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Prepare Your Guest Bed for Guests

Easily prepare your guest bed – properly – for guests. With these simple guest bed updates, your guests may never want to leave.

Is your guest bed and bedding sort of like your basement furniture – where all of the old, unwanted and worn items from your upstairs living room just ended up in the basement? Maybe you bought a new master bedroom mattress and put the old one in your guest bedroom – along with all of the old sheets, pillows and blankets.

From changing your bedding and duvet cover, to adding some new pillows or a decorative throw to going all out and buying a new mattress, you can make your guest bed truly ready to receive guests.

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Sheet Sets

As for wear and tear, when we talk about bedding, sheet sets will be be the first to show it. This is one good reason to replace the sheet set on your guest bed.

While a duvet or duvet cover will add most of the decorative part of your guest bed, the sheets can also add a decorative accent to your room.

Whether your sheet set is decorative or not – prints or a different color than the duvet cover –  your guests will thank you if you purchase a new microfiber sheet set.

Brookes 1800 Series Platinum Microfiber Sheet Set in Grey
Brookes 1800 Series Platinum Microfiber Sheet Set in Grey

Microfiber Sheet Sets

Very reasonably priced, microfiber sheets sets are also very soft and wrinkle free.

As well, microfiber sheet sets are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites – perfect for those guests with allergies.

What more could you ask for in a new sheet set?

Three Posts Bolivar 400 Thread Count Dot Embroidered Cotton Sheet Set

Cotton Sheet Sets

For those who prefer or just simply love cotton sheets, then a cotton sheet set is for you.

While you may have to deal with a few wrinkles here and there, the comfort level and general affordability are well worth it.

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Duvets and Comforter Inserts

Primarily for comfort and warmth, a duvet or comforter are a necessary part of bed linens…unless, of course, you live in a tropical climate year round.

The words comforter and duvet are used interchangeably or even together.

While duvets and comforters are both blankets used to cover you and keep you warm, in my understanding, a duvet is more likely to have a natural duck or goose feather or down fill versus a comforter which most often has a synthetic fill.

You may also find a comforter more often has a printed cover or a cover meant to be the decorative bed cover, versus a duvet which will almost always be white and is meant to be covered with a decorative cover – both for protection of the duvet and for decorative purposes.

Madison Park Poly Cotton Fill Comforter
Madison Park Poly Cotton Fill Comforter

Alternative Down Duvets

This Madison Park poly-cotton fill comforter is an alternative down – i.e. non-down, non-feather – duvet comforter. It is styled just like a down duvet in that it is done is a solid white cotton cover and will most likely be inserted into a duvet cover.

However, I think this white polyester cotton blend duvet comforter looks beautiful as is on the taupe grey upholstered headboard bed.

This traditional duvet by Eddie Bauer is filled with down feathers – a classic duvet comforter. Due to the properties of down and feathers, this duvet is for all year round usage.

Down Duvets

Another consideration for you to make if you choose to update your guest bed with a new duvet comforter is one with down or feather fill. Be wary of any allergies to down or duck feathers that your guests may suffer from. If they have an allergy to feathers, you can opt for a hypoallergenic – or alternative down – duvet comforter – which are widely available today.

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Duvet Covers

Now maybe you bought a new duvet comforter insert. If you did, you most likely want to get a new duvet cover for it.

Even if you did not buy a new duvet comforter and you have an older, less than pretty comforter, then you can simply purchase a new duvet cover to cover up any of its aging sins.

Update your guest room bedding with a new duvet cover to give the bed a spa-like feel.

Bernadette Linen Reversible Duvet Cover Set
Bernadette Linen Reversible Duvet Cover Set

Linen Duvet Cover Sets

The luxury of linen will be noticed with this clean and crisp linen duvet cover set. A natural fiber, linen breathes and is soft to the touch – not to mention, it looks rich.

If you have not tried linen linens – bedding – before, you have to do it. Once you go linen, you may not go back. Linen bedding will even give high thread count Egyptian cotton a run for its money.

