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Garden Hose Reviews

Looking to buy a new garden hose? Read these garden hose reviews – from a real person – myself – who has owned all of them.

Based on my hose ownership over the years, I have categorized them into 3 types.

There are standard pvc hoses, expandable and retractable hoses and more heavy duty rubber garden hoses. I have owned all three.

Here are my reviews of these 3 types of garden hoses.

Standard PVC Garden Hose

Everyone has owned a standard garden hose at some point in time.

What do I mean by standard?

A standard garden hose is one which is made with a somewhat flexible pvc vinyl. They are probably the most common to find and buy. The reason why they are the most common is because they are very affordable.

If you have owned a house for many years, you have probably owned one of these inexpensive standard garden hose like this one. It works fine for the price but does have some limitations on its functionality.


Affordability has to be the number one reason you would want to buy one of these standard garden hoses. Simply put, they are inexpensive and they do the job of a garden hose.

They can be bought in various lengths allowing you to get the exact length you need for your yard or garden size. The length can range from 15 feet to 100 feet.

I don’t think there are many other options for a standard hose over 100 feet. A hose that long in this material would become very hard to manipulate, move around and store – due to both the length and the added weight.

In my experience, I have owned many of these vinyl hoses which have worked just fine.

However, while they are readily available and very affordable, they do have their limitations.

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Hoses That Kink

They kink. Yes, they are highly susceptible to kinking. And once a kink has been established in a certain area, it tends to come back again and again and again.

Of course, you can easily remove the kink but, it just is an annoyance especially if you are at the 50 foot end of your house and the kink is near the hose connection to the house. It means walking back to unkink the hose – hoping and praying that it does not kink again as soon as you walk away.


You may also notice that a standard garden hose may crack if left out in colder weather. This is due to the more fragile pvc vinyl materials used to make them.

Now you probably have seen a range of these so-called standard hoses in terms of the flexibility of the material. This means that you may find some hoses that will kink less. Note too that these will most likely be more expensive too.

But, if kinking is not your thing, spend a bit more money to save your sanity.

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Shop Kink Free Hoses

Because kinks are probably the biggest default of a standard and inexpensive pvc garden hose, there have been new innovations in the manufacture and design of these hoses.

These new garden hoses are literally sold as kink free or kink resistant.

Shopping for these garden hoses for shipping in USA only.

PVC Vinyl Garden Hose Rating

For the price, a standard pvc vinyl garden hose may be worth it. I would say that if you don’t have a huge yard and you aren’t bothered by the occasional – or regular – kinking, then you should spend a bit more money and get a different type of garden hose.

If you have a small yard and don’t use your hose often, then you will do just fine with a less expensive standard garden hose.

As for my Tremendous Trial rating, I cannot say that these hoses don’t work. They do. So, I suppose they get a thumbs up for basic purposes.

For more heavy duty and long term uses, my Tremendous Trial rating is a thumbs down.

As this Tremendous Trial of standard pvc hoses does not really include a kink-free design, if you have experience with the newer kink-free standard garden hoses, please let me know. I would love to hear about them.

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Expandable Garden Hoses

There has definitely been some innovation in the manufacture of garden hoses – both in design and materials used.

The newest hose invention are those which are expandable when you turn the water on.

They come with a fabric cover and are very lightweight.

This is an example of an expandable hose which comes with a handy carry tote.

Lightweight Feature

The weight of these expandable hoses is one of their most appealing features. Even with the water in them, they are very light. They can be easily moved and carried to any location away from the faucet. And when I say, easy, I do mean easy.

Another great feature of these expandable hoses is that when you remove all of the water from them, they retract and become much smaller hence, making them very easy to put away and store.

While I like the idea of taking up less space, the main reason I wanted one of these expandable and retractable hoses is due to the maneuverability and the weight.

Having to water some of my flowers which are about 30-40 feet from the hose spigot, I was so excited to get it.

Well, sorry to say that that excitement did not last long.

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Not Long Lasting

Unfortunately, while the hose is very lightweight, takes up little space, and expands once the water is turned on – everything I wanted – this hose did not last long.

After using it only a few times, I believe that the inner plastic or rubber tubing broke away from the nozzle leaving a gaping hole.

With this hole, the hose becomes completely useless.

These expandable hoses will not function properly with this break in the connection between the nozzle and the fabric cover.

Now after looking on the Internet, it did appear that this was an all too common problem. It appears that the pressure on the connection between the nozzle and the inner expandable tube is sometimes too much to maintain the water flow.

Since my bad experience with what I had hoped was going to be my garden life saver, I have not purchased another expandable hose.

Some companies say that they have improved the nozzles on these hoses. I hope they have and maybe I will return to this hose type in the near future.

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Newer Designs of Expandable Hoses

Hose manufacturers have re-engineered and redesigned these expandable hoses. Their new connectors and materials should be more durable and long lasting. Not only that, these hoses have always been kink-free.

