Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Lounging By The Fire – Outdoors!

Spend more time in your backyard, deck, patio or pool area by adding an outdoor fireplace, fire pit or chiminea.

There are so many options available today that you are sure to find the perfect one for your outdoor decor.

‘Tis the season! Well, not the one that probably just popped into your head.

What comes to mind for many people, including myself, when we hear ’tis the season is Christmas.

Fast forward 5 months…’Tis the season, now, for spending time outdoors, enjoying the beautiful mild weather and getting lots of fresh air.

While there are obviously many ways to enjoy these new seasons – walking, hiking, gardening, swimming (wait…those are making me sweat) – we must not forget about simply lounging outside – and how about lounging by a fire – outdoors, of course.

Outdoor Fireplaces

While you may already have a lounge area in your backyard or patio, you may not have a fireplace. It is fairly easy these days to find outdoor firepits, outdoor chimineas, and outdoor fireplaces which actually look like an indoor fireplace. They are available at almost every big box home retailer.

Heirloom Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace by Sunjoy
This Heirloom Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace by Sunjoy is just like a fireplace you would find in your indoor living room.

Outdoor Fireplace Regulations

First things first though – and this is very important. You must check with your local municipality to see if having a fireplace in your backyard is legal. They may have laws against certain types of fireplaces or firepits, or they may have allowances for other types of outdoor fireplaces.

This is of obvious importance as we are talking about fire. If you live in a densely populated area, you may not be allowed any type of fireplace or table fire pit.

So before you invest in one of these outdoor fireplaces, fire pits or chimineas, please verify with your local government to ensure you are doing it the legal way.

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Outdoor Fireplace Types

If you are here in this article, I will presume that you have got the OK to get that fire pit installed. While some outdoor fireplaces are large and will need to be installed, installed may be a strong word for some of the other varieties of fire pits available.

Some of the fire pits are built right into the center of a patio table. You buy the table and chairs patio set, et voila, you have a fire pit – ready for lounging around.

Patio Set with Firepit Incorporated in Table
Grab this patio set and magically, get fire too!

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Coffee Tables with Built In Fire Pits

You can also get fire pits which are coffee table height and size. Because they mimic the space and feel of a real coffee table, they are absolutely perfect for the center piece of a conversation and lounge area. Many of these firepits / coffee tables also have enough usable space for drinks, snacks, etc…just like a regular coffee table.

Large Concrete Propane Firepit Coffee Table
With this large sized propane fire pit and coffee table, you can gather many people around for a great night of comfortable outdoor lounging.

Shop firepit coffee tables here!

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Wood or Gas Fireplace

When looking for a fire pit, take note of whether you want to have a real fire that you build yourself with wood – or – you can opt for the easier fire option with a propane firepit or a natural gas firepit.  If you do not have access to wood readily, the propane, natural gas or ethanol gas fires are no-mess and handy options.

Traditional Backyard Wood Burning Firepit
A classic wood burning fire pit with rustic woodsy imagery. Be prepared to haul, lug and chop wood for this fire – You won’t regret it though!

Shop wood burning firepits here!

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Gas Outdoor Fireplaces

If you are not a fan of gathering, chopping, hauling and storing wood, you are a good candidate for an outdoor fireplace which is fueled by gas. You can find a variety of firepits which use safe gases such as propane, natural gas, bio-ethanol or gel.

No lugging, no storing and no hard starting a fire with these instant switch on fire firepits.

Toulon Aluminum Propane Fire Pit Table by Fire Sense
Get not only a beautiful fire and firepit table, but you get a stunning decorative outdoor table for your patio or deck.

For a natural look and feel without the maintenance of burning wood in your fire pit, you can opt for this beautiful faux wood root Bryndle propane fire pit.

Bryndle Faux Wood Root Propane Fire Pit with Sectional on Patio

How cozy and inviting is this backyard patio with Bryndle gas fire pit and large outdoor sectional – not to mention all of the other accessories – outdoor cushions, blankets, warm drinks and snacks – which make this setting complete.

This faux wood root gas fire pit is also available in a smaller square version for those with less space or just prefer a more modern, angular style. Shop the Bryndle fire pit options here.

View more gas burning firepits here!

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The design of a wood burning outdoor chiminea is very specific. Their tall design is not only decorative but it allows for superior air flow. This design, in turn, makes for a very clean and hot fire.

And because a chiminea is partially enclosed, it is generally considered safer for smaller outdoor areas. You still need to be fully aware of your local regulations and be sure that it is safe to install and use.

Arneson Steel Wood Burning Chiminea by Foundry Select
This rustic patina steel Wood Burning Chiminea by Sunnydaze is both beautiful and practical – not to mention, it does not take up much space.

Warmth without Heat

The whole purpose of having a fireplace outside is to make everyone feel warm and cozy. Even if you are not being warmed directly by the fire – which you probably are – you will get the sense of the warmth around you.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Not to outdo the fire itself, don’t forget to add some comfy cushions or some cozy outdoor blankets to keep your guests nice and toasty.

For an added bonus, bring out the marshmallows (Can I switch those out for wine?) and turn your backyard fireplace, firepit or chiminea into the feeling of being on a camping (well, maybe more like glamping – glam camping) trip.

Aluminum Propane Fire Pit Table with Wine and Cheese
I can imagine an evening of comfort, fun and warmth with this rounded outdoor sectional and aluminum propane fire pit table. Top it all off with some wine and cheese and you are all set!

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For some simple wood burning fire pit safety tips, click here.

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