Coverlets or Quilts

Pack an instant punch with a quilt or coverlet for your guest bed. If the rest of your guest bed is acceptable for guests, then simply add this coverlet quilt on top for a new sunny look.

KD Spain Sunnyside Quilt Coverlet Set
KD Spain Sunnyside Quilt Coverlet Set

A quilt can add a touch of rustic and farmhouse charm to a guest bed. Your guests will feel instantly warm and welcome.

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Bed and Throw Pillows

New bed pillows are probably the bedding item which should be replaced the most often.

How many of us have had pillows which we constantly say, “This pillow needs to be replaced.” and then just never do it.

Well, if you have guests coming, now is a great time to replace those pillows…especially those ones that may have been relegated to the spare room just to say that the bed has pillows 🙂

Not only should you replace the bed pillows, you may want to add or update the decorative throw pillows on the bed – one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update the look of your guest bed.

14 Karat Home Inc Himalayan Yak Cotton Throw Pillow
This wildlife Yak themed throw pillow will add a touch of the wild outdoors for your outdoor enthusiast guest. Change it up for your next guest who may be more of an indoor enthusiast.

A sunny yellow and white Ikat print will add a subtle hint of sunny to any guest bed. Contrast it with some dark blue or grey bedding for a true pop of color on the bed.

Blankets and Throws

While it is assumed that you will have appropriate bedding – sheets and duvet comforters – on your guest bed, you may have that one guest who is always cold.

For him or her, be sure to have some extra blankets or decorative throws in the guest room so they can simply throw them on top and get cozy.

When your guests have gone home, move this versatile faux fur throw blanket to your living room and enjoy.

Thiele Luxury Tip Dye Faux Fur Throw
Thiele Luxury Tip Dye Faux Fur Throw – This luxurious faux fur throw not only adds to a warm and cozy feel, it will certainly take the chill off on those cooler nights.

New Mattress

If you are looking to really update your guest bed, you may want to consider buying and installing a new mattress.

What guest would not be thrilled with a brand new mattress to sleep on. A new mattress upgrade will be a larger expense but, will be an investment in your guest bedroom and more importantly, your guests.

With many mattress companies now offering online purchases with free shipping, free trials and free returns, you really cannot go wrong in giving some of these companies a try.

Check out some of our mattress company comparisons to help make that choice.

New mattress for guest bed
Add a new mattress to your guest bed – an investment in both your guests and your guest bed. With little usage, a new mattress should last many, many years.

Treat your guests to a resort spa like visit with the addition of a new mattress for your guest bed.

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Bed Frame or Headboard

For a complete overhaul of your guest bed, consider buying a new bed frame complete with decorative headboard and possibly, foot board.

If you have recently purchased a new mattress, why not add a newer bed frame to complete the new look.

Union Rustic Szumowski Metal Platform Bed Full Size
This Union Rustic Szumowski Metal Platform Bed in Full or Double Size is a basic but solid platform bed – perfect for a sleek look and great for a smaller guest room.

Platform Bed Frame

If you want a sleek look for your guest bed, you can choose a platform bed frame with a decorative finish. Choosing a bed frame without a headboard or foot board will appear smaller and less grand in the room – a great option for a smaller guest bedroom.

Skyline Furniture Wingback Upholstered Panel Bed
Skyline Furniture Wingback Upholstered Panel Bed

Bed Frame with Headboard

For a guest room with a little more space, this padded wingback upholstered headboard bed frame will provide your guests with a comfy place to sit up and read in bed. But, don’t let them get too comfortable…they may not want to leave. 🙂

Prepare Your Guest Bed Today

So whether it is the actual new Mattressbed frame or mattress – or the bedding and accessories – sheets, duvets, duvet covers, pillows and throw blankets – you can see that it is fairly simple to transform your guest bed into a comfortable and inviting bed for your very special guests.

Browse more quality bedding for your guest bed here!

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