Lenox Holiday Nouveau Holly Dinner Table Decor

Get This Holly Themed Christmas Table Look

Love Christmas? Love holly and everything Christmas?

Then you must love this holly themed Christmas dining table look!

Get this holly themed Christmas dining table look – easily…and here’s how!

Most of this holly themed Christmas table decor items are from a famous flatware and dishware brand. While we love this famous table decor brand, we will provide you with a few other table options so that you can make your table absolutely and uniquely you.

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Table Linens

For any table setting no matter what the occasion or holiday, your table linens can make some of the biggest impacts on the complete look and feel of the table.

Start your table decor by adding a holly Christmas themed tablecloth. Continue by adding some more holly themed table linens such as napkins, napkin rings and maybe even a themed chair pillow for some extra comfort at your dinner table.


One of the easiest ways to get an instant themed look for your dining table is to add a themed tablecloth. Due to its size, you get a big bang for your buck.

To get this look, add this sophisticated holly and plaid themed tablecloth.

And if you can’t get your hands on this particular tablecloth, there are other similarly themed tablecloths by different home decor brands.

Lenox Holiday Nouveau Holly Dinner Table Decor
Start you holly themed Christmas table with this lovely Holiday Nouveau Holly Dinner Tablecloth. It instantly sets a holiday mood with sophisticated style.

The Holiday Aisle Natural Linen Look Embroidered Holly Tablecloth
For more of a natural look, you can opt for this linen look holly themed, 3-dimensional embroidered tablecloth. For those who love the natural look, this may be the best base – tablecloth – for your Christmas table setting this year.

The Holiday Aisle Allover Holly Printed Christmas Tablecloth
For a slightly different look – but still staying on the holly themed table – you can start your Christmas decor with this holly themed tablecloth with allover design and gold trim. For those who love that gold touch, this one is for you.

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Lenox Holiday Holly Themed Nouveau Napkin
For a perfectly matching look, you can add these jacquard napkins to your holiday table setting.

If you are not sure about matching every pattern and print perfectly, you can add these solid red or green jacquard napkins to your table. Even though they do not have a printed pattern, the jacquard or damask fabric actually closely matches the jacquard of the holly print tablecloth.

The Holiday Aisle Red Jacquard Christmas+Carol+Damask+Napkin+Set
It is hard to go wrong with these red jacquard damask napkins by The Holiday Aisle – with just about any holiday table setting.
The Holiday Aisle Green Jacquard Christmas+Carol+Damask+Napkin+Set
These green Jacquard Damask Napkins can be used with this table setting easily. Use them for other occasions as well.

For those who like to mix and match prints and patterns, these plaid napkins may be just right for you.

The Holiday Aisle Currie+Shimmering+Plaid+17+Napkin
Change up the fully matching holly themed look with these plaid metallic napkins. Notice, though, that they do match the plaid found in the garland trimmings on the edge of the tablecloth.
The Holiday Aisle Currie Shimmering Plaid 17 Napkin Displayed on Plate
While not shown on our featured decorative table, this shows a fun and unique way to fold and display your napkins on your place setting.

Napkin Rings

An optional decorative accent to add to your table decor, napkin rings add a touch of extra. Sort of like some jewelry that you add to your little black dress, napkin rings added to your napkin display can act like the cherry on the cake.

Lenox Holiday+Nouveau+Napkin+Rings
While not shown in the featured table setting, these holly themed Napkin Rings could still be used with the holly print napkins. They may look even better with the use of the red or green napkins. For an even more interesting and designer look, pair these with the plaid napkins. With both the napkins and the napkin rings having a hint of gold, they will go beautifully together.

Chair Pillows

While not necessarily part of the featured table design or even part of typical dining table setting decor, why not add some holly themed chair pillows.

Give your guests the gift of a great dinner as well as a great comfortable seat.

Lenox Holiday Nouveau Cotton Throw Pillow
Holiday themed throw pillow with embroidery is subtle yet beautiful – one of the newer ways to add more of a holiday feel to any room.

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Another big piece of your tabletop style having a large impact on the overall look is your dinnerware and dish sets. In our featured table, like the tablecloth, the dishes also have a holly print and pattern.

You can find many differing dinnerware dish sets which feature the classic holly leaves and berries.

Place Settings

This traditional holly themed dinnerware set is a classic and trimmed in gold. These are truly forever holiday dinnerware pieces.

