Permanent Garage Storage Solutions

Need storage in your garage? Of course you do! Everyone does, right?

Garages are not just for storing your car. Garages are essentially your permanent outdoor storage shed.

What you need to know is what type of storage is right for your garage. There are many storage solutions for your garage which can be classified as either portable or permanent.

Permanent garage storage means just that – storage solutions which are long-lasting and are intended to remain unchanged for a long time. They will also, generally, require some resources to install and assemble.

In this article, we will discuss some of these permanent garage storage solutions, versus the popular and less expensive portable garage storage ideas. You can find out more about those here.

First, let’s find out whether or not you are ready for some permanent garage storage.

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Are you ready for Permanent Garage Storage?

Here are just a few reasons why you may be ready to commit to some permanent garage storage.

Tired of Portable Storage

Have you exhausted your temporary or portable storage solutions and want more permanent garage storage?

Portable storage can include storage bins, heavy duty storage bags and portable shelving units.

Are you continually moving your bins around to find what you are looking for? And of course, what you need is always in the bottom of that stack of bins.

Do you find the bins look junky?

Are your bins all different so some of them don’t even stack – meaning those that don’t stack each take up floor space?

Are all of your bins starting to break – plastic cracking from the sun or cold weather?

Have you lost some of the lids from your storage bins – or are the lids also broken so that the items in the bin are not truly protected any longer?

Even if you have more flexible shelving units with wheels, are they too hard to move around if you need to, and you would prefer to have a permanent shelving unit – because at this point, you know how many and the type of items you need to store.

If you have dealt with portable storage units long enough, and clearly know what your garage storage needs are, then more permanent storage ideas are appropriate for you.

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You Want More Garage Floor Space

If you are seeing your garage floor space get smaller – due to too many things here and there, you may want to add some permanent storage solutions in your garage.

Permanent garage storage will definitely get things up off the floor by using both the walls and ceiling, freeing up floor space.

Heavy duty black storage bins on garage floor.
While these heavy duty storage bins look organized and are stacked neatly, they still require a significant amount of floor space. Adding permanent shelves or cabinets will allow these tools to be stored both neatly and up off the garage floor.

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You Want a Fully Organized Garage

Did you just move into a new home with a fully finished garage? Wouldn’t it be perfect if you started with a clean slate and made the garage beautiful right from the start.

We all know that once things start to go in there – ugly bins, random shelves, and storage bags – it will be much harder to tackle and/or re-organize all of these items when you want to install a new storage system.

Maybe you have been in your home for years now and have always wanted to get your garage storage under control so that everything has its place and is beautifully organized?

In this situation ,you are in the perfect position to install some permanent storage in your garage. This is due to the fact that you know exactly what your storage needs are – how much and what you have to store. Loaded with this information, you will be able to pick the best permanent storage solution for your garage.

Garage cabinet system with organized tools in a drawer
Is this organized enough for you? For me, this is a drawer of beauty – every tool has its place. There are no excuses to find and replace your tools in this garage drawer – which is part of a larger garage cabinet system.

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You Want a Sleek Garage Decor

If you are just tired of how junky or cluttered your garage looks, install some permanent storage solutions. You will achieve a sleeker, cleaner look for your garage – especially with the larger storage systems available.

Even if your garage storage is currently OK, you can take it up a notch and make it just as nice, clean and sleek as any room in your home.

Not only is this garage sleek and organized, it looks like a delightful place to get some house work done – makes that Honey-Do list much more palatable 🙂

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Benefits of Permanent Garage Storage

With more permanent garage storage solutions, you are moving beyond the moveable, temporary or portable storage – such as storage bins, heavy duty storage bags, individual shelving units and other less permanent storage.

With permanent storage, you will require more of a plan, commitment, and resources – i.e. money and time – to build and install.

However, once installed, permanent storage will give you more dedicated storage for specific items.

Not only will you get more dedicated storage, it will be there permanently so you won’t need to think about garage storage any longer.

And who doesn’t like that!

And now, for some of those permanent garage storage solutions…

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Permanent Wall Shelves and Storage

Of course, as with any room where you require storage and organization, you should look to your walls. As any interior designer will tell you, if you need storage, use wall space where appropriate and available.

