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Outdoor Lawn Ornaments and Statues – From Quirky to Wild to Sophisticated

Looking for something to spruce up your front yard, backyard or pool area?

How about adding some lawn ornaments? Today, you can find lawn ornaments and statues of all sizes, shapes and styles.

From wild to quirky to classical, from small to life size, you will find the lawn decor ornament which suits you and conveys your individual personality and style.

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Pet Statues

One of the most popular lawn ornaments – the smaller versions – are pet statues, both dogs and cats. Do you love your dog or cat…so much that just having them around is not enough? You would like to have a permanent statue resembling your favorite pet in your garden so that you can enjoy their presence permanently. Or maybe you have dreamed of having a particular breed of dog but have yet to get one.

Dog Breed Ornamental Statues

You can purchase an adorable life sized lawn ornament for various popular dog breeds – including but not limited to French Bulldogs, Puggs, Yorkshire Terriors, Chihuahuas, Boston Terriers, Spaniels, Schnauzers, German Shephards, Labrador Retriever puppies, Bulldogs, Dalmations, Shih Tzu and even the statuesque Greyhound breed.

Boston Terrier Puppy Lawn Ornament
Boston Terrier Puppy Lawn Ornament is just one of the many dog breed statues available.

Cat Lawn Ornaments

Cat lovers can also rejoice in that they can find lawn ornaments in various cat breeds. While not as prolific as the available breeds for dogs, cat breed statues include Siamese, tabby cats, American Shorthair tabbies, Persians and more. And of course, you will find varying cat poses from sleeping (of course) to lounging to climbing a fence or tree.

Orange tabby cat lawn ornament
Adorable orange tabby cat curled up, cozy and napping. One look at this sleeping cat ornament and you may be the next one to be napping.

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Horse Lawn Ornaments

If you live on a ranch…or how about dreaming of living on a ranch because you are a horse lover…you can find beautiful horse outdoor lawn ornaments and statues.

Copper Finished Horse Statue Ornament
This running stance horse statue done in copper finished swirls is almost as beautiful as a real horse.

If you aren’t lucky enough to live on a ranch but you love, love, love horses, then this life sized horse statue – wild stallion to be precise – is for you.

Life Sized Equestrian Horse Statue
This life sized wild stallion horse statue is cast in quality designer resin reinforced with fiberglass for strength. Each impressively-sized sculpture boasts a faux stone finish to rival museum originals. Stunning to say the least.

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Wild Animals

Nature lovers can decorate their yards with other creatures who may or may not frequent their lawns and gardens for real. Large sized deer statues along with life size raccoon, rabbit, fox and even bear ornaments can be added to give your yard a closer-to-real nature wildlife scene.

Personally, some days I would prefer to have a statue of these little critters as opposed to the real thing – ONLY because they sometimes enjoy my garden a little too much. Otherwise, I do love the real deal.

Wildlife 6 piece lawn ornament set
If you cannot decide which wildlife you want in your backyard, opt for this group of 6 creatures. You can enjoy a fox, raccoon, rabbit, squirrel, deer and a bear. And trust me, they will all get along…oh, and this racoon statue is guaranteed not to make a nest in your attic 🙂

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Life Sized Bear Lawn Statue
For the love of bears! Grab this life sized bear lawn statue…and convince yourself that it is not real!

Are you the type that likes to walk on the wild side. We have you covered as well….really covered. You won’t believe what wild things you can put in your garden or backyard…or for those who like to mess with people, maybe even your front yard.

Tropical Wildlife Lawn Ornaments

For Floridians who can’t get enough of their local real wild life (may not be everyone), add a real taste of the swamp with a life size alligator. Who knows, it may scare away the real ones?

Life size large alligator statue lawn ornament
Life sized alligator swamp creature may keep the real ones away. It may even keep away some of your less than friendly neighbors.

Another little critter – well maybe I should not say little – found in some backyards – when they are real – are reticulated pythons. Yes, you can add a python ornament, of the 20 foot persuasion, to your grassy backyard. Not really my cup of tea but, some people love their wild life. I am not sure about the science behind it but, it may just scare away some other little pesky critters.

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If you prefer a lighter, less ominous backyard critter friend, you can opt for a pretty pink flamingo. What can make you smile – a pretty pink flamingo standing in amongst your green garden pond plants.

