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Wooden World Maps as Decorative and Educational Wall Art – Pick Your Favorite

Looking for some decorative wall art but, have not found exactly what you are looking for yet?

Do you love world maps? Do you like the look of wood? Would you like to track your worldly travels? Or would you like to teach your children some world geography while still decorating with wall art?

Do you have a large wall which needs some attention in the form of wall art and you just don’t have a piece of art big enough to fill the space?

These fun and funky large scale wooden world maps may be just the answer to fill that bare wall in your home. Check them out!

These wooden world maps come in various sizes, colors, wood stains, and shapes – 2 and 3 dimensional. This means there is a world map suited to you or your child and the wall you want to decorate.

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Wooden World Map Wall Art

Classic wooden world maps as decorative wall art are a great addition to just about any room.

If you love the look of natural wood, have a coastal beach home, or even a rustic farmhouse decor theme, any of these natural wooden world maps would be a great addition to a wall in your home.

Wood World Map in Natural Finish as Full Wall Art in Living Room
The beauty of the natural finish wooden world map goes perfectly with the soft hues of this very light blue sofa with light wood frame and legs.

Fill a wall with this great piece of artwork – a wooden world map. Even in this kitchen dining room eating area, it looks fantastic – and because it fills the wall, it is the perfect size.

Wooden World Map Wall Art installed in Kitchen Dining Room

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Painted World Map Wall Art

These world wooden maps are not only available in wooden tones and stains, they are available in a few bold colors as well.

Take your pick from a solid black or dark blue world map with white borders or a white map with black defined country borders.

If you are not the wood loving type, this may be the choice for your decor. A black map on a white wall makes for a very bold statement piece of art.

Wooden World Map Wall Art in Painted Black
Add this painted black wooden world map to your wall as the artwork framing your sofa. The black on white makes for a definite conversation piece and allows for the addition of simple pops of color in brighter shades – such as yellow or red.

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Remember that this 2-dimensional painted wood map is also available in various other solid colors.

3-D Black Wooden World Map in Monochromatic Living Room

For those of you who love the look of a monochromatic living room, this one fits the bill with a light tan chesterfield sofa with light wood legs alongside a light wood floor lamp with off-white lampshade. Even the throw blanket is in a soft white color keeping with the monochromatic theme.

The one striking difference is the wall art. Done in 3-dimensional painted black wood, this world map provides you with the one necessary ingredient to achieve a successful monochromatic living room.

For more on this interior decorating tip, read our article about getting the perfect white monochromatic living room.

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Multi-Colored World Map

For those of you who want a world map as decorative wall art and who also love lots of color, there is a wooden map for you.

This multi colored map will be a standout in just about any room. Because of the color variations, it delineates the countries well making them very easy to identify.

Multi color wooden world map wall art
This wall art installation using this colorful wooden world map adds a real wow factor and conversation piece to this living room.

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For those of you who prefer a more subdued look, there are many color variations available – from the grayscale of black, white and gray, shades of blue, and even a more feminine color scheme of pastel blues and pinks.

Pastel Colored 3d Wooden World Map as Wall Art
The lighter and more feminine pastel shades in this 3-dimensional wooden wall art are perfect for those who prefer softer shades of colors. This would also be perfect for a little girls baby nursery.

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3-D World Map Wall Art

Make your wall stand out – literally – with a 3-D world map made of wood.

Not only will you have a wonderful world map on your wall but, a 3-dimensional world map provide added texture – giving it even more attention than the 2-D versions of the same maps.

3-D Wood World Map Wall Art in Natural Finish

If you still love the monochromatic look of a natural wood finish but, would like a little extra something-something, the 3-D version of this world map will give you just that, by way of adding dimensions to the countries – and hence, to your walls.

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Where else can you find wall art which is dimensional!

3-D Wood World Map Wall Art in Natural Finish Close Up View with Personalization

Don’t be afraid to pin on your favorite photos of places you have visited. Or, how about using another color of pin or photo to indicate the places on the map you want to or intend to visit.

Talk about fun and personal wall art!

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Wooden World Maps for Kids

Sorry – the kids versions are no longer available.

While kids may still be able to learn from this geographical map installed as wall art in your living room, why not add one of these world maps to their bedroom, nursery or playroom.

