Tropical Beach Boardwalk Mural

Tropical Themed Murals – Choose Your Favorite

Looking to add a tropical theme to your living room, great room, dining room, or bedroom?

One of the easiest way to do this it to add a mural – a tropical themed mural.

With the advances in wall covering technologies, there are a wide variety of tropical themed murals available in just about every style and size imaginable.

Imagine spending every day on the beach? Imagine having your meal right beside a lush and alive tropical rainforest? While these tropical themed murals may not be real but, they sure do feel like it.

Check out our tropical themed murals here, pick your favorite…and with a few easy steps to install, give your home that tropical look and feel.

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Tropical Beach Themed Murals

Maybe one of the first things you think about when you think about tropical is a tropical beach with a sandy beach and turquoise blue waters. Well, you are not alone. This is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the tropics.

So, of course there are many tropical themed murals with beautiful beach scenes.

They will often include the beautiful white sand, the turquoise ocean waters, an limitless view along with the sunny blue sky.

Some other tropical murals with beach scenes will include small islands, a balcony with a view or even a few added palm trees.

You pick your pleasure. Whichever view you prefer, there is a tropical beach wall mural for any room in your home.

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Just the Beach Tropical Mural

For a truly peaceful and serene scene, take a look at this tropical themed mural. The tropical in this wall mural comes from the white sandy beach, turquoise waters, blue sky, and unlimited horizon.

I can just imagine pulling up a chair – maybe a beach type chair – grabbing a great book (or Kindle e-reader), a cool drink and spending a full afternoon or evening sitting by this beach. I think it would not take long to finish my book.

Sand Beach Tropical Themed Mural
Install this Sand Beach Tropical Themed Mural in any room where you want to feel like you are sitting on the beach. Bring the tropics home.

Even if you live in the city – or maybe because you live in the city – you can install this tropical beach mural and get that beach feeling every single day.

Sand Beach Tropical Themed Mural installed on living room wall
Sand Beach Tropical Themed Mural installed on a living room wall. Makes you feel like you are right on the tropical beach front.

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Cave View of Tropical Island Beach

Imagine yourself in this cave view wall mural. Take a look out into the beautiful tropical island paradise while cocooning in your own private cave.

Paradise Island Tropical Themed Mural
Cave view of tropical island mural is perfect for a bedroom wall.
Paradise Island Tropical Themed Mural in Bedroom
Retreat to Paradise with this cave view of a small tropical island – perfect for a tropical themed bedroom decor.

Tropical Resort with Pool Mural

The tropical scene in this mural is well suited for a living room or dining room. It gives you the feel of sitting right beside your tropical pool which sits right on the sandy beach. You may never want to go outside to the real world 🙂

Pool and Tropical Beach Themed Mural
Feel just like you are at your own private resort with this Pool and Tropical Beach Themed Mural

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Colorful Coral Ocean Theme

While the beach murals we have shown so far are colorful, they are limited in their colors to the sky, sea and sand.

This more colorful tropical themed mural has the addition of some fish and coral.

For anyone who loves snorkeling, this tropical mural will work for you. This mural will even be suitable for a nursery or a child’s room.

Colorful Tropical Oceanfront Mural
Colorful Tropical Oceanfront Mural

Tropical Oceanfront Themed Mural in Eating Area
Tropical Oceanfront Themed Mural in Eating Area

Beach Cabana Tropical Mural

Back to the beach – or that tropical beach resort you have always dreamed of. Or maybe this mural resembles a resort that you have actually been to – one that you absolutely loved. After all, who wouldn’t love this view.

Instead of only seeing this view occasionally, enjoy this beach view everyday by installing this tropical beach mural on your living room wall.

Who couldn’t sleep here? Can’t you just feel the peace and serenity?

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Ocean Boardwalk Mural

Dream of taking that walk on the boardwalk…or just sitting beside it enjoying the peace and calm.

Tropical Beach Boardwalk Mural
Just looking at this Tropical Beach Boardwalk Mural may make your dreams come true.
Imagine this wall mural installed in your living room. There will be an instant feeling of light and peace.

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Tropical Island Mural

A simple yet stunningly beautiful tropical mural like this one makes you want to put on your swimsuit and start swimming up to your own private tropical island.

Install this mural on your bedroom wall and wake up everyday living on your own tropical beach with an island just a hop, skip and swim away.

Simple tropical island themed mural
This simple, yet sublime tropical island themed mural will create a calming peace in any room setting.

Hawaiian Beach Themed Mural

This tropical mural may remind you of one of your favorite tropical islands. Hawaii, anyone?

Yes, this tropical beach scene is from Hawaii. Live the dream of living on a Hawaiian island simply by installing this mural in your home – whether you live in the North or the Mid-West.

Hawaiian beach tropical themed mural
Hawaiian beach tropical themed mural installed in great room

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Tropical Beach Cliffs

So you love the crystal clear waters of a beach but love the mountains too? Then this beach scene surrounded by sea cliffs will work great for your home.

You are the one who loves the secluded majesty of a beach locked in between steep cliffs. This tropical themed mural may be from Vietnam or Thailand. Either way, it is stunning, private and exotic.

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Tropical Rainforest Murals

When you hear the word tropical, you may first think of the turquoise waters and a sandy beach. However, the tropics are also associated with tropical rainforests.

If you are a lover of the rainy part of the tropics, then a rainforest mural may be the one for you.

Feel like you are right in the jungle surrounded by the various tropical plants as well as some famous tropical rainforest animals.