Pink Flamingo Statues
Wading pink flamingos will add a boost of color to your backyard pond

Jungle Creatures as Lawn Ornaments

If even these snake and alligator ornaments are not quite wild enough for you, how about taking a trip to South America for some wild inspiration – i.e. adding a black panther statue to your jungle garden. Get that South American jungle feeling right in your own yard. Not sure how a domestic cat would react to this panther statue…if your neighbor’s cat is doing their business in your garden, this may just be a deterrent.

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More South American animals you can add to your outdoor space – without owning an exotic pet – are some beautiful and colorful parrots. Hanging these on your outdoor wall or gazebo will add a dash of color and whimsy to your garden…and you won’t have to worry about any funny back talk.

Colorful life size parrot garden ornament
Colorful parrots garden ornament will add color and whimsy to your pergola, porch or garden.

African Wildlife Lawn Ornaments

For another less scary version of the out of continent wild life, you can add a large turtle or tortoise. The more peaceful and gentle African giraffe or elephant statue lawn ornaments – probably not of the life size version – can also be integrated into your garden.

Go even further away and add a gorilla statue, an adorable panda bear or even a life size Komodo dragon – the largest (and that means large) of the lizard family found in Indonesia.

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Dinosaur Lawn Ornaments

If you prefer to live in a fantasy land, we have you covered as well. Want to feel like you are living in a prehistoric world, add this Velociraptor to your backyard.

Velociraptor Life Size Garden Statue
While not quite as big as the infamous T-Rex, this Velociraptor statue may be just as fun…and intimidating.

While we know that Raptor dinosaurs actually existed, we are still not sure about some other creatures which can become part of your fantasy backyard garden.

Fantasy Creatures

If you are a believer, a Yeti, Sasquatch or Bigfoot statue can be added to add both a touch of wonder and whimsy. Will this be proof that Bigfoot does exist?

Large Yeti Bigfoot Statue
Be afraid…be very afraid…of what might be lurking in your backyard or garden. Well…not really. This is just a statue of Bigfoot and not the real thing.

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Whimsical Lawn Ornaments

On a much more whimsical side, fantasy creatures which can become an interesting addition to your garden are unicorns and dragons.

I almost feel like I can make a wish by looking at this dragon statue holding a crystal ball.

Not only does this dragon statue make a statement, it is designed with an artsy whimsical quirky feel. Many other garden statues and ornaments can be found in this quirky style.

Whimsical Metal Dog Garden Statue
Can’t decide on which dog breed statue to buy, consider this fun and funky artsy fartsy whimsical dog statue.

If all of these garden ornaments and statues are a bit over the top for you and you prefer a more classical look for your home, fear not. There are numerous classical and traditional statues available.

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Zen Garden Statues

If you are into yoga and want to create a peaceful backyard environment, add a Buddha statue to your garden. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, you are certain to find the perfect one for your yard.

Volcanic Ash Peaceful Seated Buddha Statue
Bring peace and harmony to your garden with this Volcanic Ash Seated Buddha Statue.

If you have more room for a larger statue in your yard or garden, opt for a full-on standing Buddha statue. With this peace and serenity surrounding you, you may never be stressed again.

The Enlightened Standing Buddha Statue
This Standing Buddha Statue invokes the gesture of harmony with the universe. The right hand is receiving, while the left hand is giving – in perfect balance.

Classic Statues

This beautiful classical peacock statue adds color and an air of exotic, while still adding classic sophistication to your garden.

Large Peacock Garden Statue
A beautiful and graceful peacock display in this large garden statue. The 2 peacocks are perched upon a large classical Grecian pedestal. A sure way to bring elegance and grace to your front entrance, backyard, patio or garden area.

Iconic Lawn Ornaments and Statues

Probably the most classic statue of all time is the lion on a pedestal or lion heads. For a strong presence, mixed with a classic feel, opt for a lion statue. Pair 2 lion statues at your front entrance for a strong but welcoming entry.

Lion Sitting on Pedestal Statue
Lions on pedestals on watch act as pseudo-protectors of your home. A perfect outdoor decor addition to any traditional home.

As you can see, there is no shortage of potential decor objects that can be added to your backyard, pool area, patio, garden or any outdoor space.

Whether it is a classical statuesque lion statue for your front entrance walkway, a life sized alligator statue for your backyard, an ornament of your favorite dog or cat breed placed in between garden plants, a set of graceful life size herons occupying your patio, or a large sized dinosaur statue walking on your garden path, you will easily be able to add some personal decor flair to your outdoor space.

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