Copper Range Hoods – Buying the Right One

Have you made the decision to buy and install a new copper range hood in your kitchen?

Browse copper range hoods and find the range hood which suits your needs and desires perfectly.

Some of the high quality, popular brands of copper range hoods are AKDY, Copperworks and Premier Copper Products.

Find copper range hoods in various styles, widths, and CFM strengths. Widths vary from smaller to large wide range hoods.

Before you make this large purchase, here are a few things you should consider about range hoods, in general.

The Right Range Hood Size

Your range hood will be based on the size of your range or stove / oven.

You will choose the same size…or perhaps larger than your range. You must never choose a smaller size. It must be at least as wide as your range or wider. After all, the purpose of your range hood is to extract the steam and excessive heat from your kitchen.

Once you have determined the width of your copper range hood, you must now look at the CFM ratings. CFM is the second most important issue in choosing the correct range hood.

CFM is a defining feature of every and any range hood you buy.

The CFM numbers will range anywhere from 300 CFM, all the way up to 1200 CFM’s. Various CFM’s in between this range are also available.

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What is a CFM?

CFM stands for, simply, Cubic Feet per Minute. The CFM ranking measures the amount of air volume able to be moved by the fan blower. You need to choose a fan with a CFM rating appropriate for your room size to ensure adequate ventilation.

The size of the cooking surface, the amount of heat produced by the cooking surface, and the volume of the kitchen.

The Correct CFM Rating for Your Range

If the range hood is attached to a wall, you should have 100 cubic feet per minute (cfm) per linear foot.

So if you have a 30″ wide range, you should have a hood rated at 250 cfm ((30/12)*100 =250).

If you have a 48″ wide range, you will need to do this calculation to come up with the proper CFM rating. (48/12)*100 = 400 CFM.

Embossed Copper Range Hood in Dark Wood Kitchen
This decorative Embossed Copper Range Hood easily works in a Dark Wood Kitchen – even with stainless steel appliances

One of the beauties of a copper range hood is that you can install most of them outdoors – at your barbecue station. Beautiful appliances inside and out.

ZLINE Embossed Copper 900 CFM Wall Mount Range Hood installed Outdoors
The same embossed copper range hood can easily be installed outdoors to control your barbecue smoke.

Because barbecues produce a lot more smoke than a standard indoor range, you may want to consider a larger model or a range hood with a higher CFM rating.

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Classic Aesthetic of Copper

Now that you know the size and minimum CFM rating you require for your new range hood, you can now get to the fun part – the exact look and feel you want to get out of your copper range hood.

Ranging in styles and shapes, you are sure to find the perfect copper range hood for your indoor or outdoor kitchen.

You can find full solid copper range hoods, or range hoods trimmed out in copper. You will also find square or rectangular shaped range hoods – along with others which are a more traditional or old-world rounded shapes.

Functionality of these copper range hoods will also differ. You can buy ducted under range hoods as well as wall mount and ducted island range hoods.

Depending on the look you want and the functionality you require, you are sure to find the perfect copper range hood for your home.

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Non-Copper Appliances

On a side design note, don’t think you have to match your copper range hood with your other appliances. Because a range hood can be such a large piece of your kitchen, it can easily become the focal point of the room.

If you do not match your appliance to your copper range hood and it is of a significant size, it will definitely become your new kitchen focal point.

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A Touch of Copper

If you would like to add some co-coordinating accessories to your copper range hood, you need not buy a copper range or refrigerator (but, of course you can).

Today with the wide variety of variations in design of kitchen appliances, you can even buy a cooktop with copper knobs – a small matching element to your new copper range hood.

Built In Copper Knob Control Electric Cooktop
Get a small dose of coordination in your kitchen appliances by installing this ceramic cooktop with stunning copper knobs.

Shop copper range hoods.

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