Yoga On The Beach

Yoga – Anywhere Anytime – YES !

Yoga anywhere, anytime. I’m in!

Want to be able to practice yoga on the beach at sundown? Or in your backyard at sun-up? Now, you can…AND…with your own personal yoga instructor!

Having practiced yoga for the past year and a half…I have to say, I am a bit of a yoga junkie. That’s right, I am addicted! (Well, at least, this is one of those ‘good’ life addictions.)

So, a bit of my personal story with yoga.

Beginning Yoga

I sort of stumbled upon yoga. I, of course, had heard of it but, had never practiced it – even though I have been pretty physically active all of my life and have participated in other exercise programs such as aerobics. Yoga was that exercise program that scared me because I have never been very flexible and the imagery that I had seen were of people flexing in ways that I knew was never possible for this body.

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As with many aging people, I have some body and joint aches and injuries. So, I wanted some form of exercise to help keep my muscles toned. I also needed a low impact exercise program which would not risk further injury.

Getting Exercise Through Yoga

Here comes the stumble: I thought, I have to do something so, I started a yoga series which I lovingly refer to as “Yoga for dummies” – like the series of How-to books. (Meant fully in jest – It is not really called that, and the people aren’t really dummies.) It just tended to be easier as it catered more to older, less physically fit people (like me!).

After a relatively short period of time, I celebrated my graduation from the easier program (with a nice glass of wine – not while doing the yoga…I am not there yet) and I started doing a more difficult yoga program. This one blends Hatha and Vinyasa yoga together. There are a lot of continuous movements, called flows, paired with some poses being held for several breaths.

Inexpensive Entry into Yoga

And of note is that I have spent very little on introducing yoga to my life. I did purchase a yoga mat (but did yoga before that on a fluffy towel), some yoga shorts and sports top – athleisure wear. Even with the clothing, proper yoga clothes are not necessary. Grab some shorts and a top and you are set. All of that just to say…the costs of doing yoga should not be a distraction.

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Benefits of Yoga

After practicing yoga for just a short time, I discovered a lot more benefits than just some muscle tone.

Yoga not only helps me keep my body toned (at least, I think so – not everyone would fully agree on that but…), it is useful for promoting good balance, and maintaining an overall calm that I have not truly experienced before in my life. The deep breathing, gentle poses and flows with inspiring mantras have contributed to my overall well-being in a tremendously positive way.

Limited Access to Yoga

Now this gets me to the whole point of this article – yoga anywhere, anytime!

I can’t do that right now. Personally, I am constrained by my TV availability and in exactly what room my TV is located. That is currently where and when I do yoga…period. Maybe your yoga constraints are your community yoga class at 7 pm on Wednesdays.

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So, you say, if you want yoga anywhere, anytime, all you have to do is practice it yourself without a class or instructor…hmmm, not sure it is that easy.

Do It Yourself Yoga?

Having mentioned that I have practiced yoga for about 1 year and a half, I do know quite a few poses and postures. So, officially, I should be able to have my own yoga sessions wherever I want, whenever I want, right? Well, not exactly. Even though I can follow the yoga instructor quite well without even looking at him or her (as I am familiar with many of the poses), I am still somewhat lost without an instructor.

So, taking my yoga to the park on a beautiful sunny day is not going to happen. Or doing yoga at the beach or at the top of the mountain after the hike to the top…not likely. And how about wanting to do some yoga while on vacation where there are no classes – it is unlikely that I will run my own private, personal solo yoga class.

Yoga on the beach at sundown
Yoga on a rock at the beach at dusk sundown will help finish your day in a peaceful and calm way.

That was…until, I found out that you can now access yoga exercises and sessions anytime, from  anywhere, with Yoga Download.

You know what that means?

Yoga Anywhere Anytime

Yes, now you can do yoga on the beach. You can do yoga on the edge of your favorite lake or river…or as in the top photo, in the water…just be sure your phone is either waterproof or on the beach on high volume setting :-). You can do yoga on your backyard deck while the sun beats down on you. You can do your yoga while on your vacation or while visiting relatives.

You can also do that yoga, in your favorite place, at any time of the day. Yes, 24-7.

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And because this company, Yoga Download, offers various types of yoga styles and levels, you can now branch out – and I intend to – and try other forms of yoga – ones that you may not have tried before. You can also try different levels of yoga and challenge yourself a bit more. See exactly where you can go with it.

Solo Yoga

Another great feature about these product offerings are for those of you who like to practice yoga alone – for whatever reason.

You may be someone who is nervous or insecure about going to a yoga class because of your physical abilities – you may not be able to do the poses the way the person next to you can. (While I do not feel insecure about my pose-ability, I can relate to the fact that I know that I am nowhere near the strength and flexibility of many of the people around me.)

New Yoga Class Downloads

With these yoga downloads, you can do yoga in the privacy of your own home – maybe until you get comfortable enough with your abilities to go to that class. And if you don’t – which I hope you do – just keep doing yoga anyway.

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Personally, I like to do yoga alone – and that is not because of any insecurity – but, then again, I just realized that it actually is. It is not an insecurity about my physical abilities but, rather an insecurity about showing my deep feelings of spirituality to the world while I am in the yoga session. (Add that to my list of things to work on 🙂

I can see myself truly enjoying this product line. Simply by downloading or streaming the yoga sessions to my phone or computer from Yoga Download, I am able to do my yoga where I want and when I want. That  is amazing. As well, I look forward to challenging myself by both doing more difficult sessions as well as trying new yoga styles.

And now, it’s yoga time!


Yoga Download

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