100 foot expandable blue garden hose
This expandable hose will expand to 3 times its length making it very functional for large yards.
Green expandable 50 foot garden hose
New versions of the expandable and retractable hoses are now on the market.

Tremendous Trial Rating

But, as far as my experience, I have to give these expandable and retractable hoses a not worth it review – a Tremendous Trial thumbs down.

In my new perspective of being anti-disposable, any product which does not last longer than a few uses is not a good buy – ever.

Having said that – or after that negative review – I have to say that I may be willing to give a new and hopefully improved design of these expandable hoses a chance in the future. The benefit of being very lightweight – and no kinks – are both so appealing – especially for those who have to travel long distances with their hoses – which I do.

Shop Expandable Garden Hoses

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Rubber Garden Hoses

Have you ever owned a real rubber garden hose? If you have, you know it.

Rubber hoses are extremely durable and extremely heavy. The rubber material makes these hoses a work horse in the garden. As well, you will pay more for a 100% rubber garden hose versus a plastic hose.

100 foot rubber garden hose
They market this rubber garden hose as invincible. Speaking for my own rubber garden hose, I would have to agree. Invincible and indestructible.

Many years ago, we bought a rubber hose.

I will admit – I have a love hate relationship with this hose – but mostly love.

First, for the love…

An Indestructible Hose

This rubber hose is basically indestructible. We have had this hose for many years – even leaving it outdoors a few times in our very cold freezing winters – and it still has no damage whatsoever.

You can step on this hose, you can drive over it, you can throw it around (see caveat below), you can almost abuse it…and it will still do its job beautifully.

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No Kink Hose

It also may get a kink but that is quite easy to alleviate. In comparison to a standard garden hose, any kink will not ever become a permanent fold in the hose.

I don’t want to be a hater but…here goes…

Heavy Hose

This damn hose is so heavy that it can, at times, drive me crazy (and honestly, sometimes make me curse). If you try to drag this hose in the direction you want to, forget it. This hose has a mind of its own. It will go where it decides to go. And, it will take things out along the way.

Now here is a good example of this out of control garden hose.

While trying to water some flowers on the other side of my yard – which is around an inground pool – I struggled to pull the hose over to that area which is about 30-40 feet away from the water spigot.

Along the way, the hose just about took out our pool solar blanket reel. Today, it did not knock it into the pool but on other days, this has happened. And you know what that means – I am going swimming whether I want to or not to rescue the pool blanket reel.

Rubber Hose pulling on pool solar blanket reel
Be careful when you pull a rubber garden hose around your yard. It is so heavy and durable that it will even knock over this pool solar blanket reel.

This is just one example of the unruliness of this rubber garden hose. It will open gates, it will knock flower pots over, it will run over ground plants, and more – even little children. Just stay out of its way.

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Here is another issue with the weight of a rubber hose. It can be very hard – or let’s call it a workout – to put it back on the reel. As such, there are times when the hose stays on the grass versus getting put back on the storage reel. We are fortunate to have a larger yard so it often is not in the way. However, if you need to replace it every time, take note of the extra effort and time it will take.

New Lighter Rubber Hoses

However, again, a new innovation in garden hoses – a rubber hose which is 40% lighter than a standard rubber hose. Yeah!

Now that is a great idea. Unfortunately, because my rubber hose is indestructible, I don’t need a new one 🙂

Lighter weight rubber garden hose
This wonder hose made with rubber has challenged the weight issue with standard rubber garden hoses. It has somehow reduced the weight and is 40% lighter than standard rubber hoses.

Color Rubs off on Hands

Another honorable – or should I say less honorable – mention is that this rubber garden hose will leave your hands black. Apparently, the black rubber rubs off onto your hands. So, make sure you have soap handy after using it.

Now this characteristic may be only representative of my particular rubber hose – not sure. If you have a rubber hose which does not do this, please let me know.

Oh my complaining is not done yet…as I have to haul this heavy monster back to the reel.

I admit I curse this hose and it may sound like I really don’t like it much.

However, in the time I have owned this hose, I have tried the other garden hoses without much success – and I have not had to replace this hose in over 10 years.

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Tremendous Trial Rating – The Best Garden Hose Ever

This rubber garden hose is absolutely the BEST hose I have ever owned. So it is safe to say that that represents a Tremendous Trial rating of thumbs up.

Even with the weight issue, I want a hose that works without kinks, one that is not damaged easily and one that lasts. This hose does all of that.

I will just have to change my perspective on the effort required to manipulate this hose. I am getting a workout! Nothing wrong with that.

If you have the extra money to spend and don’t mind getting a workout with each hose usage, then a rubber garden hose is for you. They are very functional and almost indestructible,

You may never have to buy another hose again. I think I may leave mine to one of my children in my will 🙂 That is my kind of non-disposable product!

Shop Rubber Garden Hoses

Shipping of these rubber hoses in USA only.

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