This product comes in painted wood colors which are appealing to children. This includes a light turquoise grey and a soft pink.

Not only are these wood maps geared towards kids by way of their background colors, they also include adorable wildlife pictorials of animals which are found within those areas of the world.

So, this is not so much an educational tool for understanding the geography of all of the countries of the world, but rather a pictorial representation of the representative wildlife of the continents and specific regions within those continents.

Kids Blue Wooden World Map with Continents and Wildlife Indentified
What a great and fun educational piece of wall art for a children’s bedroom, nursery or play room. Each day, week or month, they can learn something new about the wondrous world we live in.

This makes this world wall map educational in various ways:

  • Kids can learn the relative geography, shape and size of the land masses and water in the world.
  • They can start to understand the continents of the world, and
  • They can learn the origin countries / continents of specific animals as well as special well-known landmarks.

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This wooden world map art also comes in a painted pink color – a perfect piece of educational wall art for that special girl in your life.

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Cork Wall Art World Maps

Even though these are not considered wood, they provide you with a very similar look to wood.

The cork feature also provides a different bit of interest in that it is naturally textured – providing more visual interest.

It also provides for a much more practical feature. You can easily use stick pins in it for note taking, reminders, travel ideas, past travels, etc.

How about using some stick pins and some string to plan your next grand vacation – and while you are at it, dream about it every night as you lay beside it in your bed.

Cork Board 2d World Map on Bedroom Wall as Wall Art

The cork version of this world map art is also available in a black cork with white lettering – for those who prefer a more ‘dramatic’ world.

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Have some fun with your worldly cork board and add some stick pins to show where you have been…or change the color and show where you would like to go. Add some string around these pins to literally help plan a trip.

Black Cork Board 2d World Map with Stick Pins as Wall Art

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Wooden World Map Accessories

Not only are these world maps available in various sizes, materials, finishes and colors, you can also choose to purchase country map push pins to add to the map.

Learn not only the location and geography of countries but, you can learn the flags as well.

Parents and kids alike will love this game of learning the countries and their respective flags – makes for a great family night game.

Wooden World Maps Country Flag Push Pins Accessories

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Pick the Right Sized Map for Your Wall

Now that you have decided that your wall will now be decorated with a wooden world map, be sure to choose the correct size.

Color is your personal preference but, size is where I, as an Interior Designer, step in to help.

If you intend to put the world map over a sofa, you should try to choose the largest version of the map. This way, the scale is appropriate and it will look best.

To give you an idea as to the sizing, here is a video showing you what your world map will look like behind your sofa – depending on the size you choose.

Wooden World Map Wall Art Sizing Above Sofa in Living Room
Choose your preferred size of wood world map based on this video depiction of sizing. In my opinion, it is always best to go big – (or go back home) for a better look versus just living up to that saying.

Ideally, the map should be wider or just about as wide as your sofa. If you hang this map above a console table, use the same formula. Be sure the map is as wide or just slightly less wide than the table.

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For a baby nursery, follow the same rule for hanging a world map above a crib – it should be as wide or slightly less than the length of the crib. Otherwise, decorate a wall with only a map – a large one – in a child’s bedroom or play room.

Similarly, if you intend to put this on a wall by itself, it will look better if you choose a larger version. A small version may look just that – too small.

While we are on the topic of decorating your child’s bedroom or baby nursery, why not consider some animal themed wallpaper. The options available today are easy to install, low maintenance, affordable and incredibly adorable.

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Wooden World Maps as your new Wall Art

So, if you are looking for some big wall art, love to study the world or geography, go ahead and purchase a wooden world map, and install it on your wall – in your living room, dining room, office, kids bedroom, nursery or playroom. You – and your kids – won’t be disappointed.

Just look how great the world looks! Shop Now for your new solid wood world map wall art!

Shop for your new Wooden World Map Wall Art here!

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Note that there is a disclaimer with these maps which states that they are not a true geographical map – only in that many island countries are not included due to the both the size of the island (small in world scale) and the size of the wooden map. If you are handy with some paper or wood, you could easily add these to your wall map yourself.

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Wooden Map Wall Art Black Friday Sale
Wooden Map Wall Art Black Friday Sale

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