Depending on your needs, and the size of your garage, you are sure to find some wall space to store your items neatly and up off the floor.

Depending on your handyman DIY skill level, you have a few options for installing some permanent shelves in your garage.

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Tracks, Bracket and Shelving System

One fairly easy and extremely flexible installation is the system of metal tracks, brackets and shelves. You install the tracks parallel to each other permanently – screwed into the studs – on the wall. Then you simply add some brackets and shelves. Adjust your brackets and shelves at the right height to customize the system depending on your storage needs.

Note that with this storage system, because the shelf heights are easily changeable, you can expect that these shelves will work well into the future – if and when your storage needs change.

Track, bracket and wire shelf flexible configuration shelving unit
This small setup of this track and bracket shelving system gives you an idea of how flexible these shelves can be. The number of shelves and width are only limited to your wall space.

While this permanent shelving system is only about 4 feet wide, you can easily extend these shelves to fit a full 20 foot or even 40 foot wall.

This system is so flexible that it can be customized to fit any size wall – from 2 feet to as long as your garage wall is. Just be sure to add sufficient tracks to hold your shelves properly.

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Shelf Bracket Shelving System

A less flexible, but less expensive permanent wall shelving solution is to use triangle shaped wall brackets with shelving material on top. You can build many shelves with this system but they cannot be moved from the original installation height.

This makes this permanent storage shelving system less flexible if your storage needs change in the future.

Shop some affordable wall shelf brackets here.

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Modern Slat Wall Shelving

In recent years, there are some new styles of garage shelving and storage. Not only is it great looking and extremely flexible, it is super easy to install.

All you have to do is install the full panel slat board on your wall and then add your storage accessories as needed. The accessories available to use on these slat walls include wall shelves. this has to be one of the easiest semi-permanent wall shelving installation.

While most of the slatted wall accessories to create storage are pegs, hooks, and baskets, you can still get adjustable shelves to fit into the systems.

This slat wall panel is the basis for these wall shelves. Simply install the large panel on the wall and clip on the shelves at the height you desire.
Wire shelves attached to this slat wall system make for easy wall shelf installation in your garage.

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Slat Wall Hooks and Baskets

These new slat wall systems are not just for wall shelves. In fact, they are very much used for just about every other type of storage.

All you need to do is buy the appropriate hooks and accessories, install them in an empty spot on the slat wall, and your garage storage is looked after.

Slat wall with planned garden tool storage
Here is a planned slat wall system which allow you to store just about anything and everything in your garage – from your ladder, to rakes and shovels to smaller garden tools – all of your outdoor tools are in one place- on one wall.

It is a good idea to plan your storage needs on your slat wall system. This way, you will know exactly what type of and how many hooks, shelves, and basket accessories you will need to purchase and install.

Slat Wall Filled with Shelves and Hooks
If you look at this slat wall installation, you can see just how much you can store on it. From large items like bicycles and power garden tools to smaller saws, tools and hoses, you can pretty much store it all.

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Slat Wall Storage System Installed storing sports gear
Organize a slat wall system panel by storing all of your sporting goods on one of the panels. These slat wall systems with specific hooks and attachments are so flexible that they will even store your golf clubs, skis, bicycle, and more.

Wall to Ceiling Shelves

Whether you have high garage ceilings or not, use that wall space right up to your ceiling. Install shelves which go right to the ceiling to store items used on an occasional basis.

Storing seasonal items or items rarely used, on these higher shelves or cabinets is an ideal way to maximize your storage space in your garage. Camping gear, travel suitcases, coolers and Christmas decorations are perfectly suited to this type of storage.

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Install Pegboard

Get some simple pegboard from your local hardware store and install it to store various smaller items such as tools and accessories.

Keep your hammers, pliers, small saws, measuring tapes and duct tapes stored and organized on the simple installation of a pegboard on your garage wall.

Tools Stored on Peg Board
Easy to access and replace, a peg board is an open form of garage storage – perfect for anyone with a lot of hand tools, who uses them often.

If you are not familiar with the newest of pegboard designs, check out this metal pegboard organizer. Not only does it look sleek – and perfectly suited to a garage – it will look great and last forever.