Bone China 5 Piece Place Setting Service with Holly Theme
For the fine China lover, this 5 Piece Place Setting Service for 1 with a printed holly themed pattern will look as good as long as it will last. If you invest in these fine bone China place settings, you will enjoy them for years to come.

While you may see that the holly pattern is very similar, the dish size and shapes are slightly different. In the dish set below, the cups included are more like mugs versus the above set which has tea cups.

This may seem trivial but, if you are more of a tea drinker, then the set with the tea cups will be more  suitable for you. And, of course, on the other hand, if you prefer to have a coffee after dinner, the dish set with mugs will be a better choice for you.

Dish Sets

Many manufacturers include a holly berry and leaves theme on their dish and dinnerware sets. We have shown you a few of these dinnerware sets here.

Lenox Holiday 12 Piece Dinnerware Set Service for 4
Use this 12 Piece Dinnerware Set for your next Christmas dinner. This holly themed set is especially good for those who enjoy a warm cup of after dinner coffee. Notably, as well, this dish set is made with a less expensive material – porcelain versus bone china – meaning it is accessible for everyone.

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Serving Dishes

As with any dinner table setting, you will  need some serving dishes.

You can find just about any shape and size of serving dishes – all done in our featured Christmas holly theme.

Serving Plates and Platters

Grab yourself some decorative and holly themed serving plates and large platters.

Lenox Holiday Oblong Platter
What a perfect dish to serve your turkey on. This large oval Platter will look beautiful on your holly themed Christmas table – with a stuffed bird on it, of course.
Lenox Holiday Round Platter
For your holiday desserts or your apple pie, this Round Platter is just another perfectly themed serving plate for your table.

Serving Bowls

As with serving plates, any dinner table setting will require some serving bowls. These holly print, gold trimmed bowls can be used for your potatoes, carrots, peas, mashed turnips or yams – or are they sweet potatoes?

Lenox Holly Themed Holiday Nouveau Vegetable Bowl
This lovely Holly Themed Vegetable Serving Bowl matches perfectly with the tablecloth featured on our Christmas table.
Lenox Holiday Open Vegetable Bowl
While not an exact match to the tablecloth shown, this Lenox Holiday Open Vegetable Bowl is so close that no-one will ever notice.

Cream and Sugar Sets

If you always serve tea or coffee after dinner, be sure to complete your holly themed dinner table with a cream and sugar set – both trimmed out with gold and adorned with a pretty holly plant.

Lenox Holly Holiday 8 oz. Creamer
Serve your milk or cream for tea and coffee in this appropriately themed Holly Holiday Creamer.
Lenox Holly Holiday Sugar Bowl with Lid
Serve and store your sugar in this Holly themed Sugar Bowl with Lid. With the added lid, keep your sugar in this sugar bowl all holiday season long.

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A finisher for your table setting is your flatware.

From modern to classic, you will find the perfect flatware set for your holiday table.

Have fun with your flatware with the options of purchasing single place settings, full 4, 6, 8, 10, and even 12 place setting sets, and various metal finishes other than the classic silver.

Classic Silver Flatware Sets

As you may well know, you will generally not find a themed flatware set – especially a holly themed one. Themes are everywhere but for flatware – not so much.

As long as your dinner table includes some new and matching flatware, the style and color are really up to you.

Lenox 10 Stainless steel Flatware Set for 1
One of the beauties of serving settings for 1 is the flexibility you get. You can purchase as many or as little sets as you need. This Stainless steel Flatware Set for 1 is just one of these sets which provides you with this flexibility. Always having dinner with your family of 8? Purchase 8 settings. Feeding 10 all the time. Buy enough place settings for 10 only.

Flatware Sets in Multiples

Tired of having to purchase several sets of flatware in order to have enough utensils to host many dinner guests? Many flatware companies are now offering serving sets for 12 and more – instead of the standard 6 or 8.

If you are in need of a new flatware set, whether for Christmas or not, you can take the easy way out and purchase a serving set for 8, 10 or 12.

Get a new flatware set in one box, usually with less cost as well.

Beautiful and affordable enough to use for your holiday table – and your everyday table too.

Lenox 10 Stainless Steel Flatware Set Service for 12
Make your life easy by purchasing this new Stainless Steel Flatware Set Service for 12. Use them for everyday use and have a matching set of flatware for your holiday dinner table.

Flatware Sets in Finishes other than Silver

If you are looking for flatware that is very appropriate for a Christmas theme, you can check out some flatware in metal finishes other than silver.

