Smiling Happy Child with Paint on Face

Choose Happy Today and Everyday

Wishing everyone a very happy New Year!

I have one little suggestion for you to make 2021 even better than 2020 – which for many, may not be so hard.

Choose happy!

What are the other options?

Not to sound too cliche but the world will be a better place if more people choose happy!

p.s. Remember, happiness IS a choice 🙂

Here are some ways or bits of inspiration to help you on your journey to choosing happy!

Love Yourself

Smiling Happy Woman in Mirror
This is Mary. Be like Mary and Choose Happy. Mary has embraced her choice of happy. She is also very happy with herself. What a beautiful and happy thing.

Here are some more happy people who have chosen to be happy. Hopefully, they will make you happy too!

Be Happy for Today

Happy smiling old man with wrinkled face
No matter your age, you can choose happy. Perhaps we last longer because we have chosen happiness – something to consider. The choice really does not take a lot of effort. You should try it!

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Do What Makes you Happy

Smiling Happy Child with Paint on Face
Having fun with some paint will surely make you happy. You can be happy even without the painting fun – but why not join in the fun for some super happiness.

Choose a Fulfilling Career

Smiling Happy Doctor at Work
Choose happy even at work. Yes, you can and you should be happy at work. This Doctor has chosen happy while at work. Imagine working with him or being one of his patients. You may not fear going to the Doctor anymore.

If you are not happy at work, maybe you should reconsider your career choice. This does not need to be seen as a negative but, rather as a positive step towards finding happiness in your daily life. After all, we spend a huge amount of our lives at work – shouldn’t that time be happy?

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Spend Time Around Children

Happy Smiling Child
We can all learn a little something about happiness from children. They choose happy without even knowing it. As adults we seem to need to make that choice instead of it being natural. So, if you want some inspiration to choose happy, spend some time around a child and you may soon find out that happiness is contagious.

Get a Pet

Happy Smiling Dog
If you do not have children in your life, you can certainly find joy and happiness from some furry friends. How can you not smile when looking at this very happy smiling dog. And some say, dogs can’t smile :-). I believe they do and I am smiling right now looking at him.

Get Into Nature

Regardless of where you live, you can – and should – always take time to go outdoors, and experience nature.

Nature is good for the soul – why do you think they call it “Mother Nature”.

Whether you simply go outside to relax on your patio, deck or front porch or you choose to get some exercise while outdoors, either way, it will do you good and help with you getting happy.

Happy Boy Riding His Bike on a Forest Path
Happy Boy Riding His Bike on a Forest Path

Go outdoors and truly enjoy the scenery – the trees, the green grass, the blue sky, a mountain or some beautiful flowers. There is a reason that the wise often say, “Take time to smell the roses.”

Get some Exercise

They say exercise is one of the best medicines – for most maladies in life whether that be a physical pain or mental anguish or distress.

So, why not take a little time out of your day – everyday preferably – to do some physical exercise. Even if it is not everyday and even if it is not super intense, it will help you get on your way to a happier life.

Do it with your kids to double down on the happy factor.

Mother and Daughter Doing Happy Yoga
Mother and Daughter Doing Happy Yoga – starting off with the Tree pose.

Relax…and get happy

If you are relaxed, you are much more likely to be happy. After all, being stressed is the opposite of relaxed and I am not sure you can be fully happy if you are stressed out.

One way to relax fully and deeply is by taking a long, hot bubble bath.

Happy Woman in Big Bubble Bath
This very relaxed woman also looks very happy – or take it to the next level of happy, fully content – maybe, just maybe due to the large Bubble Bath she is submerged in.


Smile Happy Home Decor Accent
If you need a reminder to choose happy, place some simple Smile or Happy decor accent pieces around your home. As soon as you see this Smile decor on your table, you will be reminded that if you smile, you cannot not be happy!

If you find it difficult to make this choice everyday, surround yourself with other people, children, pets or even things which will remind you that being happy is a choice and easier than you think.

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