Metal modular pegboard with pegs for storing tools
This metal pegboard system is modular and can be extended to whatever size you need simply by adding more panels.

Metal pegboard modular system with 6 panels
What a sight to behold – this metal pegboard with various garage tools stored and organized beautifully.

Pegboard Upgrade Tip: Store smaller, thin items on your pegboard. Start by using a longer peg, then cut a piece of PVC pipe and slide it over the peg. You can then store extra files, pencils, tie wraps, longer drill bits, and even thin hack saw blades on your pegboard too.

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Use Your Garage Wall Studs

If your garage is unfinished, you will have access to the wall studs. If you walls are finished, you can still access the studs – you will just have to locate them with a stud finder. Either way, you can use these for various storage purposes.

These ideas go from simple to more complicated – but really, they are all, in the end, quite simple.

Here are a few ideas for using your exposed or non-exposed garage wall studs to create easy and effective storage.

Long Nails in Walls

Find some long and sturdy nails. Nail them directly in a stud to provide storage for hoses, power cords, folding lawn chairs, and more.

You can even use several long nails (make sure they are long) to store some garden tools such as your weed eater, rake or shovel. This will be horizontal storage versus vertical storage. If you have the wall space, I say, use it.

With the use of several nails in your wall, you can create this – almost artwork – storage for your tools. You will never lose one of these wrenches again.

Organized Tools On Wall in Garage
A simple storage idea – hammer some nails into your garage wall in a custom pattern so that your tools can be stored neatly. When you need them, you will find them easily. When you need to put them away, you can easily do that too.

Just about the easiest, semi-permanent storage solution is with the use of a simple nail in wood. They will even hold larger and heavier garden tools like shovels.

Garden Tools Hanging on Garage Wall
On this rustic garage wall, the simple installation of a few nails can provide you with garden shovel storage. And depending on the look of your shovel, you may also end up with some pseudo-artwork.

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Attach Various Hooks

Add more specific pieces of curved metal hooks or small pieces of wood to make more solid storage hangers. For heavier items, such as outdoor power tools, using a piece of metal or wood is preferred.

By adding a few simple pieces of wood installed on a 45% angle on the studs, you can store and organize sports balls such as basketballs, volleyballs and beach balls. No more balls rolling around on the garage floor, getting in the way.

Add Supports Between Studs to Make Narrow Shelves

This shelf storage solution requires open exposed stud walls.

Measure the distance between your studs, cut a scrap piece of wood and install it between the studs. This will create a thin, narrow shelf.

While you may think that a 4 or 6 inch wide shelf may be useless, think of your medicine cabinet. Similar to a medicine cabinet, a thin shelf means that you can store items only one per depth. There is no need to have to dig to find the item you are looking for.

A narrow shelf in your garage is great for car items which come in a can. Things such as WD-40, car cleaners, tire cleaners, car lubricants, and even spray paint. On a thin shelf, every item is in plain view so you can easily find it, use it, and then replace it in the same spot.

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Garage Ceiling Storage

As with wall space, if you require more storage, use your ceiling space. Many garages have a higher ceiling than a standard 8 foot ceiling. If you do, you have room to store and organize less-utilized, or larger items.

A few storage kits which you can find for ceiling storage are bicycle lifts, bicycle racks and hooks, winter tire racks, or large storage racks. These garage accessories for added ceiling storage are perfect for seasonal items or any other item which does not require regular usage.

Black heavy duty overhead garage storage rack
This overhead ceiling garage storage rack is very practical for those with a higher than standard garage ceiling height.
White adjustable heavy duty overhead storage rack with added hooks for bikes and bags
The flexibility and versatility of these overhead racks is shown here with tons of bin storage on top and hangers on the bottom for bikes and bags.

Because these racks tend to be large, they will store a lot of weight – and you don’t want them to fall on your head – be very sure that you install it properly – directly into the wooden joists.

To store your bicycles, you can again use your ceiling height to your advantage without having to exert much effort to store it and take it down. There are bike racks available which employ a hoist or pulley system – allowing you to simply hook your bike on the hooks and pull the bike up by pulling on the pulleys.

