Custom Closet with Shoe Shelves

5 Must Have Customizable Closet Features

If you are installing a new custom closet in your bedroom, add these 5 must have customizable features to make the absolute most of your new closet design.

Even if you are simply upgrading your closet, you can add these customizable features to your existing closet to make it tidier, more custom and much more efficient.

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1. Built In Laundry Basket

Make your closet a complete closet by adding a custom built in laundry basket. These can be in the form of a pull out basket, or an angle drawer basket. With either basket, you will have a clean and sleek place for your dirty laundry.

Instead of having a laundry basket in the middle of your closet, install a permanent custom laundry basket. Who wants to see your dirty clothes in an open basket in the middle of your beautiful new custom closet.

Door Front Tilt Out Laundry Basket

Custom Wire Laundry Basket in Pull Out Drawer
Never see your dirty laundry until you need to wash it. With this custom wire laundry basket installed with a door front, you can place your dirty laundry in its place until laundry day.

Open Front Slide Out Wire Laundry Basket

Custom Pull Out Wire Laundry Basket in Closet
An open wire laundry basket slides into the cabinet so that it takes up little space. While not covered, this custom laundry basket still keeps your closet looking sleek and clean.

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2. Built In Belt or Tie Hanger

Everyone – man or woman – owns a few belts or ties. Give them a custom spot in your closet to find them easily as well as providing a quick put away spot – so that everything is in its place at the end of the day.

Built In Pull Out Tie Rack

Custom Pull Out Closet Tie Rack
Find your ties with ease when dressing for the day with this pull out custom tie rack. Push it back into the closet when you have found the chosen one.

Built In Pull Out Belt Rack

Custom Closet Pull out Belt Rack
Easily find and store your belts with this pull out custom closet accessory for your belts. Always find just the right belt at the right time.

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3. Jewelry Drawer Organizer

Man, woman or child – well, maybe not child – are all certain to have at least some jewelry. To keep your jewelry organized and easily accessible, you should add a jewelry organizer tray specifically designed for drawers.

With this organizer, you will be easily able to find the perfect necklace, bracelet, cuff links or watch for your outfit. And at the end of the day, you can put your jewelry away in its own custom spot – ready to be found easily again.

Custom Closet Drawer with Jewelry Organizer
Imagine being able to choose the perfect jewelry accessories for your outfit with this Custom Closet Drawer with Jewelry Organizer. You are sure to save a lot of prep time.

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4. Pull Out Clothing Rod

This is one of the most interesting custom closet features that you can get with a new closet installation – or you can simply add one of these rods to your existing closet unit.

These pull out rods are easily installed on the inside end of a closet wall. You pull them out when you need an extra rod hanger. You push it back in – out of sight and mind – when you are finished with it.

I can imagine these custom hangers being very useful when you are putting together your outfit for an evening out. They could also be very handy to use as a hanger to hang your chosen work clothes for the next day of work. Be prepared in the morning with all of your wardrobe pieces already picked out and ready to put on.

Silver Pull Out Hanging Rod

Plan your daily outfits with this pull out hanging pole. Try out different pieces together along with other accessories to find the perfect outfit.

A pull out closet rod is also perfect for drying out your bath robe. After exiting the bath or shower, your robe will remain wet. Pull out the hanging rod, hang your bathrobe, and allow it to fully dry out before you hang it back in your closet or bathroom.

You don’t want to hang a wet piece of clothing in your closet – especially if your space is even somewhat tight. A wet bath robe, if hung among other clothes in your closet will not dry properly and you may end up with some musty smelling clothes.

Use your pull out rod and let it dry properly.

Black Pull Out Closet Hanging Rod

Custom Closet with Pull Out Temporary Hook Hanger
Custom Closet with Pull Out Temporary Hook Hanger in Black Metal. There are various uses for this custom valet pole – hanging wet or damp items or for easy wardrobe planning.

A pull out closet rod will be very useful for fine clothing that you want to hang dry. The more you hang dry your laundry – versus putting them in the dryer – the longer your clothes will last.

So not only is this customizable feature extremely practical, it will save you money in the long run.

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5. Custom Shoe Storage Shelves

If you are going to install a new custom closet in your home, you most certainly want to include space for some custom shoe storage.

For those who have lived without specific shoe storage in their closet, you will not believe the difference. Once you get custom shoe storage shelves, you will never go back – guaranteed.

Imagine being able to go into your closet and see all (or at least most) of your shoes and boots all in one place. The choice of footwear becomes so much easier.

And not only does a custom shoe rack make your dressing easier, it keeps your shoes and boots in perfect condition. There is no stacking, stuffing or hiding. All of your footwear can be visible with each pair having its own proper space.

Custom shoe storage can be in the form of slanted shelves, shoe shelf cubbies or a full on wall of horizontal shoe and boot storage.

Slanted Shelf Shoe Storage

Custom Slanted Shoe Shelves
These slanted shoe shelves allow you to easily view all of your shoes in one place. Even your shoe laces can be seen with these slanted shelves.

Shoe Cubby Storage Unit

Kahl 36 Pair Shoe Rack
Even though this Kahl 36 Pair Shoe Cubby Shelf is shown in an entryway, it could easily be installed in a closet with other modular closet units – and it will hold a whopping 36 pairs of shoes.

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Custom Shoe Wall Unit

Custom Wall of Shoes
If you are lucky enough to have the space, install this custom shoe and boot wall. Easily customizable with lightweight adjustable shelves, this shoe storage unit will hold all of your shoes and boots perfectly – regardless of their size and height.

Treat your shoes and boots right – install some custom shoe storage -whichever custom form that may be.

Customize Your Closet

Add one of all of these 5 closet customization features to your new or existing closet to give yourself the best closet you will ever have.

These simple closet customizations – built in laundry baskets, pull out tie or belt racks, pull out hanging rods, jewelry drawer organizers and custom shoe storage – will make any closet more organized, sleek and tidy, which will, in turn, make you much more organized and efficient.

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