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Beach Resort Vacation Packing List

Pack stress free with this complete Beach Resort Vacation Packing List!

Your vacation is supposed to rid you of your stress – not add to it. Use this simple packing guide to make at least one of the elements of your vacation organized and completely stress-free.

This packing guide is designed for beach resort vacations – both all inclusive and not. This means that the list may be slightly smaller than if you are going to a different type of hotel or vacation home where you may require more personal things to bring.

For the most part, regardless of what type of vacation you are taking, you will require a lot of the same things. This especially applies to those things which you will want on the plane. These must be accessible in your carry-on, purse, handbag or backpack.

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All Inclusive Resort Inclusions

At an all inclusive beach resort, they provide you with just about everything including beach towels, face clothes and often many toiletries such as shampoo and soap. If you are so inclined to use the ones provided at your resort, you can tick or scratch these items off your packing list.

You can also verify if your resort room has a hair dryer. Many provide them so that means one less thing to pack in your luggage.

All inclusive resorts will provide you with both beach and bath towels so there is no need to pack some. A towel is listed on the packing list however, that is only if you find that some resort rooms do not provide enough fresh towels, or you want a specific towel for your hair. I have noticed that some resorts do not provide face clothes. If you like to use a face cloth, be sure to bring a couple.

Resort Room With Swan Towel On Bed
If you are planning a beach vacation to the Caribbean, expect to find some sort of decorative origami towel on your bed…and yes, you can still use it. These creative resort workers will probably have more folding origami techniques up their sleeves for the next day.

Feel free to tip your resort room cleaners for this fancy work. Some cash left on your pillow will ensure that you get another piece of art tomorrow.

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Plastic Bags

Now I certainly do not like spouting the need for plastic but, in this case, a few plastic grocery bags (if available) and Ziploc bags will be very useful. If you have a reusable plastic beach bag to replace the plastic grocery bags, then even better.

Zippered Kitchen Bags

Use zippered kitchen bags for your liquid toiletries. If there happens to be an explosion of liquids (shampoo, conditioner, hair products, etc.) in your luggage due to altitude changes, it will at least be confined to the bag and will not have leaked all over your clothes and shoes.

There are many other packing uses for zippered kitchen bags. They can be used to not only protect your toiletries, they can help in organizing them. Pack like products in separate zippered bags for easy retrieval.

You can also use a clean kitchen bag for food storage. I have found that at some resorts the breakfast buffet is much better than the lunch buffet. Sometimes I make myself a sandwich from the breakfast buffet and store it in my handy-dandy Ziploc bag. Then, I can then take it to the beach for lunch or even with me on a day excursion.

Plastic Grocery Bags

Plastic grocery or shopping bags can be used for various things both coming and going. Pack your ‘dirty’ shoes in plastic bags to prevent any dirt from getting on your clothing, or in your suitcase.

On your way home, plastic bags can be used for packing wet bathing suits, clothing and towels. Pack the wet items in the plastic bag in your suitcase to prevent your other items from being moistened by them. Be sure to take them out as soon as you return home.

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Travel Packing Categories Makes it Easy

I have also separated the list into categories to make it easier to pack.

For example, while you are looking to pack your clothing, you can easily search the list of clothing and verify that you have all of the items you need. Do the same as you look through your shoe closet, your medicine cabinet, your documentation paperwork, etc.

Specific Carry-On Items

As well, I have highlighted the items you will want to carry with you on the plane – in your carry-on – in red color. You can prepare them but, know that they will need to be in your carry on.

I know that I always end up scrambling a bit just before the trip trying to figure out what I really need in my carry-on and what I don’t or cannot take in it at all.

This list will help you sort these things out easily and will also help you determine just what size or type of carry-on you will need to bring. For example, depending on how many electronics you have, you may want to bring a carry-on and a purse handbag or laptop bag.

Airline Luggage Limitations

Keep in mind the limitations which your airline has on number of bags, the size and the weight. These rules apply equally to your checked luggage and your carry-on bags . Don’t be stuck with extra size or weight. If you do, you will pay much more than a standard bag fee. Trust me – unfortunately – I have first hand experience with this – oh well, I suppose the tequila was worth it 🙂

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Use the list as you see fit. Some of the items you may not require at all. Simply scratch them off the list instead of waiting for a check mark.

If you have anything else to add to the list, feel free to let me know, and I may just include it.

Beach Resort Vacation Packing List
Use this complete list to ensure stress free, organized packing for your beach vacation. Be sure to download the latest version FREE.

FREE Download: Beach Resort Vacation Packing List

Now that you have everything on your list packed, have a fantastic beach vacation!

Here are a few other must do travel tips before you leave for your beach vacation.

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