Ceiling Pulley and Hoist Bicycle Storage Rack
Get more space out of your garage ceiling height by installing this rack and pulley bike storage system. Free up floor space while at the same time keeping your bike free of potential damage. It is also super easy to raise and lower your bike when you want it.

This clever storage bike system is a perfect use of your high garage ceiling height – without having to struggle with a ladder or chair to reach the bicycle.

And if your ceiling is very high, this storage system can be installed anywhere in your garage and not just against the wall. As long as you have sufficient head room, save your wall space for other storage and install this somewhere in the middle of the garage.

For my Canadian friends, you can get your garage bike pulley here!

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Unfinished Garage Ceiling Storage

If you have an fully unfinished garage with exposed joists overhead, you can use that space too. Yes, you can.

Simply install a shelf right on the bottom of the joists, and store items between each joist. As you can imagine, this space will be more limited than other forms of storage but, for smaller items, this can be just what you need.

It is perfect for smaller storage bins of Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, and even some camping gear.

Garage Cabinets

For the ultimate in garage storage, you should consider heavy duty garage cabinets. Why not make your garage as beautiful and organized as your kitchen?

For those of you who love everything to have its place and be out of sight, garage cabinets are the ideal solution. You will not be disappointed with this garage storage solution.

With a garage cabinet storage system of cabinets, drawers and slat walls, you can ditch almost all of the other ideas mentioned above. This garage storage system basically replaces all of the other storage ideas and consolidates them all into one.

Bins, nails, tracks, pegs and portable shelving units will now become drawers, shelves, cabinets with doors, and slat walls for the sleekest, cleanest looking garage on the block.

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The Benefits of Drawer Storage

I, personally, love / prefer drawer storage for most situations – including in my kitchen, and garage.

For me, the biggest reason for my love of drawer storage versus cabinet or shelf storage is the fact that everything is very easy to access. Drawers may not be as efficient if you compare usable square area, but as far as accessibility, I find them to be much more efficient.

Dedicated Drawer Storage

As well, with these modular drawer cabinets, you can have dedicated spaces for all of your garage items.

For example, if you have a lot of hand tools such as wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, or ratchet sets, you can choose to buy a dedicated lower cabinet with shallow drawers – perfect for storing your hand tools.

As any mechanic knows, having shallow drawers like a mechanic’s tool chest, is the best and most efficient way to store these tools. With just one level of tools – i.e. not piled up on top of each other – you can have them neatly arranged by size making them super easy to find – and replace.

Grey Wood Look Garage Cabinet Drawers neatly Organized
Organize all of your dedicated paint and finishing supplies in the same drawers. This a super effective way to find your tools and supplies easily.

One of the key words here is…replace…in the correct spot so that the next time you need it, you will find it quickly. After all, isn’t that one of the reasons you wanted to install a garage system like this 🙂

By adding a few deeper drawers to your lower cabinet choice, you can use these for some of your larger tools – or power tools. Smaller power tools such as drills, circular saws, reciprocating saws, jigsaws, compressor accessories, and more will store efficiently in these deeper drawers.

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Efficient and Effective Storage Drawers

Having said this, if you have a lot of saws, store all of them in one drawer. Similarly, if you have many drills and batteries, store them all together in one drawer making them easy to locate and re-store quickly.

We should not forget about other garage storage needs. If you have children, then you most certainly have sports balls, gloves, flying discs, and other sports accessories. Store all of them together in one deep drawer. There will no longer be an excuse for not finding the balls – or replacing the ball in its right place.

Deep Garage Storage Drawer filled with sports balls
For sports enthusiasts, this deep storage drawer is perfect for all of your favorite sporting equipment including footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs, tennis balls, and even badminton birdies.

Garage Storage Cabinet Systems Examples

If you are curious as to what a custom modular cabinet system might look in your garage, we have a few examples. Imagine your garage looking like this – definitely a dream garage.

