Christmas Gifts with Various Decorative Ribbons, Bows and Embellishments

Christmas Gift Wrapping Embellishment Ideas

Looking for some unique ways to wrap your Christmas gifts this year?

We’ve got you covered with several ideas to make your gift wrapping a stand-out among all the other gifts.

Embellish your Christmas gifts with a unique bow and ribbons or you can add some additional toppers or accessories to make your gift entirely individual and unique.

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Embellish with Unique Wrapping and Bows

Now that you have finished wrapping your Christmas gifts with wrapping paper, you may want to add some more pizazz to the gift by embellishing it with some ribbons and bows.

Whether you wrapped your gifts in Christmas themed paper, some gold or silver metallic wrapping paper or maybe even some muted brown paper, the addition of any combination of ribbons and/or bows will make the gift even more appealing and attractive.

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Wrap with Classic Metallic Ribbon and Bows

The easiest way to juge-up your gift wrapping this Christmas is to add a traditional metallic bow to your traditionally wrapped gift. And if you are a little more creative or have more time, you can add some red, green, white, gold or silver metallic ribbon.

Even this simple addition of some extra ribbon and a bow instantly adds to the allure of your Christmas gift.

For both of these wrapping extras, most of you already have these available to you in your home so…no excuses not to make your gift extra special.

Christmas Gifts with Classic Metallic Bows
Simply adding a metallic bow to the top of your traditionally wrapped Christmas Gifts in Christmas themed wrapping paper makes your gifts much more appealing. Peel off the sticky paper and stick on the gift – everyone can handle this one!

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Traditional Christmas Gift Wrap
You can still use your traditional Christmas Gift Wrapping materials to make your gift wrapping unique and special.
Christmas Gift with Metallic Ribbon
A super simple, yet very attractive Christmas gift wrapping can be done simply by adding some gold metallic ribbon and hand tied bow to a red box. Yes, you can do this.

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Wrap with Decorative Craft or Sewing Ribbon

If you are a sewer or crafter, you are sure to have some extra ribbon lying around. Go into your sewing room or craft supplies, get some ribbon and make yourself a beautiful bow.

Use different colors of ribbon to make the gifts look really unique. As long as the gift wrapping paper is Christmas themed – or red, green or metallic – just about any color of ribbon will do the trick.

Christmas Gift Adorned with Ribbon
Another simple way to make your Christmas Gift wrapping more sophisticated is to adorn the gift with some fabric craft or sewing ribbons. For the person who loves plaid, this simply wrapped gift in red wrapping paper highlighted with a strip of red plaid ribbon makes this gift much more individualized and unique. Be sure to cut the ends of the ribbon with a double V or single V for a custom look.

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Wrap with Decorative Drapery Cording

If you are already searching through your craft or sewing stash, grab some of your extra drapery cording. Perhaps you have some cording trim with some metallic in it – even better.

Regardless of the color of the cording trim, it will add an instant touch of glam to your Christmas gift.

Christmas Gift Wrapped with Drapery Cording
This Christmas Gift Wrapped with Drapery Cording – without any wrapping paper at all – is totally appropriate for Christmas. A touch of gold metallic in the drapery cord gives it enough sparkle to fit well under any Christmas tree.

Check your local classified ads for people clearing out their sewing rooms and / or craft supplies. You can probably get some of this pretty trim for a next to nothing.

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Wrap with Simple Red Yard

For the knitter our there, go to your yard stash, find some red, green, white or metallic yard to wrap your gift. Finish it off with a hand tied bow. So Christmasy, and so easy.

Christmas Gift Wrapped with Red Yarn
Super easy to do – even for children – this Christmas Gift Wrapped with Red Yarn looks just as nice as any official Christmas ribbon you may have purchased.

Using some yard to decorate your gift is a great idea for any child who wants to help with your Christmas gift wrapping. The reason being: yarn is much easier to wrap and tie than the traditional metallic Christmas wrapping ribbon. The metallic ribbon tends to be much more slippery and harder to tie neatly.

