and white cow print accent armchair?

Same colors, different print – similar impact!

Howdy partner! You may think that this cow print armchair may only be suitable for a lodge, cottage or cowboys cabin – but, think again. Buy this fun accent chair in your home to add a funky and casual conversation piece – aka focal point – to just about any room. I, personally, love this chair for a baby nursery – girl or boy.

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