Large Grey Pro Series Garage Cabinet Storage System
Imagine driving your car into this beautifully decorated and organized garage. The very practical, customizable and easy to install complete garage storage system makes this a dream garage.

or maybe you prefer this garage storage in classic mechanic tool red:

Bold Red 14 Piece Garage Storage Cabinet System by Pro Series 3.0
For the mechanics out there – or even just wanna-be mechanics – add to your classic red tools chest by adding a few or many other matching cabinets and cupboards.

And if red cabinets aren’t your thing, how about aluminum cabinets in bright yellow or cobalt blue. What a way to make a statement in your dream garage!

Notice the slight difference in the cabinet and drawer configuration. The blue cabinet system contains more drawers. That is the beauty of these systems…you can customize them to your unique storage needs.

You may also have noticed that the yellow cabinet system includes a work space with leg room underneath. This is purposely designed for being seated while using the desktop workspace. You can also store your work stool under the cabinet when not in use. The blue system worktop is for standing while working only.

Moduline Modular Aluminum Garage Cabinet Set in Bright Yellow
If you love yellow and you love an organized garage, install this brilliant yellow cabinet system.
Moduline Modular Aluminum Garage Cabinet Set in Bright Blue
If yellow is really not your color, but you want something a little different, try out this brilliant blue set of garage cabinets.

Shop more custom, colorful Garage Cabinet Systems here!

or, imagine you can have a garage which looks like this – completed with wall slat storage, work benches, large storage drawers, and cabinets with doors.

Done in stainless steel, this premium garage cabinet system will last a lifetime – and look great for that lifetime.

Garage Cabinet and Drawer Storage Units
Sleek and practical is how you could describe this Garage Cabinet and Drawer Storage Units set. Who would not want to get things done with a garage set up like this.

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For a great neutral garage, consider this 13 piece cabinet combination which includes many doors, drawers and a large workspace – and it is completely off the floor.

Flowwall 13 Pc Jumbo Cabinet Workstation in Black and Graphite Carbon
This Flowwall 13 Pc Jumbo Cabinet Workstation in Black and Graphite Carbon will allow for tons of organized storage as well as a very large workspace desk.

If you think you cannot store your bicycles with a garage cabinet storage system, think again. Add a section of slat wall, grab a few bike hooks for that wall, and you can get those bikes off the floor and neatly store them on the wall.

Off the Floor Garage Cabinet Storage System by FlowWall can make your dream garage a reality.

Imagine being able to simply open a cabinet drawer and finding all of your power tools in one place – and easy to access.

Organized garage with garage storage systems installed
Take a look at the various storage systems – garage cabinet systems, slat walls, wall shelves, and ceiling racks – utilized in this very neat and tidy, organized garage.

These garage storage systems are not only beautiful, they are perfect for those people who do not like clutter. Even if you have your things stored neatly in your garage, if they are out in the open, they can still make your garage look sloppy or junky.

Installing one of these beautiful garage storage systems will remedy that instantly.

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Pick your Storage Solution – and Implement it

You should now have much more information about garage storage and the options available to you – whether semi-permanent or permanent.

Choose the permanent storage ideas right for you – based on your storage needs, your garage space, and your budget – and them commit.

Commit to implementing and / or installing the best storage solutions for you to make your garage the garage of your dreams – where everything is appropriately stored and easy to find. You will find yourself getting more done and being much more productive. After all, you will be spending much less time finding the tools and supplies you need when you need them.

And for the outdoorsy people, grabbing your bike for a ride, or digging out your golf clubs, will never again be a struggle. It will be grab and go.

If you choose any or all of these permanent garage storage solutions, you won’t regret it! I guarantee it!

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Add a Garage Fridge Freezer Combination Set

Add even more organization to both your home and garage by installing a matching refrigerator and stand up freezer set – made specifically for garages. This is a great way to keep both your kitchen and garage more organized.

This refrigerator and freezer set are specifically made for the garage. Unlike many regular kitchen appliances, both of these operate properly in hot and freezing cold temperatures.

Gladiator GarageWorks Fridge and Freezer Set for Garage
You may not even remember that you now have a refrigerator and freezer in your garage – as this set by GarageWorks is made to integrate and match perfectly with other garage cabinet sets.

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**Please note that this post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on the links. Any support you can provide is appreciated…just sharing my knowledge while trying to make a living.

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