Quick and Easy DIY Bandana Face Mask

Need to wear a face mask when you go outside due to the COVID-19 pandemic – but, don’t have one?

Make this super easy and quick face mask with just a cloth bandana and 2 elastics – all in less than 1 minute flat.

How to Make a Bandana Face Mask

All you need for this DIY bandana face mask is a bandana and 2 elastics.

I stole my elastics from my asparagus bunches. They happen to be the right size and they match – go figure!

Bandana Face Mask Materials

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Spread your bandana out flat.

Make 2 folds on either side into the center.

Bandana Face Mask First Fold

Flip your bandana over leaving the 2 folds on the bottom side.

Bandana Face Mask Second Step

Make 2 folds again on either side meeting at the center of the bandana.

Bandana Face Mask Second Fold One Side

This is what your bandana will look like after making the 2 folds towards and meeting at the center.

Bandana Face Mask Second Fold

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Turn bandana over.

Add elastics at about 1/3 of the way in on each side.

Where you place your elastics is flexible depending on the size of your bandana and the size of the head this mask will be used for.

Bandana Face Mask Add Elastics

Make folds at the elastics, folding the fabric in towards the center.

This folded area will be the side of the mask touching your face.

The other side is the exposed side – as seen in the next photo.

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Bandana Face Mask Fold In After Elastics

Voila! You are now done!

You now have a face mask – and quite a nice looking one at that.

Bandana Face Mask Finished

The bonus of the design of the bandana face mask is that there is also room for expansion.

The way the folds are done, the front of the mask can be expanded to fit a larger face.

Bandana Face Mask Finished and Expanded

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Here is my dummy wearing this fun and funky bandana face mask…but let me rephrase that…she is no dummy…she is smart enough to know that wearing a mask will keep everyone safer – including herself.

Bandana Face Mask On Face

Instructions for Use:

  1. Wear
  2. Wash (without elastics, preferably)
  3. Refold
  4. Repeat

Don’t be a dummy. Stop the spread.

Wear a face mask.

And with this super easy and quick DIY bandana face mask, there really is no excuse.

Stay safe everyone!

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