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Wrap with Twine or Raffia

You can see that these gifts done with a silver and metallic box are wrapped in simple and neutral twine for a easy, and natural gift look. If you or your gift recipient love nature, this is a great gift wrapping choice.

Surely you have some twine on hand so this gift decoration is an easy no-brainer.

Christmas Gift with Raw String Twine
A simple twine string wrapped Christmas Gift is just that – both in look and ease of wrapping. For a truly Christmas themed gift, add these twine wrap and bows to some Christmas themed boxes or wrapping paper.

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Wrap with Battery Powered String of Lights

Imagine your gift being lit up with a string of lights. It will definitely get noticed. Make sure you have enough battery power to last for the time the gift will be under the tree.

To save the batteries, you can turn the lights off at the same time you turn off your Christmas tree lights.

Christmas Gift Wrapped with Battery Operated String Lights
For one of the most unique Christmas gift wrapping ideas, wrap your gift in some Battery Operated String Lights. Wrap the lights around the gift just like you would a ribbon. If you are worried about the battery pack, be sure to place it on the bottom. Or, you can place it on the top and put a bow on top to conceal it perfectly.

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Embellish with Gift Toppers

To make that Christmas gift wrapping even more unique, embellish it by adding gift toppers in the form of decorative accessories or small gifts.

Take a look at some of our gift accessorizing ideas that you can either add alone or add to the ribbons and bows to make your gift even more extraordinary.

Embellish with Pine Cones and Branches

Got some pine trees in your backyard, or local park or forest?

Pick up a few, dry them out and add them as a decorative accessory on your Christmas gifts. While you are out in the great outdoors gathering pine cones, look for fallen cedar or pine branches which can also be used as a decorative accent for your gifts.

If you don’t have access to the just-fallen pine cones, you can surely buy a package at your local craft store.

Christmas Gift with Pine Cone and Branch Decoration
The super simple addition of a pine cone and fir branch adds so much to the look and theme of this beautifully wrapped Christmas Gift.

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If you have some extra time, and a little extra paint – white or silver metallic – you can dress up your pine cones to make them even more extra special.

Simply put a small amount of paint into a flat dish and quickly roll your pine cones around. This will leave only the tips painted – giving a snowy appearance.

Let dry and add them to your Christmas gifts as a special adornment. If you have some extra painted tipped pine cones, put them in a glass bowl for a decorative Christmas center piece.

Pine Cones with Silver Tips DIY
Easy DIY silver or white tipped pine cones can be used in almost any Christmas decorating – including adding to the top of gifts for a special touch.
Christmas Gifts with Ornaments and Cedar Branches
Use small pieces of cedar or pine branches to add to your Christmas Gifts for a perfectly themed and unique gift topper. If you don’t have access to real branches, find some fake branches at your local craft store, cut them into small pieces and use them. You won’t get the scent but, you will get the look.

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Embellish with Christmas Ornaments

Easily add another small gift to the larger gift in the box by attaching a Christmas tree ornament to the top of the gift.

Not only does this add to the gift giving but it adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the gift appearance.

Top off your gift with a purchased ornament of make your own and attach it for a super special gift. Be careful though, it may turn out that the tree ornament will be remembered more than the bigger gift inside.

Christmas Gift with Tree Ornament and Ribbon
For the little Princess, this adorable Princess Christmas tree ornament placed as a gift topper makes this gift extra special and memorable.
Christmas Gift with Santa Tree Ornament and Ribbon
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This wizard-like Santa looks like he was made to sit on top of your Christmas Gift. Make your gift recipient smile even before they open the gift.
Christmas Ornaments to Put on Gift Wrap
Even a simple Christmas tree ornament such as a gold star or decorative ball can be added to the gift acting as a decorative topper…and a small gift.
Home made Christmas Ornaments
Make some of these adorable hand made Christmas ornaments and attach them to your gift as an added, memorable keepsake gift.