Rainforest Jungle Mural

Find monkeys, parrots, and the occasional predator – if you can find it in this tropical wall mural.

I have to admit that this rainforest wall mural makes me feel a bit like Indiana Jones. But, I know I will never have to face any dreaded snakes.

Tropical Jungle Themed Mural
Colorful Tropical Rain Forest Jungle Themed Mural is perfect for the adventurous person.

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Amazon Jungle Mural

Take a trip to the Amazon jungle everyday. While you may not think of this as typical tropical, it most certainly is. That is why they call it a tropical rainforest.

This mural has a more artsy painted feel versus a real life jungle scene. For those who prefer a more subtle tropical rainforest jungle mural, and love the earthy subdued colors, this tropical mural is for you.

Amazon Jungle Themed Wall Mural
This surrealistic mural of an Amazon jungle scene is somewhat subtle yet very detailed at the same time.
Amazon Jungle Themed Wall Mural installed in living room
When you add this tropical Amazon jungle themed mural to your living room, who needs any artwork. This mural takes care of that.

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Pink Parrot Rainforest Mural

Compared to the rainforest mural above which has subtle tones in natural greens and browns, this tropical mural is full of vibrant and delicious colors – with the highlight being the big and beautiful pink parrot.

Add to the pink fuchsia parrot more tropical flowers and greenery which are bursting with rich colors.

With this tropical mural installed, there is no need for any additional artwork.

Lush colorful tropical themed mural with large parrot
Jump right into the tropical jungle by adding this lush tropical greens and bright parrot wall mural.

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Swinging Bridge Into the Jungle Mural

Imagine installing this jungle scene mural in any room in your home. For anyone with an imagination, this bridge will take you away.

Fair warning: It may be hard not to walk into the wall trying to explore this rainforest jungle further 🙂

Jungle Bridge Wall Mural
Use your imagination and wonder what might be on the other side of this Jungle Bridge. On any wall, this tropical rainforest bridge will leave intrigue for everyone.
Jungle Bridge Wall Mural in Dining Room
You may have a hard time focusing on your food in this dining room with Jungle Bridge Wall Mural. What fun for you and any guests you will invite!

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Tropical Waterfalls Mural

When we talk about the tropics, you cannot forget about tropical rainforest waterfalls. They will provide you with a slightly different type of tropical feel.

If you prefer the greenery and serenity of lush waterfalls of Hawaii, then this type of tropical mural may be for you.

If you live in the desert and want to break away from the dryness and the heat, this tropical mural will aid in making your dining room, living room or bedroom feel more cool – instantly.

Hawaiian Waterfalls Tropical Rainforest Themed Mural
Take a trip to the Hawaiian islands with the addition of this Hawaiian Waterfalls Tropical Rainforest Themed Mural to your living room, bedroom or dining room.

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Tropical Lagoon Mural

If you prefer tropical greens as opposed to tropical sun and sand, then this secluded lagoon mural would be great in your home.

Imagine packing a lunch, hiking to this spot, and having a quiet picnic right on this spot. Do this at your own home.

Make a picnic lunch, spread out a blanket, and enjoy the food and tropical scenery. Oh, and you may want to add a bottle of wine too. After all, you don’t actually have to hike back 🙂

Secluded tropical lagoon wall mural
Another tropical rainforest mural. This one, though, is a very secluded spot with private lagoon.

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Tropical Sunset Themed Murals

Now when we talk about the tropics and the beautiful scenery, we cannot forget about the tropical island sunsets.

Having the open ocean to view the sunset, you cannot find any better views. Have that view all day – or evening – long in your bedroom or living room.

I can only imagine picking up a good book, sitting in a rocking chair and reading until the sun sets. Well, it will never actually fully set so…just keep reading until it is time to go to bed 🙂

Or imagine having a yoga studio with one of these wall murals – I sense an immediate calm. Even in my own home, I would love to do some yoga in a room with one of these tropical sunset murals.

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Tropical sunset on balcony under tiki roof
Imagine sitting on this tiki covered balcony watching the sun set. Even if you cannot go to that exact location today, you can enjoy it everyday with this easy to install tropical sunset wall mural.

I love the idea of one of these tropical themed murals with sunset in a bedroom. What better way to be able to fall asleep. Whether it is late or not, you will believe that it is.

Tropical Sunrise

Wake up to this brilliant sunrise – in a tropical setting, of course. What a great way to be inspired and motivated each morning.

Sun rays sunset tropical ocean bay mural
Wake up to the sun rising every day…even if you are the one who likes to sleep-in.

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Which Tropical Themed Mural is For You?

As you can see, there are a variety of tropical themed murals from you to choose from.

You can opt for the very popular tropical beach, island, fish and coral scenes -whether a view from the beach, the boardwalk or beachside cabana or home.

For a room you spend a lot of time in during the day, a tropical beach themed mural will work well. Also, if you have a room with few windows such as a basement, this can bring a ray of light and sunshine into a darker space.

The rainforest murals include scenes of wild greenery and rainforest animals. Other rainforest themed scenes on these murals are secluded waterfalls and hidden lagoons.

These tropical rainforest murals are great for the adventurous, and those who love greenery and natural beauty. For the hiker and outdoorsy in you, a tropical themed rainforest mural may make you feel right at home.

And who can forget about the ultimate in the end of the day serenity – tropical sunset murals. A mural with a sunrise or sunset is perfect for bedrooms – a place where relaxation is a must.

So depending on your room and the feel you would like to have, choose your tropical themed mural, and install it today!

Imagine living in your dream tropical setting – everyday. You won’t regret it!

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