Today, flatware sets are available in metal finishes other than just silver. Yes, you can not only purchase gold trimmed silver flatware but you can find all gold metal finished sets. Flatware is also available in pewter, copper and rose gold. For more variety in metal finishes, you can also get flatware in these metal finishes with some added antiquing.

For a gold glam table look, opt for a rose gold, gold or copper flatware set. If you are more of a traditionalist, opt for one of these gold toned flatware sets with an antique finish.

Lenox Vintage Jewel Gold 5 Piece Flatware Set
Adding gold to any table – whether it is in your dishes or flatware – you instantly up the glam of your table look and feel. This gold trimmed flatware set of knife, forks and spoons will fit well with our featured holly Christmas table look.

Birch Lane Burrell Hammered Flatware Set
Go all out for gold with this Hammered Flatware Set. Instantly add a touch of gold glam to your holly themed Christmas table settings.

For our holly themed table, any set of gold flatware will work beautifully as a compliment to the gold trimmings found on the outer edges of the tablecloth.

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Depending on your Christmas dinner menu, your glassware needs will vary. If you are celebrating with some champagne, obviously, champagne flutes will be required. If you intend to serve some wine with your dinner, you should set some wine glasses at each table setting. As a proper dinner host, you should also always offer some water with your meal. As such, you will need to add some water glasses – with a holly theme, preferably.

Red Flutes

As in our featured Christmas table, each setting has a champagne flute with red top. So, we have found you a few options to fit this look perfectly.

These flutes done in either red tops or all red will add that special touch of red to your tabletop.

Waterford Lismore Diamond 6 oz. Crystal Flutes
Get some red and crystal on your holiday table with these beautiful Waterford Lismore Diamond 6 oz. Crystal Flutes. If you are looking to invest in some crystal champagne flutes, when it comes to crystal, Waterford does it right.

Glass Rouge 5 oz. Crystal Champagne Flute
Very much resembling the glass flutes on our featured Christmas table, these Rouge 5 oz. Crystal Flutes are a prefect choice to get the perfect look.

So many glassware options, so few tables to dress – or maybe not? Perhaps you need to have just 1 more holiday party – or 2 – just to be able to use all of your fine glassware.

Red Glass 6 oz. Champagne Flutes
To add even more of the traditional Christmas color red to your table, these completely red 6 oz. Glass Flutes will do the trick. In order for these glasses to make the most impact, don’t add too many other solid red colored items to your table as it will detract from their dramatic color pop.

10 oz. Crystal Cocktail Glass
These lovely Crystal Cocktail Glass do not actually have any red color on them. They have been filled with a red themed holiday cocktail to provide that hue to your table. Make a red punch and fill these glasses to get that red punch on your table (pun intended).

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Holly Themed Water Glasses

Again not shown on our featured table setting, these holly themed water glasses would work perfectly. We can’t just drink wine now can we?

Be ready for those non-drinkers, younger children and for those who prefer water with their meal with these gold trimmed stemmed water glasses. These stemmed glasses may not necessarily be designed for wine but, they could be still be used for that purpose. Just beware of any wine connoisseurs at your table – but, then again, maybe they won’t notice.

14 oz. Holly Themed Iced Beverage Glasses
Beautiful gold trimmed Beverage Glasses will look perfect on our holiday themed Christmas table. For water or wine, these versatile holly themed stemmed glasses will be a great addition to your table decor.

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Decorative Stemware

Add a Christmas classic to your gift wrapping accessories with the addition of some candy canes. Topping off your Christmas gifts with a candy cane or two will give your recipients a sweet little treat outside of the bigger gift inside the package. Depending on their age, a candy cane may bring the biggest smile of all.

Abigails Red Swirl Glass Flute
With their red and gold swirls, these Red Swirl Glass Flutes will work as a beautiful highlight on your Christmas table.

White or Red Wine Flute with Gold Trim
With their gold trimmed rim, these White or Red Wine Flute wine glasses will work perfectly with the other pieces of this table which are also trimmed out in gold.

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Holly Up your Christmas Table

Love the look of our holly themed Christmas table setting? We hope we have provided you with plenty of options to get this look this season. Get yourself some holly themed tabletop items – holly print tablecloths, napkins, dinnerware, serving dishes, and glassware – and you are well on your way. Oh, and before I forget, don’t forget to finish your Christmas dinner table with some candles or candle centerpiece with a holly theme, of course – the finishing touch!

Holly Berry Centerpiece with Red Glass Candle Holder
The finishing touch for your holly themed table is this beautiful holly filled Holly Berry Candelabrum

Have a very Happy Holly Merry Christmas!

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