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Embellish with Christmas Crackers

For an extra bit of instant fun, attach a Christmas cracker to your gift.

Simply use some ribbon, wrap one of the twisted ends and attach to your gift. So much fun…so easy to do! And…perfect for kids – big ones and small ones!

Christmas Gift Can Be Adorned with a Christmas Cracker
Who doesn’t enjoy a Christmas cracker? And we don’t mean the ones you eat – but those are good too. Add a Christmas cracker to your Christmas gifts to add to the excitement of gift giving this year.

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Embellish with Candy Canes

Add a Christmas classic to your gift wrapping accessories with the addition of some candy canes.

Topping off your Christmas gifts with a candy cane or two will give your recipients a sweet little treat outside of the bigger gift inside the package. Depending on their age, a candy cane may bring the biggest smile of all.

Christmas Gift Accessorized with some Candy Canes
Add a Christmas classic – the red and white striped candy cane – as a sweet topper to your Christmas Gifts. Not only are they perfectly decorative with their red and white color, they add a nice minty treat for your recipient.
Candy canes in form of heart
Tape some candy canes to the top of your gift in the form of a heart to show how much you love your gift recipient.

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Embellish with Cinnamon Sticks

A nice and very appropriate addition for a Christmas gift topper is a small cinnamon stick.

Get that beautiful and traditional Christmas scent as well as an appealing natural decoration for the top of your gift. Pair the cinnamon sticks with other natural wrappings and toppers such as twine, rope and a few pine cones for a completely natural-look gift.

And after the gift has been opened, put the cinnamon sticks in some simmering water so the whole house can enjoy the sweet simmering cinnamon scent.

Christmas Gifts with Cinnamon Sticks
Not only do a few cinammon sticks add a lovely look to your gift, they will add a sweet cinammon scent to the gift – and maybe even your entire living room.

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Embellish with Custom Tags

Even a very decorative name tag can add to the beauty of a gift. You can probably find some of these in your local craft store or you can easily  make these yourself.

Cut out some craft board or lightweight cardboard in various sizes and shapes. Use string, yarn, raffia, twine or ribbon to make the tag attachments. Decorate the tags with stickers, stamps, markers or for the very crafty and artistic person, paint.

Christmas Gift Tags
You can easily make these Christmas Gift Tags yourself. Buy a pack of inexpensive tags from the dollar store. Decorate them as you like. Use Christmas stickers, use markers, or get your kids to draw and color the gift tags. For stampers out there, these custom gift tags will be an easy d-i-y project to add to the uniqueness of your gift wrapping.

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Embellish with Scrabble Letters

Using some wooden Scrabble game letters is a really cute gift accessorizing idea. You get some dimension and the message all in one.

This gift accessorizing idea may be a little more out of reach for some of you…as you may not have any ‘extra’ Scrabble letters in your world. For you Scrabble lovers, you will most likely not want to break-up your game for this.

One option is to use some removable double sided tape to add the message in wooden letters to the gift. Remove them after the gift has been opened so, no letters lost.

If you don’t own a scrabble game or don’t want to risk losing a letter or two, you can check out your local thrift store for a Scrabble game with letters included, and use that – at will.

Christmas Gift Message with Scrabble Letters
Imagine using these Scrabble letters to spell out your gift message when the gift is an actual game of Scrabble. How perfect would that be.

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Make your Gift Wrapping Unique

With these gift wrapping and adornment ideas, your Christmas gifts will be the ones to get noticed. And just like with food – the better it looks, the better it tastes. A gift which looks most appealing will be the one they remember the most.

Use the gift wrapping and gift toppers ideas here or get creative yourself. Take a walk around your home or craft area and who knows what you may find. Let me know what you come up with! Wrap, wrap away! And make sure to have some fun along the way!

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